Sunday, June 9, 2013

Three Months...

Dear Kinley,

Your second month has been so much fun!  You are so interactive now, and I will often look down and see you smiling up at me.  You are so close to laughing out loud.  You smile with sound these days...almost a laugh.  You are cooing so much more, and recently have started looking at me and saying, "ah-goo".  You love to be talked to, and when you are upset sometimes that is all you need.  Speaking of being upset, you rarely are.  In the morning we usually awake to you rustling around or talking to yourself, rather than crying.  You are starting to more easily fall asleep on your own if you are tired.  As much as I have tried to get you to be interested in a pacifier, you are not.  You often scream if we try to give it to you.  You have started to find your hands, and enjoy sucking on your fingers and fist very loudly.

You sleep wonderfully at night, from about 7:30 pm until 4:45 am.  Sometimes you go all the way until the morning.  If you wake up to eat, you fall asleep again until about 8:45 am.  We are incredibly lucky to have had two children who are great sleepers (*knocking on wood).  This makes going back to work a little bit easier...just a little.  At least I know I will not be overly exhausted and sad as well.  One thing you do not like to do is nap during the day.  Well, without being held that is.  You love to snuggle/nap.  This may not go over well at daycare, but you will figure it out.  You have also proved to be pretty easygoing with napping while we are out and about.  You will often nap in the Ergo while your brother is doing other things (park, birthday parties, playing at home, outside in the yard).  I sometimes feel bad that you don't get a dedicated nap time, but you seem to be doing well.

You have rolled over from your tummy to your back twice, though I think you were just pissed and rolled since you have not done it again.  Tummy time has not been as much of a torturous experience as it was last month.  You are content for 10-15 minutes looking around.  Your neck is so strong and you are able to lift your head up off of the ground and look around, turning your head from side to side.  You also rarely lose control of your head while being held at a shoulder or in sitting.  Speaking of sitting, your brother was a late sitter, waiting until almost the end of his 9th month to do this.  It seems to me that you will do this much sooner.  You love to be in a sitting position and keep your back very straight while doing it.  You are in 3 month clothes, and those seem to fit you well.  We will find out in a couple weeks what you weigh, but I suspect you are close to 13 pounds.

You have been enjoying your bouncer more and actually fell asleep in it today.  Your favorite contraption is the swing, and often nap in it at least once daily.  Your brother did not like it at all, so at least we are getting our money's worth out of it now.  You have started to bat at toys when you are laying on your play mat.  Your favorite toy is a fabric pig.  You love to chew on him.  You will hold toys if I put them in your hand, and you have also been very grabby.  You grab everything in sight (that is not a toy) like hair, clothes, pets, whatever you can find.  Caleb does not like it when I put my hair in a pony tail, but it is totally necessary when I am holding you!

You continue to be solely breastfed, and I plan to continue to nurse while I am working.  Pumping will be interesting, since there are 6 of us that will need to have a place to pump.  I may end up in my car.  No biggie.  I have A LOT of milk stored up, so hopefully we will not have to supplement with formula at all.  I am a bit nervous about how you will take bottles.  You will drink out of them, but prefer the boob.  Your daddy tried to give you a bottle yesterday and today, but you were not interested at all.  We will see how tomorrow goes.

Tomorrow, I return to work and I am very sad that I will not be with you all of the time.  I have been enjoying our time together so much and I will miss being home a lot.  I keep telling myself that it will be okay, you will be okay, we will all be okay.  I will go back full time for one week, then it will be part time until the end of August.  So really, I will be home more than when your brother was a baby.  For my first two days back you will stay home with your brother and daddy, then will go to daycare two days.  I am glad you have such a loving big brother to keep an eye on you.  Daddy has only taken care of you both for a couple hours, so a whole day will be VERY interesting to hear about.  I am sure he will do a wonderful job!  


Love Mommy!

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