Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Day in the Life 2014

Well,  I have not really become the blogger I want to, a long time since my last post!  I guess between working, being pregnant, and having two young kiddos there is a not a lot of time left to write out all the things that are going on.  I would love to do it more often, so we will see if I can make that happen.

Well, onto the real business.  This was done on Easter Sunday.  I am 34, Eric is 35, Caleb is 3 years 11 months, Kinley is 13 months, and I am 26 weeks pregnant with surprise baby #3.

Just a warning--there is a bit of TMI toward the end of this post, so consider yourself warned!

5:30--I wake up (on my own).  For some reason these days I am able to sleep in best if I need to be going to work.  On a weekend, I keep waking up early.  Of course.  Also, the kids have been sleeping wonderfully lately, often sleeping past 7:00 am.  Kinley is finally sleeping through the night!  I am unfortunately not sleeping well, so most nights I toss and turn.  This one was no different.  I decide that I can get up and hide the easter eggs before the kids wake up.  I get the eggs from the fridge, wake Eric up, and we get to hiding them.  I cleaned up the family room and also put the dog in our bedroom so we could have Easter festivities without interruption.  I started to feel pretty nauseous, so Eric made me some cream of wheat.  I take an opportunity to catch a picture of my new haircut I got yesterday.

still necessary to eat right away in the morning to avoid getting sick

I continue to wait for the kids to wake up, so I read e-mail and the internets.  I am kicking myself for getting up so early when I could have slept a little bit more.  But, who's to know that?

7:09 am--Finally!  The kids are awake--weirdly, they usually wake within minutes of each other.  We had put the Easter baskets on the table upstairs, and hid the eggs downstairs.  Eric and I go downstairs to get Caleb first, to let Kinley wake up a little bit more.  Usually, Caleb does not want to get right out of bed.  He usually insists on cuddling or laying there until he is good and awake.  This morning, I remind him that it is Easter and he hops right out of bed!  As soon as he walks into the family room he starts to see eggs.  Somehow, Eric and I convince him that we should go get his sister first and see if the Easter bunny left any baskets for them.  I try to take some pictures, first get a warning that my camera is out of storage (so I get the pictures off of it quickly), then realize that it just isn't going to focus.  I can't stand this camera, and want nothing more than to have a nice camera...but that is not a priority right now.  We head upstairs to get Kinley.

After her diaper is changed we let them dig into their baskets.  This year the Easter Bunny brought them personalized beach towels, water bottles, bubbles, wands, art supplies, sippy cups for Kinley, and eggs filled with candy (Caleb) and Bunny Grahams (Kinley).  Afterward, we head downstairs so Caleb can find the rest of the eggs.  He has a minor meltdown because there are two of the 24 eggs missing because they were broken.  He recovers briefly, but becomes upset again when he has to get dressed for Church.  He has been very particular about his clothes lately and rarely wants to wear anything other than comfy pants (sweatpants) and long sleeve shirts.  Today he is upset because I want him to wear nicer pants and a polo shirt with buttons.  Luckily, the pants I chose are ones that are sometimes okay.  After what seems like an hour, we head back upstairs to have breakfast.  We have bacon, hardboiled eggs (another meltdown because apparently we don't eat Easter eggs), bagels, and juice.

8:20 am--I am able to get into the shower and start to get ready.  I got my hair cut yesterday, so I am able to get by without washing it today, so that makes getting ready much easier.  I get a bit overwhelmed with getting dressed.  I don't have a ton of maternity clothes, and even less dressy ones.   I do have one nicer dress, and since it is warm today I can get by with wearing it.  I just don't want to have to buy more maternity clothes since I am sure this is the last time I will need them.  I put on makeup, which is a rarity these days as well.  I am sure Eric gets ready somewhere in this time frame, but honestly, I don't remember when/how that happened.  Sometimes mornings are a blur.

9:13 am--We leave the house!  Church is at 9:30 so I am nervous that we will not find a place to sit.  When we get there we stand in the back for a few minutes before someone lets us know that there are a few open seats.  We sit down and listen to the sermon.  Caleb does well with the service because there is a lot of singing today.  Also, a very nice woman next to us draws with him during the service.  Actually, both kids do great.  Afterwards, we stop in where they are holding a brunch to give Caleb a snack.

We had already planned to go out to brunch to a restaurant that will have the Easter Bunny there.  We get out and drive to the restaurant.  We make it in time for our reservation at 11:15 am.  Caleb is enamored with the bunny.  He gives her a note he wrote her, and wants to find her before we leave to give her a hug.  Both kids eat well and seem to enjoy our time there.  I love that we are able to eat out with them successfully and it is not too chaotic.

He looks frightened, but loved her!

12:28 pm--When we get home we stay outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  We head in around 1:00 to get the kids to nap.  I lay Kinley down while Eric takes care of Caleb.

bare feet!!

1:13 pm--Both kids are in bed and I think they are actually sleeping.  It is amazing what a little sun and outside time does for sleep!  Eric and I change and decide to stay outside.  He does some yard work, I clean out my car (specifically Kinley's car seat straps from a terrible vomiting episode a while ago--even though they were cleaned before my crazy sense of smell told me it was still there...yuck!).  I then sit down to relax.  I let Eric know that my stomach is not feeling great.  Eric starts to work on cleaning out our garage.  It is a disaster because of our bathroom remodel and has been neglected this winter.

2:30 pm--Caleb wakes up and tells me he wants water and to go back to sleep.  I offer that he can play outside and with that suggestion he is up!  He plays and I sit and relax.  My stomach is hurting and I am feeling a bit nauseous.  Kinley wakes up and I go get her and we play outside some more.

playing in the car

5:15 pm--We decide that we need to get something for dinner.  We head to McDonalds...not a great choice, but it is open and fast.  We go there and then have a picnic in the yard.  Kinley eats a peanut butter sandwich and fruit.  I barely eat, as I am still not feeling well.

6:20 pm--We start to head in and I realize I am going to be sick.  I also pee myself at the same time...dang pregnancy!  I rest on the couch because I am feeling much worse now.  Eric thankfully lays both kids down.  I throw up again.

The rest of the night is a blur, but I continue to get sick throughout the night and into the early morning.  I decide to stay home on Monday and spend the day resting, eating Jello, and trying to get re-hydrated.  It wasn't the best end to the day, but despite that, Easter was lovely this year--especially because of the weather!