Thursday, January 2, 2014

Knowing too much....

I have mentioned my job a few times on here, and though I love it, at times it is a curse.  I am an Early Intervention Teacher that works with infants and toddlers with disabilities (mostly working with families).  Part of my job is the intervention piece, and the other part is evaluating children.  I know development like the back of my hand and this is wonderful, as I know what to expect with my own kids.  However, it is difficult when I have a child that is not doing what I would expect.  With Caleb, he was a very late sitter.  However, at 9 months it just clicked and he then developed appropriately after that with no need for any intervention.  I have mentioned in Kinley's monthly posts a few times that she is not yet standing or bearing weight through her legs.  Well, today she turned 10 months old.  She should DEFINITELY be doing this by now, and yet, still isn't.  Today, while at a co-worker's house I had my friend/co-worker/Physical Therapist take a look and tell me what she suggested.  I should note that what she said was not shocking, it just was hard to hear.  I love my baby girl with all of my heart and it pains me to think that she is behind.  But, she is.  My friend recommended I get a referral for Physical Therapy, and perhaps look into Early Intervention in my school district.  I cried on the way home and decided that I will pursue the referral for Physical Therapy.  I am not sure that I want to go through the school district just yet (which I am sure sounds weird, since that is my own job).  I can't explain exactly why, except that we have good insurance and that I am hoping this is a short lived need.  Sometimes, I wish that I could be a parent that does not know what I know.  Ignorance would be bliss at times.  For now, I am just sad.  As I look at my perfect, beautiful, baby girl...I hate to think that she has this need.  However, I know that if we can catch it early, she will do wonderfully!  I just have to breathe and have faith.

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