Saturday, July 20, 2013

Four Months

**This is late...ugh.  Better late than never?

Dearest Kinley,

How is it that you are four months already?  I feel like I say this each month, but time is flying by.  Last month I had to return to work for one week full time.  I was sad to leave you, but you did well as I expected.  You were able to stay with daddy for three days and went to daycare for two days.  I think that made it easier.  I am working part time this summer, so in your third month I worked 9 days.  I will work 7 days in July, and only as needed in August.  I feel so lucky to be able to be home with you and your brother a lot this summer.  We have definitely been taking full advantage of our time together.  Over the last month we have gone to the park with my close friends and their kiddos, three mamas and six kiddos from 7 years to 3 months.  It was so much fun!  We had a sushi date with another friend on the same day that you had some shots.  Poor baby, but you were a trooper.  We had my cousin and his girl friend over for dinner.  Quite the adventure for them I am is funny to see the reactions that people who do not have or work with children, have when "normal" things happen.  I think after our dinner they will remain child-less.  We went to a carnival/parade with our friends and their two kids and a graduation party at our neighbors house (same day).  Your aunt Heather and her fiancé Jim came over for dinner, and we had a huge but fast storm that night.  I thought we were going to lose electricity, but we didn't... more on that later.   We headed up north to a grad party, and we had another play date at the park.  It was busy, but fun.  We are taking advantage of every nice day we have this summer, since it took it's sweet time in arriving!

So, what have you been up to, darling?  Well, you are now rolling much more, mostly from your back to your belly.  You are also grabbing and bringing toys to your mouth.  You are "talking" much more, and I have been enjoying our conversations!  You are starting to be more leery of new people, and seem to really prefer your daddy and mostly mommy.  Your brother is also very interesting to you now, and you will grab his face and smile at him.  You no longer use the head support in your carseat (I probably kept it in there way too long) or in the ergo.  You are able to prop yourself up on your forearms during tummy time, and you have figured out how to pivot your body when you are on your back.  When I get you from nap, you are often in a very different position than how I put you down.  You are also so smiley now, and have been laughing more.  I love this!

Sleep?  Well, let me start by saying that we have NOTHING to complain about, however, your sleep patterns have changed a bit lately, and I am not sure what is going on.  You have always been a good sleeper, and have been consistently sleeping through the night for a few weeks now (7:30 pm until 7:30 am) usually.  Seriously, AMAZING.  However, in the past week or so, you have not been wanting to go to sleep at night.  I can tell you are exhausted.  Still no sleep.  I nurse you, lay you down, you scream.  Repeat.  Lately, for about 2 hours.  So, I have given up on trying to lay you down before you are completely exhausted.  That works...sometimes.  We have tried to limit your naps during the day to make sure you are napping no longer than 3 hours total during the day.  That worked....temporarily.  Now, I do not lay you down until you are seriously tired, but, it seems that the only way you want to fall asleep is laying next to me.  I will nurse you and you fall asleep, then when I know you are completely out, we put you in your bed.  This is not a good long term plan.  This does not work well for me.  I like to have a little bit of time to myself before going to bed (watch a little tv, do a little laundry).  I need to come up with a plan.  The good news?  Once you are sleeping, you sleep through the night.  Weirdly, you are still waking up at the same time.  I can't figure it out.  I feel like you need more sleep than you are getting.  So, back to the drawing board.  Plus, right now, you have your first cold.  So I feel terrible waking you when you are napping, because I feel like you need to sleep it off.

It is funny how when you are knee deep in a situation, it is hard to see that it will ever be different.  When you are tired, cranky, and not sleeping I feel like I am tired, cranky, and will never sleep.  I have to remind myself, that this is a phase.  You will not be 15 years old, nursing to fall asleep in my bed.  This is a season that will pass.  I just wish I had the answer of how to fix it, and could implement that perfect system, STAT.

You are such a great baby, and I feel so lucky to be your mom every day!


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