Sunday, October 20, 2013

My first baby.

Oh, Zoey.  You were my first.  The first one I fed.  The first one I cared for.  The first one I rushed to the doctor when ill.  You were the first that taught me to think of others before myself.  Now, you have been demoted to one of the last that I think of, and for that I feel terribly.  It seems that the littles have taken over our house, and somehow you have taken it all in stride.

The year was 2002.  I had just graduated college.  I had just gotten an apartment where I would be living alone.  I knew that it was time to get a pet.  I went to the shelter, and I met you.  You were clingy from the start.  I hugged and held you for a while, then decided I would go home and think about it.  As I put you back in the cage, you stood up on your hind feet (all 1 pounds of you), grabbed the bars with your little paws, and mewed very loudly.  You broke my heart and I immediately asked the shelter workers to hold you for me so I could go get kitty related things in order to bring you home.  I even picked up a copy of "Cats for Dummies".  I got back that afternoon to pick you up, and the rest is history.  You went everywhere with me, even to the drive thru.  I did not name you for a week, and finally my friend Kim suggested Zoey, the name of her fish that died.  It seemed just spunky enough for you.  You taught me a lot in that year...mostly how to care for another.  I had the emergency vet on speed dial as well as animal poison control.  You pumped soap in your mouth, you got locked in the fridge, you got your tail stuck in the were trouble.  From the moment I had you, you were a piggy.  You are still a cat that has to have your food measured and you have to eat twice a day.  You were a tiny fireball.  I have always loved that about you.  You are outgoing, definitely not a wallflower.  You aren't a lap cat, you prefer to lay on a chest.  You are a lover, and a bit of a fighter too; always have been. 

You have taken all the changes in your life in stride, and I am thankful for that.  We have moved, gotten another cat, gotten a dog, gained a husband, and had two kids.  Yet, you still are you, through all of this.  You somehow are very kind to the kids, and rarely nibble them.  The only time you do is when your whiskers or tail are pulled.  Caleb already knows your triggers; never petting you when you are lying on your back-since you will bite then.  You have dealt with all they dish out well.  You are tolerant, and I think you actually enjoy the attention they give you.  I do love you, and know that you will probably be around to see many more changes in our lives-since you are healthy as a horse and are most likely going to be around for 20 more years. 

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