Saturday, August 3, 2013

3 years + 2 months

So what do I love about this age?  I love how funny you are.  You don't often know how funny you are, but you make me laugh out loud, A LOT.  You are creative.  You are an imitator.  You show me a joy for life and learning.  You are an emotional mess.  You go from crying to laughing at the drop of a hat.  You understand more, and I feel that I can explain things to you.  You have started to ask, "why?"  You are independent.  You still love to cuddle.  You have a fantastic memory.  You love your sister.  You are brave.  You are adventurous.  You are sweet.  You are generous.  You are loving.  You are smart.  You are challenging.  You make me better.  You are just....WONDERFUL.

So here are some funny little snippets of your three year old brain:

  • "you say nipple, I say ouch"
  • While I am feeding kinley in her bedroom I hear him talking to the babysitter.  Scene:  he has earbuds stuck into a sand sifter, with some large plastic bugs nearby.  "I'm pumping some milk to feed my bugs."
  • While I am feeding Kinley, "I think she is very attacking you!"
  • "Pee and poop make you happy?"
  • "There's a present in the toilet, let's get it!"
  • After nap I walk into his room to find him standing up, saying that he peed in his bed.  I see a wet spot, but think maybe it was from sweat.  *he is wearing a pull-up* I take him into the bathroom and see that his pull-up is dry.  Hmmm...  it is then that all the pieces come together.  I told him that we don't pee in pull-ups or diapers.  I should have been more specific.  I realize very quickly, that he did not want to pee in his pull-up, so he pulled his pants down and peed in his bed.  I had to amend my previous instruction by telling him that we only pee in toilets.  Not on the floor or in the bed.  Toes.  He keeps me on my toes.
  • He goes to the bathroom, then comes out and tells me, "Mom, it's your turn.  Go in and say 'eeew' to my pee."
  • He has started to cross his eyes all the time.  Super funny.
  • Always telling me to look at and talk to his sister...always.
I need to write more down.  I know I will forget all the funny things you say.  I love you bubbalicious!



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