Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 weeks?

So, due to a very irregular period...I just don't know my due date for sure.  I went to the doctor last week to confirm the pregnancy and to meet a new midwife at a new clinic.  I am excited that this will be a completely different experience for me, and I am hoping a very positive one.  A new hospital, not knowing the sex, and a new little human.  I am debating doing bump photos, mainly because my last bump isn't totally gone.  This is good and bad.  Good because I think it will take people longer to notice, and bad because my body is not where I would like it to be before pregnancy changes everything again!  I have an appointment in three weeks where I will have an ultrasound (never had an early one before) just to be sure of the due date.  I am not totally sure that I want to do this, and I think it is up to me.  It will be a longer appointment, gathering past pregnancy information and overall health  background information.  I am debating on whether or not to tell people before this appointment (work especially) since it is not normal for me to have two appointments within a month of each other.  It makes me think they may catch on.  We might tell people around Thanksgiving, which is sooner than we though, however, it would be the longest we have waited to tell family.  I am starting today to feel a little nauseous, so that stinks.  I have to make sure that I eat enough to support the growing baby, make milk, and of course keep myself healthy.  Feeling sick does not help me eat crossing my fingers!  As for the rest of the family, Caleb is home sick today, and so Kinley and myself are here with him.  He had a very high fever yesterday so he has to be home today (and of course he is feeling just fine now).  So, I am enjoying a day with my babies!

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