Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer 2014 Day in the Life

Once again I am joining in (just barely) with Navigating the Mothership for this day in the life series.  I have done this many times in the past and though time consuming, it is totally worth it to read back on.  This one barely made it since it was much harder to document and type up with three kids under 4 years old in the house--and with one of them being a newborn.  But here goes (to the best of my knowledge that is):

Date:  Friday August 1st
Me:  35 years
Husband:  35 Years
Caleb:  4 years 1 month
Kinley:  16 months
Hazel:  3 weeks

1:55 am--Hazel wakes up.  She is currently sleeping in our bed with us since she will not sleep anywhere else.  This is a battle I am not willing to fight right now, so we just roll with it.  Eric changes her and I nurse her.  She seems to want to be awake so we hang out until 2:35 when she falls back asleep.  She sleeps until 5:20.  Eric changes her, I nurse her, but then she poops again at 5:50 and I change her and nurse her some more.  She is finally asleep again around 6:00 am.

6:20 am--Caleb calls out.  Eric goes to lay with him.  This is a daily habit and I am not sure how to break it, and not sure if any of us have the energy to do so right now anyway.  Right now we are just doing what it takes to get through the day...low expectations are key right now!

7:30 am--I wake up for the day.  I have been having some postpartum hemorrhoid issues so I have been trying to take it easy and take care of them to make life a little easier!  I take a hot bath, which seems to help.  While I am in the bath, Kinley wakes up and Eric starts to feed the kids breakfast.  When I finish up the bath I take a placenta capsule and my lovely stool softener.

7:55 am--I pump, make coffee and breakfast for myself.  Eric offers Caleb to do an activity from his Kiwi Crate without talking to me and when I let him know that he can't do one because I want them to last longer than two days he has an epic meltdown.  I can't blame the kid, he loves to do them but I know we need to stretch them out a bit.  He finally settles with making a book and so I get him materials to do that.  Eric leaves for work.  While I am drinking my coffee Kinley takes the opportunity to crawl on the table.  Hazel is still sleeping (of course-because I am not).  I look through the pottery barn catalog, eat my breakfast (while giving bites to Kinley), we read books, and I look around and see messes everywhere.

9:40 am--Hazel finally wakes up.  I change her diaper and nurse her.  She has a yucky diaper rash that we are battling so I apply lotrimin and her diaper rash cream.  Caleb hands me my water and phone while I am feeding her.  Thank goodness he is so helpful!  Kinley plays with potato heads.

10:20 am--I turn on Sesame street.  I am feeling yucky and just need to rest a bit, so PBS to the rescue.

10:45 am--I get Kinley dressed and pick out her outfit and Hazel's outfit for tomorrow.  We will be getting together with Eric's mom for her to meet Hazel for the first time.  I also try to go to the bathroom (#2) but I feel super nervous to go.  I give Kinley a banana while I start to get lunch ready.

11:00 am--We eat lunch--not sure what Hazel was doing.  I assume she was in the swing sleeping.

11:30 am--We all head downstairs to play.  I nurse Hazel and change her diaper.  I also change her pajamas because as I am changing her she poops again and gets herself, me, and her pajamas dirty.  I also pick out Caleb's clothes for tomorrow.  I check the mail and get more medical bills.  Good news is that we have now met our deductible and will have full coverage for just about a year.  Hazel wakes up for a bit and has some tummy time on the boppy.  This pain I am dealing with is getting worse and making it hard to go about my day to day business.

12:45 pm--I start to get the big kids to clean up and try to help them.  Caleb goes to the bathroom, I change Kinley's diaper, we read a naptime story "Over in the Garden".  I turn out Caleb's lights, turn his turtle on (which shines stars on the ceiling), and turn his music on.  I then go lay Kinley down for her nap which consists of giving her a water bottle and turning on her mobile and music.  I am suddenly hungry so I get myself a bowl of cereal and rest a bit before Hazel wakes up.

2:25 pm--I fell asleep and had a nice nap.  Hazel wakes up.  I change her and nurse her.

2:40 pm--Caleb wakes up.  He and I read his Highlights magazine and then he makes a car with his large brick blocks (inspired by a picture in the magazine).  I love that he can now execute ideas he has without my help.  It is so much fun to watch him create things and also to be able to independently play so much better now. 

3:55 pm--Kinley is still sleeping (way past her normal wake up time).  I decide I better wake her up or she may not want to go to bed tonight...and with the way I am feeling I NEED her to go to bed tonight.  I change her diaper and get her and Caleb snacks.  While they are snacking Hazel sleeps in the swing.  The other two did not like the swing, so we are finally getting our money's worth out of it this time around!

4:30 pm--Eric home from work.  I immediately put him to work with a kid.  I am sure this is something he loves...poor guy.  I look at the packaging for the medicine I have been using and realize I have been using it WAY more than I was supposed to.  Oops.  I decide to take a quick bath for some relief.

