Saturday, August 3, 2013

A day in the life...summer edition

Once again, Navigating the Mothership has asked her readers to do a quarterly "day in the life" post.  I love the idea of documenting a day in my crazy life, because as I look back at past "days" it is amazing how much I forget.  We remember big things, vacations, special holidays, silly memories that stick out...however, the day to life stuff is easily cast aside.  So, here our day:

Friday August 2nd:

Kinley-5 months
Caleb-3 years 2 months

6:40 am--Wake up to Kinley making noise.  Eric goes to change her diaper, and I get up, pump, nurse her, do dishes, make coffee (use the last of my creamer and sugar..ugh), eat a bagel and some fruit.  Then I check the internets.

Eric keeps Kinley happy whilst I do all of the aforementioned activities.

7:38-I go check on Caleb to see if he is awake.  He is quietly laying in his bed.  Awake.  He never gets out of his bed before we come get him.  We have never told him this is an option, so this is always where we find him.  He comes upstairs to have a bagel and some fruit, after he goes to the bathroom and washes his hands.  This is our newest accomplishment.  POTTY TRAINED!  That deserves all caps.  It is the best thing!  As Caleb eats his bagel he tells me, "cream cheese is tasty!".  Yes, yes it is.

Eric is working from home now, so his makeshift office is wherever we are not.  Today it will be upstairs, so the kids and I meander downstairs.

Right after we get downstairs, Kinley starts to fuss.  She is already ready for her morning nap.  She naps within an hour and half after waking.  The cable guy is here to fix our dish, so I try to hold her off until he leaves in case he is loud and wakes her.  Caleb and I play a quick game of Uno Moo.

Now she really needs to nap, so I put on a show, "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", and go upstairs to nurse her. 

8:30 am-Kinley is asleep.  Caleb finishes his show then colors.  As he is writing in his book I realize that he is better at tracing letters than I thought.  He still uses a fisted grasp, so we will keep working on that.  I also stuff diapers.  I get him dressed as well.

He has been so creative lately, and has really developed his pretend play skills.  I never know what he will come up with.  Today, he is pretending he is in a cave.  He tells me, "This is my cave.  I gotta get in my cave first.  I can't talk to you".  He gathers a lot of things to bring in his cave.  He also has been hinting at things lately, like saying, "I wish I had_____." with a sad face.  Today, he says, "I just have one dinosaur, I don't have a lot."  This is of course said very sadly.  Poor unfortunate kid.  He has also been playing alone a lot better now.  Sometimes, when I have time to play, it makes me sad that he does not want me to interfere.  However, at times, this is a great skill.

10:30 am-Kinley wakes up and I change her diaper, then bring her downstairs to nurse her.  Eric comes down for a minute so we can work out his schedule together.  We also look at the office/laundry room and make a plan for organizing and make a list of things we need to get so that he has a decent place to work in.

Playing while I am trying to feed her...silly!

We also begin to think about what we want to do this weekend.  This is why we don't end up doing much with friends...because we are WAY too last minute.  We need to be better planners, so that we have a more rich social life.  The cat spills my water, for the third time this week...super frustrating!

Caleb walks out of the bathroom with a wet washcloth.  I ask him where he got it, and how it got wet.  He finally tells me that it was the sink.  I was thinking it was the toilet, so this is a win.

Kinley has been rolling SO much lately, but never does it when I try to record it.  I want to get it on of these days I will be successful.  Not today.

We go upstairs and start to get ready for lunch.  As we are eating, Caleb starts to sing "If You are Happy and You Know It".  He likes to make up his own words and begins to do so.  He starts with, give a whistle, say woo too, etc.  Then he says, "boob".  Huh?  I asked what he meant, and he responds, "eat the boob."  Kind of matter of factly.  I asked what that is like and he turns his head to the side and opens and closes his mouth.  Clearly, he has seen me feed Kinley a lot of times, and is now demonstrating how to nurse.  Oh, boy.

He loves crossing his eyes.  Especially when I am being serious with him.

I get dressed, and I get Kinley dressed.  I should mention that if it were appropriate to do so, I would stay in my pajamas everyday all day long.  

After lunch we head outside.  We scored an AWESOME deal on a swing set on craigslist, so we play outside on it often!

counting grapes

12:20 pm-we go inside and get ready for nap.

12:40 pm-This is a magical day.  Both kids are now napping, and I feel like super mom.  I decide to...hmmm...sit.  Yup.  Sit.  Oh, and to make it even better, I eat a Hershey bar.  Right before the kids wake up my mom calls to face time, so we chat for a minute as well.

1:20 pm-Kinley starts to make noise, but since she is not crying, I decide to ignore it.  She actually falls back asleep.  

2:30 pm-Both kids wake up at the same time.  We go outside to have a snack.  While out there, I water plants (nearly dead), play, and try to enjoy the weather.

Caleb's bears are sleeping.  The stick is their lamp, the rocks are their blankets.

peeing on a tree

Eric and I decide to run an errand to Target (aka the store) to get some of the things he needs for his "office".  After we head out the door, I have a lapse on whether or not we closed the garage door, so we turn around to check.  As we are doing this I start to think maybe we should just go later, since it is later than I would like and I did not feed Kinley.  As we start to head back home Caleb says, "Don't go this way, we have to go to the store!".  So, we decide to go.  Apparently, our three year old makes decisions for us.  Oh, and the garage door was closed.  We get to the store and I nurse Kinley in the parking lot.  While in Target, he and I are picking out notebooks for Eric.  He keeps saying how nice they are and makes a woman in the aisle laugh.  He says, "mom, I need that beautiful flower one.  These are really nice."  Silly boy.

As we are heading home, Caleb has something in his shoe.  He says, "stop the car!"  Apparently, he cannot take his shoes off when the car is moving.  

5:30 pm-We are home and I heat up the oven for our fancy dinner of hotdogs and sweet potato fries.  I got some "sushi" at Target, so we all snack on that while dinner cooks.  I also got a drawer organizer at the store, so I clean out our junk drawer, and feel awesome!  I love organizing.  I wish the rest of my house looked like that drawer.  While dinner is cooking, Caleb wants to read the books we got.  These "books" are a planner and a blank notebook.

6:10 pm-We eat dinner.  Way later than usual.  After dinner, Caleb asks to run through the sprinkler.  We let him, even though it is kind of chilly.  Also, our neighbor got a new car, so we go check it out.  

6:45 pm-Kinley is DONE.  She is now screaming and wants to go to bed.  So we head back to our yard and I get her ready.  Eric gets Caleb ready.  I nurse her and she is out.  I go downstairs to give Caleb a smooch and a drink of water.

Eric has more work to do, so I hang out for a bit until he is done at 8:55 pm.  

9:25 pm-Head to bed.  I hear Kinley make some noise, but she falls back asleep.

4:30 am-Kinley wakes up...weird, because she never wakes up in the middle of the night.  I feed her and she falls asleep.  I get to go back to sleep for three more hours.  


  1. How nice that Caleb stays in bed quietly! My daughter would stay in bed, but then started crying every morning until we came to get her so we've now given her the direction to just come into our room. It's great because she no longer cries out, but she'll also crawl into bed and cuddle for another 10 minutes or so.

    1. He sometimes cries out, and I am sure at some point it will be nice for him to get out of bed without having to go down to get him :) I do miss that cuddle time though!