Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Fun!

So this time of year is bittersweet for me.  This year especially.  There are things I love:  the crisp breeze, boot weather, scarves, open windows, apples, falling leaves, hot cider, and things slowing down.  However, I don't like the impending winter-especially this year following our not-so-great summer.  I had hoped to go swimming more, go on more walks, play in the sprinklers more, go on a picnic...well, the list goes on.  But, regardless of what did not happen I am determined to make the best of this Fall, and I will hope that it lasts a LONG time, since I am truly dreading winter.  This last weekend we did one of my favorite things...a trip to the apple orchard.  This year we did more than just pick apples, since Caleb is older we decided to do some of the "paid" activities.  I have been putting this off, since it is a slippery slope.  You can never go back to not doing those things once you have done them once.  Plus Caleb's memory is so good that he would not forget that we had done it.  We did the corn maze (with a stroller-will NOT do that again), he rode on the cow train, had a pony ride, got his face painted, and played in the corn).  It was a fun adventure and we had a great time!  Next up is the pumpkin patch...these are the fall activities I love, things I never did as a kid that I hope will form happy and fun memories for my kids!  Today, I hope to take those apples and make some things out of them...applesauce, muffins, crumble...Yay for fall foods!

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