5:00 pm--I start dinner while Eric manages the kids.  We are having hamburgers and potatoes with green beans from the farmer's market.

5:30 pm--Dinner.  Hazel is hungry so I nurse her.  When I am done nursing her I scarf down my food.  I do notice that these hamburgers are delicious and may be the best I have ever made.

6:00 pm--Nurse Hazel again.  Caleb grabs Kinley around the neck and gets a time out.  Eric starts the bath for the big kids.  He finishes the baths, gets Kinley ready for bed first (pj's and lotion) then takes Caleb downstairs to get him ready.  He and Caleb come back upstairs and the kids brush their teeth.  Brushing teeth is something Kinley does about 5 times a day.  Basically anytime she walks in the bathroom she asks, "bru-tee".  It is so cute, so I let her.  Everytime.

6:50 pm--I read the big kids stories for bedtime in Kinley's room, in the new glider rocker we got from Costco.

7:00 pm--Bedtime for the kids.  I lay Kinley down with her same naptime things, then take Caleb downstairs.  He gets one more story in his bed before it is lights out (turtle on, music on).

7:20 pm--Nurse Hazel again.  Kinley does not want to sleep so Eric goes in her room to tell her goodnight again.  We are trying something new with her because we had gotten in a terrible routine of rocking her to sleep for bedtime.  She naps well and goes to sleep on her own so we decided to switch up our bedtime routine.  We lay her down and say goodnight.  If she continues to complain or cry we go in her room, lay her back down and say goodnight.  The first night doing this it took several times of going to lay her down.  Now, we often do not have to go back in, but when we do it is usually never more than two times.  Much better!  Eric gets me a cookie and some ice cream.

8:10 pm--Kinley is still awake.  She just resists going to sleep for the night...stinker.  We watch some television (Dateline and Bear Gryls).

9:20 pm--Eric changes Hazel and I nurse her.  Eric heads to bed at 9:45 pm.  I fall asleep on the couch and stumble to bed at 10:15 pm.

12:36 am--Hazel wakes up, I change and nurse her.

3:00 am--Hazel wakes up.  Eric changes her and I nurse her.  She decides to stay awake and at 4:10 am I nurse her again.  There are some diaper changes in there as well.  I decide to give her a pacifier (aka-hold the pacifier in her mouth) and play some white noise in hopes to get her to sleep.  She falls asleep at some point and so do I.

7:10 am--Awake and start it all over again.


  1. Wow, three kids under 4, amazing! I totally forgot how often you have to nurse with a newborn and how it takes them awhile to get efficient, better get on that since I'm pregnant with #3 myself. I can't believe your first two hated the swing, both of mine loved it and I'm hopeful #3 will as well, it's such a lifesaver!!! Hope things start to resolve medically for you!

    1. I am feeling much better, thanks! Ah, the joys of nursing; thankfully it seems to get better with each child!

  2. Hemorrhoids, lovely. I was blessed with that postpartum too. Fingers crossed yours are gone quickly. I like your low expectations! Sounds about right with three kids, esp a 3 week old. I'm all for messing with things when there is more sleep on the menu. We have that turtle star thing too, I love it myself.

    1. The turtle is wonderful, though we got an updated version for our daughter that is rechargeable but I don't like it at all. It has to be charged daily!

  3. I'm expecting my first child this winter, and I loved reading about your day with a newborn. I can't imagine throwing in two more kids in the mix like you have...I'll deal with that when/if the time comes. :) Hope the hemorrhoids go away quickly...I am fearing them both pre- and postpartum.

    1. They are gone! I never had them with my first two, so hopefully you will miss that boat. Congrats on the baby is the most wonderful, crazy, unimaginable, at times overwhelming, and fantastic life changing event. I wish I would have done a day in the life pre-kids to remember what life was like then. Honestly, I can't even remember what life was like with just one!

  4. This reminds me of the early days with my 3 (my oldest was 3.5 when the youngest was born). Such chaos. The whole day revolves around eating, sleeping, bathroom/diaper festivities, and SO MUCH MESS. Sounds like you are doing pretty great though! Your kids are beautiful! Congrats on little Hazel :)

    1. So true about the chaos and just trying to be sure that everyone is fed and clean! Thanks for the reassurance...I'm trying :)

  5. So sorry you are in discomfort - hopefully it clears up soon! Love your kid's names, especially Hazel.

    1. Aww, thanks! It was a family name and I loved it as soon as I heard it!

  6. Still so amazed you did this! 3 weeks is always one of the very hardest times for me PP - the newness has worn off but the lingering PP stuff remains.

    Glad you are feeling better!

    1. I didn't want to miss it...I forget so much already (sometimes for the better--it's good to forget the really hard times)! Thank goodness for a third baby that seems to be (crossing fingers) sleeping so much better than her sister did!