Saturday, September 28, 2013

The ever changing home...

We have lived in our house for four years now, and I feel that it is constantly evolving and changing.  Many things still to do, some in process and some are just dreams.  When we bought our house we did not have children yet, and therefore did not see some of the potential "issues" that might arise.  One major issue (that is not structural) is that we had furniture purchased before that "fit", but was not ideal for the space.  We also do not have unlimited funds, so changing that has not ever been very important. It worked, it was functional, it was not necessary.  Well, fast forward to this year with one extra human in our house.  Things just don't work with our previous furniture.  Plus we have some obstacles.  Our family room is wonderful, we have lots of space for toys and also for adult areas.  We have things we want to add later as the kids get bigger, but for now it works for our family.  The upstairs is just not working.  On that level we have our (tiny) kitchen, eat in dining room, and living room (along with two bedrooms and a bathroom).  Our table is too big for the space, but I love it-so thinking of getting rid of it has been hard.  Our living room is small as well, and we just have too much in the space.  We had a television stand, a toy shelf, a couch, a loveseat, a coffee table, and two end tables.  When Caleb wants to play in the space, he ends up between the couch and dining table, which is the only walk way between the living area and the bathroom and bedrooms.  It is a major tripping hazard!  Also, our railing is not safe for the kids (the spindles are too far apart) and since we cannot afford to replace that, we need another solution.  Right now our love seat is against it, with two end tables flanking both sides.  This works, but I think I have come up with a better solution.  Additionally, now that Kinley is rolling everywhere and will soon be crawling, we need more floor space.  Currently, when I am cooking dinner and put her on the floor to play, I have to move her every few minutes because she has a space about 3 X 3 to roll and ends up rolling into the television stand, toy shelf, or coffee table and gets stuck.  Also, it is just not safe for her as I am constantly fearing she is going to bang her head.  So, what we have done so far to help is to put the television on the wall, so we can get rid of the T.V. stand.

Last weekend I was looking around and started to think about what would be functional and fit in this space better.  Clearly, our current furniture situation is just NOT working.  So here is my plan:

  1. Get rid of the couch, love seat, dining table, end tables, T.V. stand and coffee table.  I think taking everything out and starting fresh is the way to go (so the only thing that will stay is the toy shelf.  
  2. Bring in a couch with a chaise for the only seating in the living room and position it against the railing to keep that area off limits.  Ideally a sleeper, since we do not have a guest room.   
  3. Bring in a small round end table if it will fit.
  4. Get a storage ottoman that can be pushed against the wall under the window for extra floor space, but can also be brought to the middle of the floor if needed.
  5. Get a smaller, round dining table that has a leaf, so it can be expanded if we have company, but will be small for our day to day purposes.  
Eventually, when the kids are older, we can add some nice chairs if we need more seating, but for now I think less is more.  Except when deciding to purchase, because these things are just not free.  Our budget is basically non existent and I am hoping that we make enough off of our current furniture to fund most of what we need.  

So there is our plan.  I am hoping to get it all done within the next month or so...I know it will make life so much easier.  However, it is hard to do things these days that aren't totally necessary, even if it will be so much better.

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