Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day in the Life--First Day Back to Work

I again do not really have many notes for this day, but I do have a few pictures.  I semi-documented this day just to have some notes about my last "first day back to work after maternity leave".  I somehow thought this day would be easier since it was my third time, but it proved to be a hard day regardless.  The kids did get to stay home with my parents which made it a bit easier.  My mom was super sweet and sent me photos throughout the day.  I was glad they got to have some one on one time with the kids and I was glad the kids were able to have a fun day at home!

Morning selfie--before any getting ready type activities.

 Ready for work!  Hazel was still sleeping, but these two were up so I could say bye!

On my way to work

 Sad selfie on my way to work.  I was stopped at a stoplight, promise.

 Pumping.  Ugh.  Three times.  13 ounces.

Cute shoes at least.

Family shot before my parents left the next day.


  1. Sorry that the day was not easier in spite of being a seasoned pro at this. I hope it has gotten much easier very quickly for you! Yay for helpful and supportive parents!

  2. I'm sure that going back is hard regardless of how many kids you have already done it with! Hope things have gotten better!