Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day in the Life--Last day of Maternity Leave

I debated when to do this day in the life, and decided that I should do my very last day of maternity leave for my very last baby.  This day was wonderful, and I am so glad that I documented it!  Thanks again to Laura from Navigating the Mothership for encouraging her readers to do this.  I never regret it!  My family had been visiting which makes documenting a day in the life much harder, however, they left for the day so I decided to go for it.  I savored this day alone with my babies and tried very hard to put aside the thoughts of going back to work the next day.  Also, should be noted that I somehow deleted all my notes from this day because I did not realize that they were going to my gmail and I spent a lot of time cleaning out my gmail the other day and apparently deleted I have pictures and no here goes nothing:

Caleb--4 years 5 months
Kinley--1 year 7 months
Hazel--3 months

Tuesday, October 21st--I am pretty sure the day technically started with a middle of the night wake up from Hazel.  She tends to wake up around 2:30 am, so lets go with that.  Eric changes her diaper and I nurse her.  She is still sleeping in our bed so it is usually a pretty quick routine and she is right back to sleep.  Eric tends to be on pacifier duty until she is completely out.  I can't wait until the time she can put it back in her mouth or hold it in better.  Around 7:00 am, Caleb calls out.  He has a new clock that lights up green when it is okay for him to get up.  Eric goes to get him and he sits on the couch watching Wild Kratts for a bit.  Hazel wakes up around this time and I nurse her again and have her go back to sleep for a bit.  Kinley wakes up and after a diaper change she joins Caleb on the couch.  I make my breakfast (cream of wheat), make myself a cup of coffee and tea (mother's milk) and fill up my water bottle.  I also pump and get about 4 ounces.  I have been trying to pump every morning to get some milk saved up, since I usually need extra once I start working.  My body just does not respond well to the pump apparently.  My parents wake up and start to get ready to leave for their day trip and Eric gets ready for work.  The kids have breakfast while all of this is happening and Hazel wakes up and I nurse her.  Everyone else is out of the door by 9:00 leaving me and the kids alone. 

We head downstairs to play.  The downstairs has been a ton of fun for the kids because of the air mattress my parents have been sleeping on.  We need an extra bedroom, or two, badly!  The kids love to bounce on it and have a fun time!  Hazel does some tummy time, definitely not her favorite thing!

The kids have been loving the dollhouse that my parents got them for "Christmas in October".  We are still trying to figure out how to configure the room now that we have this HUGE house in the middle of our living space.  It did not look nearly this big while in Costco.  It took my dad and Eric 4 hours to put it together...quite the endeavor.  However, the kids do love it!

During tummy time, Hazel pushes herself off of the boppy and starts to cry.  She is definitely strong and determined!

I work on some laundry while the kids play.  Laundry is neverending these days...I am doing it nearly every day now and I despise it!

Kinley reads some books on the air mattress.  She loves books but hates it if I try to read them to her.  She'd rather sit alone and flip through the pages.  She does, however, bring me certain books because she wants me to find a specific page for her.  She has one book that she likes to look at the page that has a fish underwater.  She will bring it to me and say, "fish".

Caleb and I take some selfies of our silly faces.  He has been into the camera lately and loves to take pictures.

Caleb gets Kinley to follow his lead in laying blankets on the floor as "sleeping" bags.  Lucky that we actually have real sleeping bags hidden in our closet for Christmas presents.

Kinley has been enjoying her "Frozen" slippers.  I try to capture just how silly she looks in her footie pajamas while wearing them.

Caleb wants to take a picture of this is what you get.  He's not too shabby at the photo taking.  Also, should be noted that I decided that on my last day of maternity leave that we would all stay in our jammies all day.  No pressure, just a fun, relaxing day.

The kids now move their play to the stairs and set up beds for themselves on the steps.  I just love how well they play together and how much they love each other.  It is pretty much the sweetest most wonderful thing to get to observe.

There is more playing on the stairs with the doll furniture.  I think he had a store set up and was selling the furniture, but I honestly cannot remember.

Kinley plays in the kitchen which is basically her favorite thing to do.

Hazel takes a little mid morning snooze right before it is time to head upstairs to get the kiddos ready for lunch.

Caleb wants to read books with me, so we do that for a bit.

We go upstairs and I feed the kiddos lunch.  I leave Hazel to nap on the couch while we go have lunch.  The kids eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with fruit and milk.  Caleb prefers to have a peanut butter, peanut butter sandwich separate.  This means he wants two halves of a sandwich, each with peanut butter, apart from each other.  I honor lunch choices because dinner is non negotiable.  They both eat well today (and most every other day for lunch at least).

After lunch we head downstairs again to play some more before nap time.  I lay the big kids down for their naps at 1:00.  First, we read stories together in Caleb's room and I get him situated for nap then I bring Kinley upstairs and lay her down.  They both nap well today!  Hazel wakes up pretty much right as I am getting them down so her and I lay on the air mattress for a bit soaking up some alone time.

I also eat my lunch, leftovers from Benihana the night before.  We went out to celebrate my parents' 30th wedding anniversary and Eric's 36th Birthday.  I also eat a cupcake that was leftover from Eric's birthday.

I get Hazel to sleep around 2:00, so I am able to have about an hour to just watch some television and check the internets.  When the big kids wake up, Hazel is still sleeping.  I let them watch an episode of Wild Kratts to keep it semi-quiet while she sleeps.

Hazel wakes up and Kinley tries to help her with her pacifier.  It is the sweetest thing when she does this or tries to get her a blanket.  She nearly suffocates her at times, but totally loves her.

Kinley also reads some books again on the air mattress but is joined by our cat, Zoey this time.  She smothers her with some love too, but for some reason the crazy cat just stays there.

Around 5:00 the kids and I head upstairs to start to get dinner ready.  Eric will be home around 5:45 so I want to have it ready then.

Eric is home and we eat dinner!  My parents text me to let me know they will be back around 7:00.  We hang out with the kids until then.  I decide we should do baths tonight as well.

My parents get back and my mom reads Kinley her bedtime story.

I lay Kinley down, and then head downstairs to read Caleb his bedtime story and put him to bed.  When I walk out of his room I find everyone on their assorted devices.  Eric has some work to do, so I put a ban on him talking to everyone so he can get his work done.  We watch some television and go to bed.  I make sure all my work stuff is together before turning out the lights.


  1. Glad you were able to enjoy this last day of maternity leave and it seems like you are doing really great with the 3 kid thing. You seem so relaxed!

  2. Clicking over from the DITL link-up ... Your kids are adorable! Seems like you had a great last day of maternity leave. Thanks for sharing your day!