Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10 Months

Dear Kinley,

**Very old post that was never published--she is now 16 months**

My oh my, the time is flying by.  Seriously.  This month your major gains have definitely been with eating.  You now are loving food!  You eat everything we give you, and we rarely give you anything that has been pureed.  You prefer to feed yourself, and also get very angry if you see food and are not given it.  Feeding you seems so much less stressful and less of an event than it was with your brother.  We give it to you, and you take care of the rest.  You have also figured out how to drink out of a sippy cup well and rarely need help.  Some of your favorite foods are:  eggs, meats, cheese, blueberries, squash, bread, strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, avocado, and sweet potato.  You have also tried lasagna and spaghetti and seemed to like those as well.  I am so glad you are happy to eat and also love that you eat EVERYTHING.  Often, you cry when the food is gone.  I think if we kept giving you food, you would just keep eating.  We have to cut you off at some point.  

As for your gross motor skills, you are still not standing, so with the advice of a friend from work we are going to start Physical Therapy.  We are on a waiting list right now, but will hopefully get an appointment within the next few weeks.  You have started to army crawl a lot more now, and are getting to be much faster.  We are going to be working on more exercises at home to build your core strength to help you along.  It breaks my heart that you are not where you need to be, but I am confident that you will be there soon!

Your fine motor skills are coming along very nicely.  You are using a pincer grasp to pick up small pieces of food and every other small thing you should not be picking up.  You are using both hands, transferring objects from hand to hand, take things out of containers, and have started to put things into containers.  

You roll or army crawl to the things you want and are actually pretty content to play alone on the floor for a bit.  This has been helpful, especially when I have been so tired from this pregnancy.  I feel bad not always being on the floor with you playing, but, you seem to be doing well.  Your brother loves you and loves being around you.  I do think it is mutual.  You seem to love all of his toys, especially the ones you are not supposed to have. 

Sleep.  Oh, dare I even write about it?  You have been sleeping...better.  I just hope that you decide to sleep through the night before this baby makes its arrival.  You have been waking only once usually, and then sleeping through to the morning.  This I can deal with.  You of course have your moments when you wake more, though it never goes the other way.  It is fine.  It is what it is.  What I have the hardest time with is naps.  Lately, you have not really been wanting your afternoon nap.  You nap pretty well in the morning, but when the afternoon rolls around, you are awake.  This means that I can get nothing done since you and your brother have not been sleeping at the same time for weeks.  I keep telling you that you are too young to not take two naps, but apparently you do not believe me.

Your understanding has increased dramatically over the last month.  If I ask you where daddy is or Caleb, you will look toward them.  You respond to "no", though I try not to say it a lot (Caleb has not gotten that memo).  You understand if I ask you if you want milk or more of something.  Your response is usually crying.  You are babbling more and making some single consonant sounds.  You have not used any words intentionally yet, but I can't wait.  You refuse to say "mama".  Every time I ask you to, you shake your head no.  You love to yell and screech for attention.  You talk to yourself more in your crib and when you're playing.  It seems that you have begun to figure out that your voice can be used for other purposes.  I just can't wait to hear your adorable little voice make a word!

You are becoming quite the daddy's girl.  You love his snuggles and are very content if he is holding you or playing with you.  This is a new experience for me, since your brother always wanted just me.  I do enjoy the fact that you love to be with him and that I can do things without always holding you.  I do cherish those baby snuggles when you give them to me.  Stranger anxiety has really set in this month as well.  You do not like other people touching you or talking to you.  It is usually worse when your dad and I are around.  We went to a wedding about a week ago, and your Aunt Heather babysat you and your brother.  You did well for her and were not upset at all, so that was reassuring.  

Well, I am sure that I am forgetting things, but, this sums up most of what you have been up to.  I love you baby girl!



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