Thursday, December 26, 2013

9 Months

Dearest Kinley,

**very late and without pictures.  I will add them later.  I am out of storage on my computer and we had quite the external hard drive debacle, so when that is resolved I can get pictures off of the camera and onto here.  But, I figured, since you are about a week away from your 10 month post, I should just publish this anyway...ugh.

You are now 9 months, and I am late in writing this again.  We had your well child appointment last week.  Afterward, I had mixed emotions.  You had only gained 1 oz in 3 months.  You are 14 lbs, 2 oz.  Basically, a tiny little girl.  If we are being realistic, an ounce is barely anything, so essentially, you have not gained weight.  This is heartbreaking to hear as a mom.  It is my primary job to keep you fed and healthy.  As for what you are eating, I don't feel that it is less than other children your age.  You still nurse 6-8 times a day (depending on how many times you wake during the night-more on that later) on the weekends and days I am home with you, and on daycare days you nurse at least 4 times and have two bottles at daycare.  You are also eating solids, though since your appointment we are fattening up what you are eating.  Breakfast is now toast with peanut butter, butter, or cream cheese along with a fruit.  Lunch is some version of what we are eating-with butter, oil, or cream cheese added.  Dinner is similar to lunch.  I am trying to give you what we are eating, so last night when we were eating steak burritos, you ate steak, cheese, and veggies.  We used to give you water with your meals in a cup, but now we are giving you breastmilk in your cup.  You are doing a great job feeding yourself with your fingers and are often using a pincer grasp.  You make most of it to your mouth, other than the pieces you throw to the ground.  You love meals now, and when you see food you either get very excited or angry that it is not right in front of you.

The other thing from your appointment that was disappointing to hear is that your hips are "loose".  I am an early intervention teacher, but not a physical therapist, so I don't have a very good grasp on what this means.  You still do not like to bear weight, though you have been doing it more.  We give you a lot of time on the floor, and since your appointment we have stopped using the exersaucer.  When you do stand you don't seem very sturdy and often lean forward.  This has been something I have been concerned about for a while, but now that you are 9 months, I worry a bit more.  It might just mean that you will walk a little later, so I just keep telling myself it will be fine; you will be fine.  It's just hard not to worry.  As for other motor milestones, you still sit well, and have been catching yourself when you are about to fall.  You roll all over the place, and you are fast!  This past week you started to do some army crawling forward, not far, but you are figuring out how to move forward, so that is all that matters to me!  You have been starting to use a pincer grasp and have also started to clap.

This month also marked your very first Christmas and also your very first time with a stomach bug.  We all got sick, so Christmas was not the joyful day I had hoped it would be.  I made it to Christmas Eve before the sickness hit me, but unfortunately that kind of derailed all the plans I had for your first major holiday.  Despite all of the sickness, I was most thankful that you were finally feeling better on the day and that your dad and I were sick on different days so we could trade off parenting duties.  As for Christmas, you got a lot of fun gifts!  I am glad that you now have some different and more age appropriate toys to play with!

You are such a joy and we could not love you more.  Each day you delight us with you joyful personality and spunk!

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