Sunday, October 13, 2013

7 Months

Sweet Kinley,

This post is late again, but definitely worth writing!  You are such a joy in our lives and bring us smiles even when you are mad!  You are a peanut, weighing in at a whopping 14 pounds 2 ounces.  Currently, you wear 6 month clothes, but there is definitely room to move.  You would probably still be wearing 3 month clothes if it wasn't for your cloth diaper booty.  You are now officially a sitter, and can sit for at least 10 minutes.  You usually catch yourself if you start to fall, but sometimes still fall over.  You got a little bruise on your forehead from falling over at daycare.  I am guessing it would never had showed up if you did not have such fair skin.  You still don't like to stand up, though, I do put you in your exersaucer for a few minutes before bedtime because it distracts you well.  You will stand up in there for a little bit, but not long.  You can bear weight through your legs, you just choose not to.  You still love to eat your toes and love chewing on everything.  You always roll very quickly to your brother's toys, usually the small unsafe ones of course.  You have started to babble more, and love to say "dadada" of course.  We are working very hard on "mamma"!  You also are beginning to imitate a lot more and have been shaking your head "no".  You will do it when we say "no", and also often in response to a question.  I know you don't have a grasp on what that means yet, but we are totally amused by your new skill.

Well, let's talk about sleep.  I think we have hit a groove, but it has definitely changed from last month.  You seem to have settled on a bedtime of 6:30.  At about 6:15 you start crying, sometimes screaming, and spitting.  You have been going down very well while nursing, and we just started using your sleep sack.  I think this helps you sleep because you are warmer now that the nights are a little cooler.  You have been consistently waking up around 12:30 am, and then again at 5:45 am.  This hasn't been too bad.  I can handle one wake up.  I feel like you could make it all night...but, that is just not in the cards for us right now.  I will take this good stretch of sleep.  Your naps are going well, about the same.  At home you are definitely ready to sleep by 8:30 am, and again by 12:30 pm.  At daycare you nap around 10:00 am and again at 1:00 pm.  I am guessing all the kids are a good distraction for you, because at home the spitting and screaming happens and there is no way I could get you to wait until 10:00.  Either way, it works.  I still think the white noise is helping you, so we will continue that.  No big deal to me, your brother still uses lullaby music.

If I had to describe your personality, I think I can sum it up with one word...rollercoaster.  However, according to my spell check that is really supposed to be two words.  You are mostly even keeled and calm and happy, but at times you are on opposite sides of that.  When you are mad, you are not subtle about it.  When you are happy, you light up a whole room.  Your giggle melts my heart!  You are always happy when you wake up, and you often giggle and kick your feet when we come in to get you.  I love waking up to you in the are the BEST alarm clock.  You have also started to reach up for me when I am getting you out of your crib.

You have outgrown (not really the weight limit) much of your baby stuff, and we have put most of it away in lieu of bigger and better things.  No more swing, bumbo, boppy, and I should also probably put away your bouncer.  It is crazy to see you grow so quickly!  You are also more interested in books now, and will sit and look at them for a few minutes with me.  You also love your brother.  I think I love this the most.  I love watching your love for each other grow and I could watch you play with each other forever!  You often reach out toward him and touch him when he is near, and he often smooches you on the head for no reason other than that he loves you.  I always expected the worst...jealousy, frustration...however, so far (knock on wood) that really hasn't happened.

This past month you were sick for the first real time, other than a cold.  You had a very high fever and of course it was right before your aunt's wedding.  You, your brother, and I did not make it to the rehearsal dinner in hopes that you would be well enough for the wedding.  You were not 100 percent the next day, but we still made it.  It was quite the event (the wedding was beautiful, but we were all a mess).  We ended up leaving by 6:30 pm, because after losing keys, knocking over cakes, and being sick...we were just ready to go.  Your dad and I decided that it was more important to get you to sleep at a good time than to stay longer.  So goes the life of a parent.  I will never feel badly for choosing what you or your brother need over what I want.  You also had your six month appointment, shots and all.  You were a rockstar!  We went to the apple orchard and also had your six month photos/family photos.

As for food...well, we are doing one meal a day, usually dinner.  You have not liked most things we have tried so far.  You just started opening your mouth for sweet potatoes, so I guess that is progress.  I am not really pushing it though, so it is probably partially my fault you don't really care.

Baby girl, I love you so much and I thank you for teaching me new things every day.  I never knew how much I would love having a daughter...and how much I was missing before you came along!



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