Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Day in the Life

I randomly picked a Saturday to do my post, mostly because I remembered when I woke up that day and figured I'd give it a go.  My last day in the life was a less than stellar day, so I wasn't expecting much from this one.

Here are our stats:
Saturday, April 11, 2015.
Caleb--4 years 11 months
Kinley--2 years 1 month
Hazel--9 months (today!)
Zoey (cat)--12 years
Summitt (dog)--8 years

Sometime around 3:00 am I realize that I have already been up a few times nursing Hazel.  She had a good stretch for three days when she would sleep in her bed until 3:00 am, then come into bed with us.  However, for the past two days we have been back to her not staying asleep in her bed and coming to bed with us and nursing all night long.  I blame teeth.  I feel like I always blame teeth for bad sleep.  But, somehow it makes me feel like it is out of my control and a little better about the whole not getting any sleep situation that is going on.  So...yeah.  At 6:17 Caleb calls out for Eric, which wakes Hazel again.  He goes to tend to Caleb while I nurse Hazel again.  I realize at 6:29 that she is up for the day when she is talking and grabbing her toes and my face.  So we get up.

Eric walks up the stairs with Caleb in his arms at the same time that I am walking out of our bedroom with Hazel.  Caleb starts to whine about wanting to watch television, but I let him know that he has homework to do first before he goes to preschool today.  He has had a break for two weeks for spring break, so today is his first day back.  He gets himself dressed in the living room and I get him started on his homework.  Hazel spends some time cuddling with her daddy.

He always insists on wearing the hoods of shirts that have them.

At 6:43 Kinley wakes up.  Caleb goes into her room and asks her to watch him do his homework.  She grabs her blanket and goes right out to the dining room, climbs grabs the bathroom stool and carries it to her high chair to climb in by herself to watch him trace shapes.  Caleb starts to complain that I put Kinley to bed with her ponytail still in but soon gets over it and continues to work on his homework.  Since everyone is occupied, I check my text messages, timehop, instagram, facebook and emails.  My mom sent me a link to my brother's wedding website, so I take a look at it.  He still lives in Alaska, therefore I have never met his Fiance in person and due to his very busy schedule, rarely talk to him.  His site makes me a little sad that I am missing so much of his life.

Eric changes the girls' diapers while I am checking everything and Caleb takes a break from his homework to go to the bathroom.  He asks me, "what is 2 plus five?".  I answer, "seven."  He tells me that I am wrong, because three plus four is seven.  Okay.  He is very into math lately, probably thanks to "Odd Squad" on PBS.  However, I like his interest for learning math concepts.  Around this same time Caleb also tells me that he wants Kinley to be in underwear.  I inform him that we have a busy day and that we should start potty training when we are able to spend the day at home instead.  He seems happy with this answer.

Eric makes everyone breakfast this morning and somehow I get coffee as well.  He eats cereal, I have oatmeal, Caleb eats a bagel with peanut butter and hummus puffs (because he asked so nicely), and Kinely has waffles and peaches (which she calls mangoes).  Hazel has a runny nose that started yesterday and it appears that Kinley has developed the same cold.  I switch Caleb's backpacks, because the one he was using ripped.  I throw the old one out.  I also put all the dishes in the dishwasher and run it.  I make sure Caleb's backpack is packed up and that the diaper bag is packed up.  I also fill water bottles up.  

Eric gets Hazel dressed quickly so I can nurse her again before we leave the house.  I usually nurse her on one side at a time and when I nurse her on this side I remember that she bit me sometime in the night because it is sore!  While I am nursing Hazel, Eric gets Kinley dressed and both big kids brush their teeth. 

We are out the door at 8:41 with very little rushing.  This feels like a big accomplishment.  Nevermind that we started getting ready to go as soon as we woke up.

Caleb never stops talking, and this is more apparent in the car.  He is asking a lot of "why" questions lately and a lot of "what would happen if" questions.  Today he has a lot of questions about driving.  He asks about the lines on the road, the arrows, the stoplights, the different colors, and everything in between.  The question that sticks out most to me is "why are there white pictures of people on toilets?"  This one takes me a second to figure out and then I realize he must be asking about handicapped parking spots.  So I do my best to explain what that means.  This kid.

When we get to preschool Caleb asks Eric to bring him in.  Since he has never done it, I give him the run down of what he needs to do.  He is one of the first parents in, and one of the last ones out, probably since it was his first time.  He mentions being excited that Caleb asked him to go.  As soon as he gets back to the car we pull out and head to Costco.  We usually do our grocery shopping while Caleb is in preschool.  It is so much easier to go to the store with two kids.  Over spring break, we were reminded of what it is like to bring three kids.  Two is way more manageable.  I look and realize that I have 12 miles left to my gas tank, but make it to their pump in time!  

