Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5 Months

Dearest Kinley,

You are now 5 months old.  I have worked 17 days since you have been born.  I feel extremely lucky, and we are extremely broke.  However, I knew I would never be disappointed if I spent more time with you and your brother, so I decided to do just that.  Now, I now get to spend almost this entire month with you, since I won't go back until the end of the month.  I couldn't be happier about this.  I love the balance working gives me, but I also cherish the time I get to just be at home.

These pictures are getting much harder!

Big girl!


So, you are growing up more each day, and I am always in amazement of how big you are getting.  When people see you, the typical first comment is just how big your eyes are.  You always look so alert and in awe.

This summer has been kind of weird, so we have not been doing as many "summery" things as I would have liked.  However, we are taking advantage of every nice day we can.  We have been going on lots of walks, playing outside, swimming, and just spending time outdoors.  I turned 34 this month...crazy to be in a new bracket.  As far as planned activities this month, we had many fewer.  The main highlights were a BBQ at our house, a get together at a friends' house (with 9 children!), a visit from your Grandma Helen (your daddy's mom), a swimming/park trip with friends, a trip to Minnehaha Falls (and our first time at Sea Salt), a trip to the zoo, and 4th of July celebrations at home.  During our trip to Minnehaha Falls, we were told by an older woman that she was going to steal you.  We have gotten that comment many times.  At least they warn us.

4th of July!

Nothing cuter than a baby in sunglasses!

Sleeping at the zoo.

Minnehaha Falls

Playing in the yard...toes!

Practicing sitting in the front yard.

You continue to go back and forth with sleeping.  You are ALWAYS a great sleeper, once you get there, but the road is not always as easy as I would like.  I digress.  As far as milestones, you are now making many more sounds, including complaining instead of crying at times.  It is kind of adorable.

When I talk about sleep with anyone, they ask if you are teething.  No.  No teeth in sight yet.  You can roll now, but prefer to be on your tummy.  You are pushing yourself up on your hands now and like looking around like this.  You are also working very hard on learning to sit.  You are able to sit for a few seconds on your own now and I am sure that in the next few weeks you will be a full time sitter.

We have not started foods yet, so you only nurse.  You continue to nurse well, however, you have been more distracted lately.  We have not gotten to the point where you will not nurse when distracted, but I can definitely tell you are curious about what is going on around you.  You also like to grab onto something when nursing.  You will hold a finger, pat my breast, or hold my shirt.  It is very sweet.

You are also into faces now, and will reach for our faces.  You seem to especially like to touch your brother's face, and he thinks it is the best!  Speaking of your brother, you love him.  You watch him and smile at him all the time.  You love it most when he talks to you.  He uses a high pitched voice and says, "what else?"  You always gaze at him when he does this.  You are also starting to respond to your name.  I love it.  It is amazing just how fast you are growing up.

So, baby girl, that about sums up your five month self.  You are such a joy in my life and you definitely keep me on my toes.  I love how you fit into our family like a favorite pair of jeans.  Being your mom is such a delight, and I love every moment, even the tough ones.

One more thing to note...not a fun experience, but this month also included your first trip to the ER.  Luckily nothing was wrong.  On the day of our BBQ at our house you were sitting in your high chair.  Your brother was talking to you and somehow pulled the chair over.  I was a few feet away and saw everything happening, yet felt frozen.  You tumbled out and bumped your head on the wall.  Your brother felt so bad and just wanted to smooch you, hug you, and apologize.  We felt like you were most likely fine, but it seemed that a trip to the ER would be a good idea-just in case.  Daddy stayed home to continue to get the house ready, and I took you in.  You were such a trooper.  Basically, a few bumps and nothing else.  I was so glad you were not hurt more and that we could still make it home in time to have the party.  It was an eventful day to say the least!



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