Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hazel 1 month

Dearest Hazel,

I tear up a bit realizing that this is the last time I will write a letter to a one month old...your place in our family of 5 will be as the baby and what a wonderful baby you are proving to be (tear).  We know you will be our last and I think that helps me savor each moment with you so much more...maybe not completely during the hours of 7-9 pm (cranky pants), but mostly.

It always amazes me how different you all are, even from birth.  In the middle of the night when your dad is trying to rock you to sleep trying all the tricks that worked for Kinley (while sometimes calling you by her name) I have to remind him that you are a new baby with different needs and likes.  You like to be bounced (specifically while swaddled and being held up at a shoulder).  More than your brother and sister combined.  You also love to be swaddled, a strict no-no with the others.  For a while you were quite cranky at night and we "tried everything" before realizing we had not tried swaddling you.  Apparently that is the ticket.  It doesn't work every time, but helps a lot!  You love the swing, again a loathed baby item by your brother and sister, and often nap during the day in that or while being held.

Comparison:  L-Kinley R-Hazel

Comparison:  L-Caleb, R-Hazel

You know what you like and are not afraid to protest if someone is doing it wrong.  For the most part you are content but the second we are doing something wrong or you need something you let us know-loudly!  You are my biggest baby by far, weighing 10 lbs 2 ounces at your 2 week appointment.  Your sister was just a little over 8 pounds at hers.  You seem longer than each of them were and have been outgrowing everything very quickly.  With your brother we had to get some preemie clothes to get us through his first three weeks.  You on the other hand outgrew newborn clothes within 2 weeks and are very comfortable in your 3 month clothes.  You are in size 1 diapers and seem to be outgrowing those as well.  I am glad that you are eating and growing so well!
Happy? Mad?

You are a champion nurser, despite being tongue tied at birth (we got your frenulum clipped right away which helped your latch immediately), eating every 2-3 hours a day and every 4-5 hours at night.  I started pumping right away out of fear that we would run out of milk for the third time when I return to work.  So far I have 120+ ounces saved up.  I pump each morning for about 5 minutes.  I have also been smarter this time and I am only freezing it in 4 ounce portions for a much easier time preparing bottles when I go back to work.  Speaking of going back to work, I set the date for October 22nd.  I decided a mid week slow start up is what I would need...because honestly going back is going to be very hard this time.  We have also started giving you a bottle (just twice so far) to get you used to drinking out of something other than me.  The first time was a colossal fail, the second time you drank 2 ounces.  We will probably try bottles a few mornings a week since I am already pumping in the morning.  I am not too stressed about it, but just want to make sure you are introduced to them so you don't starve at daycare.

You love to be carried and with two other kiddos, the ring sling has been a lifesaver!  You fuss for a second and then fall right asleep every time.  It makes quite a bit easier to go places and get things done.  I have not yet mastered taking all three of you somewhere on my own (other than the chiropractor), but am feeling more confident to tackle that soon.

baby foot peeking out

Fawn Doe Rosa


We have haven't had too many outings in your first month.  We went to the zoo, splash pad, family fun day in a nearby city, Costco, chiropractor, out to eat, and several trips to Target.  Right now it is pretty easy to get out (as long as we have enough arms) since you spend most of the day sleeping.  We are not yet to the point of having to work around naps, and not sure that we will be able to be super strict with that when you are napping more consistently.  I guess that is part of being the youngest...we will figure it out though.

Splash Pad

First night out as a family of 5--Success!

You can sleep through just about anything at this point (screaming kids, barking dog, doorbells, television, music, toys, banging, talking).  When we bring you to bed at night I chuckle when your dad and I start whispering.  I am convinced that the quiet wakes you more than the loud.

Kisses (smothering) from your big sister

tummy time nap

Great Grandma!

Never alone.

Always being touched.  Always.

What tummy time looks like the 3rd time around...

You have been plagued with all of the super fun baby things like acne, cradle cap, diaper rashes, jaundice....poor baby.  You take it in stride and we think you are gorgeous no matter the crazy things that are happening to your fresh skin.

Right now you are napping a lot, actually sleeping through most of the day with short bursts of awake times.  It has been nice to see the whites of your eyes more.  You get a little cranky when you are awake for longer periods of time, like you just don't know what to do with yourself when you are up.  You have started to enjoy looking at toys hanging above you or while doing tummy time.  You frequently fall asleep during tummy time, surely because it is so tiring.  You are very strong, little one, and are lifting your head off of my shoulder with a lot more control and can lift it and turn it when doing tummy time.

While the big kids play, we rest

Enjoying our one on one time when I can!


Basically, my littlest baby, we love you to pieces and are so happy you are here to complete this family!  Our hearts grew three sizes the day you were born and continue to grow as we fall more and more in love with you everyday!


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