Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Day in the Life: Thursday January 23, 2014

I am barely sneaking this one in!  Once again, Laura from Navigating the Mothership has asked her readers to participate in a quarterly Day in the Life post.  I started one earlier in the week, but gave up early was a bad day.  I had an unlikely (except for this year apparently) snow cold day, so I was home from work.  So here goes...

10:00 pm (Wednesday)--Kinley wakes up (and yes, I was sleeping).  Eric changes her diaper and I nurse her and go right back to sleep.

2:00ish am--Kinley wakes up, Eric changes her and I nurse her to sleep.  I have a harder time falling asleep this time, but after about 20 minutes I think I drift off.

5:30 am--Kinley wakes up again...ugh.  I feel like I have been hit by a bus.  Eric gets her changed and brings her into our bed for me to feed her.  She eats quickly and he offers to bring her downstairs to play so that I can sleep a bit more.  He is looking like a rockstar right about now.  I go back to sleep pretty quickly.

7:02 am--Both kids are awake because I can hear them coming upstairs to eat breakfast.  Eric makes me oatmeal to eat so that I do not get sick (if I don't eat within minutes of waking up things go downhill very quickly--I am hoping that as I enter my second trimester this starts to wain).  I decide to try to eat in the living room and turn on the Today show for a minute.  I call daycare to tell her that I am going to keep the kids home with me today and promptly after that I get sick (TMI-in the sink, because our bathroom on this level is under construction).  Gross.  For the record, oatmeal is out now...semi-permanently.  Eric starts to organize his work stuff on the floor and it makes a giant mess.  Caleb is loving it because he gets to sort through things like pens, flashlights, and apparently beads and leis.  I keep Kinley in her high chair for as long as possible to keep her out of the mess.  I am not feeling well and it is taking me a long time to eat the bagel I now have.  Caleb begins to climb on the couch and gets a little too close to the railing that is right by our stairs.  I get nervous and ask him to get down.  His response?  "I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy!".  Yup.  You are.  Get down!

7:45 am--Kids are still playing.  I am finally done eating.  Caleb starts to act out his most recent favorite book, "When Sophie Gets Angry".  He tells me, "I'm so angry at Kinley cause she's taking my stuff".  When I ask what he can do to not feel as angry, he says he can run.  He runs around the corner and comes back to tell me, "Everything's together again".  Silly boy.  He then has a tantrum over a lei that he wants and that he wants to be carried downstairs.  I tell him that he can walk.  He responds with, "I was talking to Daddy".  This is his new way to deal with answers he does not like.

8:15 am--I make a phone call for work, since I am not going in today.  Eric feeds the cats.  Kinley is playing.  Caleb screams for some reason.  Eric starts to get ready for work.

8:30 am--Eric leaves for work.  I read books with the kids.  They play nicely on the floor so I decide I can start to research car seats.  We have decided that new car seats are much cheaper than new cars, so for now that will be our solution for three kids.  I also begin to ponder when I am going to get $2 cupcakes from this awesome cupcake store near-ish to us.  Because, that is one thing I can imagine eating today.  Caleb goes to the bathroom and lets me know that he peed on his hands.  As I am helping him wash his hands he shows me a paper cut (I think).  I tell him I will get him a bandaid.  This is not an easy task, because those were kept in the bathroom that is now under construction.  So, I have to dig through bins to find one for him.

9:34 am--I put on an episode of Word World for Caleb so he is entertained while I lay Kinley down.  I bring her upstairs, change her diaper and nurse her.  She goes down easily, thankfully.  When I get back downstairs I fold laundry, wash diapers, heat up some leftover mac and cheese for me to eat, since I am now feeling hungry.

10:20 am--Kinley wakes up, so I go get her and get lunch ready.  I let Caleb know that he can come upstairs when his episode is over.  While I am upstairs, I put Kinley's laundry away, wash the dishes, shred some cheese and make lunch.  I also put meat in the crockpot for dinner.

