Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hazel 2 months

Dear Hazel,

(September 11, 2014)  Another month has passed and it truly feels like you were just born yesterday, yet it also feels like you have been here with us forever.  So far, you have been such wonderful baby!  Today we had your 2 month appointment which also was your first time getting shots.  Poor baby.  We scheduled your sister's 18 month appointment at the same time as yours.  You came in at the 99th percentile for your weight.  You weigh 14 lbs 2 ounces!  Wow, you are growing so quickly!  You were also 24 inches long, in the 95th percentile.  So, it seems you are growing well!  We always mention your size, I think because we are so used to the polar opposite, with your brother and sister barely making the charts.  Honestly, I am so proud of your healthy size...it seems my milk is serving you well!  You are also wearing 6 month clothes already, and they aren't really too big on you at all.  We have now been able to go through clothes and get rid of the ones we aren't using anymore and will not be able to use. 

You are proving to be a very strong little girl.  You lift your head like a champ, kick your legs, and swing your arms.  I am so amazed by the power of your kicks!  You are becoming more interested in things around you, sometimes calming by just looking at something interesting like the ceiling fan.  You have shown us some smiles, but have proven to be stingy with them.  I can't wait to see them more so I spend quite a bit of the day talking to you in ridiculous voices hoping you will show me more.  You are cooing and making adorable noises these days.  You also continue to love your pacifier which makes sleeping go much better I feel.

As for sleep, dare I say you are a wonderful sleeper.  You have had some 9 hour stretches which were amazing, but typically are able to sleep for about 6 hour stretches at night.  You usually wake once during the night, and once in the morning, but will stay sleeping well past 8 am.  You usually take about 3 naps daily and those are varied depending on what we have going on.  You will typically fall asleep in the sling if we are out and about.  You nap better when I am carrying or holding you, but we have started to see if you can nap in your pack n' play.  You are still sleeping with us, since it is just easier and you sleep so well.  I feel like it would be silly to mess up a good thing!  However, it is in the plans to begin to see if you can sleep unswaddled and of course in your own bed at some point.  No rush here though, because what we are doing is working well and why mess with that?

You have started to swat at things while on your play mat.  However, when I put you on your play mat you are usually joined by your big brother and sister, therefore you become very distracted by them.  They love you and can't seem to leave you alone.  I honestly am not as intentional about play time with you, but you are with me pretty much every minute of the day so you are getting plenty of stimulation.  You continue to be the easiest baby, mostly content and rarely every crying.

Basically, Hazelnut, you are just the most delightful baby and I love you to pieces!



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