After Costco we run to Target to get the last few things on our list.  Eric stays back with the girls and puts on new car seat covers that we just got at Costco.  Two birds, one stone.  While in Target, I walked past a man shopping and said, "excuse me."  He looked at me and said, "too bad you're married, cause you're sexy."  So yeah, that was awesome.  I ignored him and moved past quickly.  When I told Eric after I got the car, I mentioned his ironic that this should happen on a day that I am blogging about.  We both had a good laugh about it.  I also ran into a parent that I work with at my job, so it was a very eventful and short trip.  When I get back to the car quickly load it up and head home to put all the groceries away before we get Caleb (we typically wait until after) so that we can go to a customer appreciation event at a local kids hair place and consignment shop.

We get to preschool at 11:30 and Eric goes in to get Caleb so we can head out.  As soon as we get to the event the kids get excited because they see a bouncy house.  Caleb and Kinley go with Eric and I nurse Hazel in the car while I watch them play.  As soon as I am done I go meet them.  I ask Eric to change Hazel's diaper while I watch the big kids jump.  As soon as he is done I put her in the baby carrier and the big kids get their hair colored with hairspray and get colorful blobs of paint face paint done.  I quickly check out the dollar sale that the consignment shop is having and find 5 things that will be good for Kinley for summer.

We let the kids play for a bit then head to get some lunch.  Caleb insists on McDonalds, but we settle on Culver's.  I have a salad, Eric has a roast beef sandwich, and the kids share a cheeseburger and fries.  We go through the drive through so we can eat at home.  We get in and I am super thankful that we already put the groceries away, so lunch feels much calmer than a typical Saturday.  During Lunch Caleb asks, "Why do sometimes babies go to a beach?"  I imagine this is from the story that they read at preschool, but after some discussion Caleb determines that this summer I should take him and Kinley to the beach and that Hazel and Eric should stay at home.  So, no.

Around 2:00 I nurse Hazel and lay her down.  Eric lays Kinley and Caleb down for their naps.  I start to fold laundry and Eric gets the ladder out to check out our bay window.  He realizes that it is pretty damaged, mostly from woodpeckers, however, there is no way that we can replace it anytime soon.  Ugh.  Homeownership sucks sometimes.

At 3:00 ish, Hazel wakes up and Caleb also comes out of his room to tell me that he wants to go to the small park by our house.  I suggest that instead we go to a larger and more fun park and also have a picnic dinner and fly kites.  I start to get our picnic dinner ready.  Caleb goes to wake Kinley up, rather abruptly, but she handles it better than expected.  She comes out of her room and perks up quickly.  She and Caleb climb on the counter to help with the preparations.  Eric changes Hazel's diaper while I get everything together.  He also changes Kinley as well, then we pack everything up and leave.

We get to the park and I quickly feed Hazel while the big kids go and play with Eric.  This park is not very busy, making for a perfect evening!  After I feed her I put her in the carrier and walk around with the kiddos.  At one point Caleb climbed into this rotating bowl (not sure what it is technically called).  Your own body weight moves it around and around.  He soon was calling out for help because he couldn't get it to stop.  It was funny, though probably shouldn't have been.  After a while we rounded the kids up and moved to a shaded spot to eat on our picnic blanket.

After we ate the big kids and Eric went to the baseball field to fly the kites.  It took them a while but soon Caleb was flying a kite for the first time.  He loved it and was so visibly proud of himself!  While Caleb and Eric were flying kites Kinley came back over to me and I changed her diaper.  When they were done with the kites, Caleb went to the bathroom.  The kids then played for a few minutes while we cleaned and packed everything up.  When it was time to go Caleb and Eric headed to the car while I waited out Kinley.  She did not want to leave and had no intention of following me.  When I told her I was leaving she looked at me and said, "bye."  So, I went to her and grabbed her hand so we could walk together.  She complained, but after about 20 feet she walked on her own to the car.  We loaded everyone up and headed home.

When we got home, Eric took Hazel inside to give her a bath.  The big kids spotted our neighbors and wanted to say hi, so we walked across the street to visit a bit.  They have a small dog that the kids had fun with for a bit, then we went home.  Hazel was done with her bath by the time we got in, so I nursed her to get her ready for bed while Eric gave the big kids a bath.  I put Hazel down, fast asleep.  I then put Kinley in her bed with her many requests (more babies, a bottle, animals, and so much more).  Eric brings Caleb down to his bed.  We sit down for a minute, then Eric decides he is going to get us ice cream.  I was watching the monitor as I hear a loud crash (apparently he dropped the ice cream scoop) and then I see Hazel rouse and start to cry.  Ugh.

Eric grabs her after be brings ice cream down and he holds her.  She is wide awake and is not showing any signs of falling asleep.  We decide to watch "Labor Day".  It turns out to be a good movie, however the sleep situation is not so good.  We finally head to bed at around 10:00 with a finally sleeping Hazel.  As soon as we are in bed she wants to nurse again.  The rest of the night is a blur of nursing and wake ups.