11:10 am--Caleb wants to feed Kinley her lunch.  She is eating yogurt, cheese, blueberries, and a croissant--super hodge podge.  We eat, talk, and I clean up after everyone is done.  Kinley would never be done.  She loves to eat and we often have to cut her off.  As I am cleaning up I notice how dirty the floors are and how neglected things have been in the house for the past couple of months.  This pregnancy has taken a toll, and I have definitely let things go.  I talk to Eric and let him know that we need to remedy this ASAP.

11:45 am--We go downstairs, the kids play and I take a minute to read a blog post.  My tummy starts to hurt and I am thinking it is from the cheese I ate.  But, I love cheese, so it is worth it.  Caleb lets me know that "Kinley is making a mess" and is pretending to have a picnic.  He tells me, "I'm pretending it's summer!"  Oh, how I wish.

12:30 pm--I lay Caleb down for his nap (pretty easy, he just wants his turtle on, closet light on, and music playing).  I then bring Kinley upstairs, change her, nurse her.  I fall asleep while I am feeding her and when I wake up I am able to lay her down.  I go downstairs, turn on Rachel Ray and decide to take a nap.

2:30 pm--Caleb wakes up and I let him watch a show before Kinley wakes up.  Selfishly I am looking forward to laying down for a few more minutes.

3:10 pm--Kinley wakes up.  I nurse her and let her play.  I appreciate how content she is to play with her toys on the floor.  I think it help a ton that Caleb is usually there playing near her at least.

4:40 pm--Eric is home.  I go upstairs to start rice for dinner.  We sit down to eat, and I quickly realize that I will not be able to eat the meat.  That is all I will say about that.  Just typing it out is making me feel ill.

5:30 pm--Caleb and I decide to head out for the cupcake store.  It seems to take us a while to get out of the door.  While we are out, Eric gives Kinley a bath.

6:30 pm--We get home from getting cupcakes, Caleb eats a half of a cupcake before bed and then takes a shower.

7:00 pm--We put Caleb to bed.  I read him a bedtime story and then it is lights out.  We watch Law and Order SVU, and Chicago PD (which is confusing when we have never watched Chicago Fire).

8:57 pm--We head to bed, I play on my phone for a few minutes, then it is lights out!

Monday, January 6, 2014

11 weeks

I had my first ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, just to make sure that I had the dates right (since things were off and we definitely weren't trying).  With that, my due date is July 26, 2014.  My birthday is in July, so wouldn't it be crazy to share the day?  I have decided that I will not be doing bump pictures, at least right now, since I did not start out where I would have liked to be weight wise.  I have already gotten the talk at the doctor about doing an early diabetes screen (even though this was not an issue with either of my other pregnancies) and was told to only gain between 5-15 pounds.  However, she did say I should not diet.  Well, what on earth am I supposed to do?  I am still nursing, very nauseous, and honestly feel that I will eat what I feel like eating when I feel like eating it.  Most of the time food sounds terrible, and I just can't see cutting calories and dropping my milk supply when Kinley still needs that nutrition from me.  So, doctor, I am not sure how much control I have over that.  Also, as a pregnant and emotional person I don't ever appreciate a lecture on weight.  Ugh.  Anyway.  Onto the update.

Weight Gain:  3 pounds (so two to go I guess....)

Aversions:  Everything on any given day.  Things sound good one minute, then terrible the next.  Cooking is awful.  I have not thrown up that much this time, but have felt close MANY times.  I am hoping this all resolves soon so I can enjoy eating again.  Also, many other things gross me out and make me want to hurl other than food.  If my child forgets to flush the toilet for example...that is the WORST.

Cravings:  All things salty.  I also crave just about every kind of sandwich that I see on a commercial on television.  I have decided that if I want Jimmy Johns I am going to have it despite the fact that I am not supposed to eat lunch meat, mayo...but, it tastes so good!  Sadly, I just don't really want sweets that much.  With Kinley's pregnancy I could not get enough sweets...hmmm.

