Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kinley 18 months

Dearest Kinley,

Oh my sweet, vibrant, stinker of a baby do I summarize you at 18 months?  Aside from you being such a bright ray of light in our lives, you also happen to be one of my favorite ages right now.  The age where your personality really shines and you are coming into your own.  You are such a spitfire and I love it!  You are talking a ton right now and picking up new words each and every day.  You are into everything, climbing on everything, and basically getting yourself into trouble throughout the entire day.  You look at me with this sheepish smile when I ask you to get down from whatever dangerous item you have decided to climb on, often laugh then get down and repeat this again and again.  You tend to get into the most trouble when I am nursing your sister and am trapped.  You have figured out this is the best time to figure out how to do your most dangerous tricks.  As much as you are a daredevil you also are very good at following the rules.  You love to close doors to rooms that are not being used, you try to close the baby gate after coming up the stairs, and you generally steer clear of most dangerous items.  The dog has started to listen to you too.  At mealtimes you will tell him "couch" for him to go there while we are eating.  Never mind that he is much bigger than you...we all know who is boss around here!


Fun at the zoo

Such a big girl all of a sudden!

Such a ham!

You answer almost every question with a definitive "uh huh" or "yeah", basically always in the affirmative.  You talk all the time and I just love hearing your little voice.  Sometimes you have to be reminded to use your words when you scream instead.  I also love how you use words for things that would not make sense to anyone else but us.  You say "Maya" when you want your hair in a ponytail.  That is the name of a little girl at your daycare that is about 1 month younger who has been wearing her hair in a ponytail for a long time.  I think you associate pony tails with her and it is so cute.  You also follow just about every direction we give you, and often follow two-step directions.  You get things for us when we ask you and seem to understand just about every thing we say to you.

Your big brother is your favorite person, by a long shot.
Sick, but still in good spirits
Sitting on the smallest couch will all of my kids...why not?
This captures your personality right now 100 percent!

You eat well and at least try most things we give you.  If you do not like it you will put it in your mouth then quickly spit it back out.  You will keep putting more pieces in if we ask you, but promptly spit them out again.  When you are done eating you will typically start squishing the food or "accidentally" throw it off of your tray.  Your favorite foods are cheese, grapes, bananas, apples, toast, pancakes, bread, yogurt, strawberries, and peanut butter.  We have not had any issues with allergies or sensitivities thankfully.  Your least favorite foods are most vegetables and meat.  You have climbed out of your high chair a few times, and I have witnessed you trying to climb into it by climbing on a chair and then trying to climb onto the tray to get in.  I stopped you, but was curious if you could have done it.  Sometimes I let you do things just to see how you figure it out, because you usually do.

Who doesn't love a popsicle?


Your hair is finally long enough to get into a small ponytail and if I do say so myself it is just the cutest thing ever.  You look a little like Pebbles and it is adorable!  I love dressing you in the morning, and have gotten you and your sister some adorable matching outfits (something I never thought I would do).  You like to help me pick out your outfits as well, following me to your closet and pointing to the clothes you like.  You are quite the helper and want to help with everything.  You will often grab a tissue and try to wipe your own nose or grab a wash cloth and wipe off the table or chairs.  You also like to help with your sister, so I try to give you jobs that you are able to do like giving me a diaper when I am changing her.  Otherwise, you are trying to pick her up.  You love your sister and have really seemed to enjoy helping take care of her, the only way a toddler can.  The other day I found you in the living room sitting on top of her while she was doing tummy time, playing your harmonica.  Note to self:  do not leave toddler unattended for a second!

Meeting Hazel for the first time.

Fun in the pool while I soaked my swollen pregnant feet!


We are still using the crib, and will probably keep doing so until you are at least 2.  Your brother was in the toddler bed at 18 months...but you...nope.  The plan is that once Hazel is bigger, she and you will share a bedroom.  She will be in the pack and play while you are in the crib.  When you are ready, we will move her to the crib and get you a toddler bed.  The next phase will be bunk beds when Hazel is big enough to be in a bed.  That is the plan for now, though you know what they say about the best laid plans....  I may just decide to keep you in that crib until you are 10, you just never know.

So baby girl, that is you.  My adorable, happy, spunky, smart little girl!  We love you to the moon and back!



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