Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Day in the Life Winter 2017

So, it has been an entire year since I have completed one of these!  I am excited to go back and read what a day looked like a year ago.  Thanks to Julia from My Life in Transition for hosting.  So on to the stats:

Leann--37 years
Eric--38 years
Caleb--6 years 8 months
Kinley--3 years 10.5 months
Hazel--2 years 6 months (or two half if you ask her)
Zoey (cat)--15 years
Copper (bunny)-4 months (ish)

The date is January 21, 2017.  I chose a weekend day, basically only because it is a bit easier to record.  Also, should be noted that I took terrible notes, but oh well.

6:30 on the dot, Caleb came into our bedroom and woke me up.  Always me, even though I strategically placed my side of the bed farthest from the door.  To some this may be early, but for Caleb it is quite late.  I know he likely woke up much earlier, but has been cooperating (because he will lose T.V. time if not) with staying in his bed until 6:30.  Eric does get up with him this morning though and allows me to sleep in a bit.  Usually, I am not able to fall back asleep but today I am able to easily.  I sleep in until 7:30!  I wake up and get myself a cup of coffee and sit down to wake up a bit.   Kinley wakes up soon afterward.  Kinley and Hazel share a bedroom and luckily do not wake each other up in the mornings.  Eric successfully gets Kinley out of her bed and out of her room without waking Hazel.  She quickly changes out of her pullup into underwear.  I'd love for her to get the concept of staying dry at night, but I think the pullup is a crutch, but not one I am willing to give up.  She is on the top bunk and I despise changing her bedding regularly as it is...let alone if she were to be having overnight accidents.  The kids watch a little television until Hazel wakes up around 8:15.  Eric gets them all peanut butter toast for breakfast and we start to think about grocery shopping.  I make a mental list of what we need and then we start to get the kids ready to go.  This seems to always take forever! 

While they are getting ready and while we are making a list, the kids decorate cards for our friend's daughter who is having her 4th birthday party today.  They do a pretty good job of working on this project without our help.  Kinley is pleased with her work and says, "I'll show Kennedy my perfect card!".  No lack of self confidence with this one (and I hope it always remains).  After the kids are dressed, I quickly change my clothes and we head out to Target.  It has been a while since we have been shopping together as a family.  We luckily find a three seat cart, which is awful and necessary.

We finish up shopping and check out.  Caleb lets the cashier know that the bag he is trying to use has a rip.  The cashier finally finds it before switching out the bag.  That kid has a good eye.

We decide that we should go to lunch.  First we have to run home to drop the groceries off since it is above 40 degrees today.  Eric and I quickly head in to put everything away before leaving.  We get into a discussion about remodeling our house and selling our house...which we have differing opinions and we both end up frustrated.  I would love to sell, but would also love to have a new kitchen that is more functional and have our kids stay in the same district.  I also worry about being house poor and get stressed about selling especially when we have unfinished projects that need to be done.  Eric would love to sell and get a bigger house.  I agree, as I often feel that we are already squished...I don't know, it's stressful.  I just don't know.  Caleb also is in first grade and I'd hate for him to have to switch schools and I do like his school.  If we move I'd like it to be sooner than later....ugh.  Anyway, lots to think about and lots that makes me feel stressed.  Eric grew up as a military brat, so he moved all the time.  I did not.  These experiences obviously affect our opinions on the matter and we both end up feeling irritated. 

So, next we head to lunch.  We decide to go to Applebees because we have two free kid's meal coupons.  We end up having a nice lunch. 

Afterward we head home to wrap presents and get ready for the party.  We have to put jammies back on the kids because it is a PJ masks pajama party.  I listen to a podcast while getting ready, basically my favorite way to get ready these days. 

We head out of the door right around 1:25 and get there a little after 1:35.  We hang out at the party for a couple of hours and head home around 4:15.  The kids were sufficiently stuffed with fruit kabobs, cake, and ice cream.  Everyone had a fun time.  On the way home we stop at a grocery store because we forgot to take the frozen meat out of the freezer.  I decide to make tacos.  Eric runs into the store and about a minute later Kinley announces that she has to go to the bathroom very badly.  She says she cannot hold it, so I call Eric to make sure he hurries.  He comes out a few minutes later and brings her and Caleb, who has also decided he has to go to the bathroom, inside the store to go.  We are finally home around 4:45.  I start dinner and it is ready around 5:30.  The kids decided they wanted to make their own tacos, so we served dinner family style.  I am not sure why we don't usually do this, I guess it is just easier to dish the food out. 

 After dinner we let the kids play with the glow sticks they got at the party, and they have the best time.  They want to turn all the lights off, and are frustrated that Eric is doing dishes and needs a light.  They finally stop complaining and let him finish then we turn off all the lights and let them play.  They play some superhero type game until it is time to brush teeth and read bedtime stories.  Kinley insists on leaving her braid in so that her hair will be curly tomorrow. 

I take my makeup off, while drinking a glass of wine and get myself ready for bed.

We read stories and lay the kids down to bed right around 7:00.  They are exhausted and no one makes a peep.  Eric and I go downstairs and watch some television.  I end up watching Teen Mom, and Eric falls asleep.  I send him to bed around 8:00, and finish the show.  I end up heading to bed pretty early too!

And that's it, folks.  A quick and dirty day in the life.