Diet:  In the morning I have been eating a bagel with cream cheese to curb the throw ups, as Caleb would say.  I am trying to snack more throughout the day to keep the pukes at bay, then a lunch of leftovers and dinner.  I have been trying to have a healthy dessert at night too.  Basically, just trying to eat what I can and drink LOTS of water.

Worries:  I worry about being able to provide for this baby and provide milk for Kinley.  I worry about the health of the baby (as I always do).  I worry that I am not able to relish in this pregnancy because I am so tired and busy all the time with the other two...knowing this will be my last.  I am worried about our lack of space and bedrooms in this house, having three carseats in a car, three kids in daycare at the same  Well, worries are abundant.

Excited About:  Not having the stomach flu anymore and feeling human again.  I am excited about telling more people too.  We told Caleb this week and he was so cute about it.  I was worried about what he would think, since every time I asked him if we should have a new baby he would respond with "but, we already have a baby."  Yes, we do.  When we told him he said "Your belly is growing!  Can I see it?"  He is a wonderful big brother to Kinley and I am sure he will be to this baby as well.  I am also excited that my mom has agreed to come around the time the baby is due to help us with the kids.  She has never seen me very pregnant and has never gotten to feel the baby move in my belly, so this should be a special time.  Plus, I know the kids will be in great hands when I am at the hospital.  So, hopefully we can time it all right.

It's a:  Surprise.  I am so excited for this!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new year, a new leaf

As I look back at 2013, I see many wonderful things, and others that were and are more challenging.  We became a family of four by welcoming our baby girl in March.  We also found out that we are expanding our family yet again.  We have many blessings, a home, good jobs (new one for Eric), healthy children, working cars, and the ability to still do some of the things we love like eating out and taking the occasional shopping trip.  I have learned to be very thrifty and spend less, because we have less.  We have had our marriage challenged and continue to fight the good fight to stay united and together.  I have learned to live off of way less sleep and to alter my expectations in order to not always feel defeated.  This year has not been my best, yet, I still have much to be thankful for.  I am hoping 2014 brings with it less hardships and more joy.  So JOY is the word that I am choosing to focus on.  JOY is attainable.  JOY is what I need.  So here's to finding it...

Knowing too much....

I have mentioned my job a few times on here, and though I love it, at times it is a curse.  I am an Early Intervention Teacher that works with infants and toddlers with disabilities (mostly working with families).  Part of my job is the intervention piece, and the other part is evaluating children.  I know development like the back of my hand and this is wonderful, as I know what to expect with my own kids.  However, it is difficult when I have a child that is not doing what I would expect.  With Caleb, he was a very late sitter.  However, at 9 months it just clicked and he then developed appropriately after that with no need for any intervention.  I have mentioned in Kinley's monthly posts a few times that she is not yet standing or bearing weight through her legs.  Well, today she turned 10 months old.  She should DEFINITELY be doing this by now, and yet, still isn't.  Today, while at a co-worker's house I had my friend/co-worker/Physical Therapist take a look and tell me what she suggested.  I should note that what she said was not shocking, it just was hard to hear.  I love my baby girl with all of my heart and it pains me to think that she is behind.  But, she is.  My friend recommended I get a referral for Physical Therapy, and perhaps look into Early Intervention in my school district.  I cried on the way home and decided that I will pursue the referral for Physical Therapy.  I am not sure that I want to go through the school district just yet (which I am sure sounds weird, since that is my own job).  I can't explain exactly why, except that we have good insurance and that I am hoping this is a short lived need.  Sometimes, I wish that I could be a parent that does not know what I know.  Ignorance would be bliss at times.  For now, I am just sad.  As I look at my perfect, beautiful, baby girl...I hate to think that she has this need.  However, I know that if we can catch it early, she will do wonderfully!  I just have to breathe and have faith.