Monday, May 6, 2013

Two months.

My dear Kinley,

Has it seriously been two months?  It is incredible how much you have grown in such a short amount of time!  I am not sure how much you weigh, but, if your roly poly limbs and belly are any indication, I would guess you are at least 12 pounds.  We will find out if my guess is accurate very soon.  You are also getting so much stronger.  You are able to hold your head pretty steady and don't need a lot of support in that department much anymore.  You are starting to bear some weight on your legs and have been trying to move forward over your boppy pillow during tummy time.  Oh, tummy time.  You are not a fan, but will oblige me for a few minutes at a time a few times a day.  You do like to be held on my chest, so we get our tummy time in a lot that way.  You are nosey.  You like to see what is going on and are very attentive.  You are bright eyed and alert when you are awake, and you are awake much more often now.  It seems that you are starting to figure out your schedule, with longer awake times and more concentrated sleep during the day.  You and your brother are similar in how you like your routines, and do best when we adhere to them.  Before children, your dad and I were much more spontaneous, those days are long gone now.  We have learned to follow your routines, and understand that when we try to change them we will be dealing with unhappy children.  Knowing is half the battle.  You have done pretty well sleeping in various places when we are out and about and you are getting better at nursing on the go.  At night you are an excellent sleeper.  You sleep in about 6 hour intervals when we first lay you down, and after a change and nursing you usually sleep another 4-6 hours.  You still sleep in our bedroom, and I am not sure when that will change.  I am guessing before I go back to work I will consider moving you to your crib.

Over the last month we have stayed pretty busy.  We have gone out to eat, shopped, went to two baby showers, had a visit to the children's museum and the zoo, visited with your great aunt (dad's side), met your grandma (dad's mom), had a playdate, went with me to get a hair cut, spent time outside, went on a few walks, and had your first length of time with just your dad and brother when I went to dinner with a friend.  It is nice to get out, and you do well with all of these outings.  You are generally laid back and are happy as long as you have a clean diaper, a full belly, and plenty of love from mom and dad.

Spending time with Grandma

You have started drooling a lot more these days, and I wonder if teething is already beginning.  Oh boy.  Your hair has also started falling out a bit, and I can't tell what color your hair is going to settle on.  My suspicion is that you will have darker hair than your brother but we shall see.  My favorite new skill you have been showing is your gorgeous smile.  Your smile melts my heart, and you are not stingy with it.  You smile all the time now.  You have also started cooing, which is so much fun.  I love talking to you.  You engage in amazing eye contact, and it seems that you really recognize me these days.  You are able to track people when they walk by.  If you are upset, sometimes just talking to you will calm you, unless something is wrong like a dirty diaper or you are hungry.  As for hunger, that is one part of your day that I have not found a real routine.  That is the thing about breastfeeding I guess.  If all else fails, I try to feed you, and that usually works.  The problem is that there does not seem to be any real concrete time frame for feeding you.  During the day you eat often, anywhere from 1-3 hours apart.  I am sure this will all change when you go to daycare.  We have been practicing with bottles, and you do well with them.  We also are offering pacifiers to you in hopes that you do not begin to suck your thumb like your brother.  You are not able to keep it in your mouth well yet, often spitting it out.  You have started to bring your hands to your mouth and will suck on them.  You also are moving your arms in a more intentional way now, occasionally batting at toys or grabbing my hair.

You are truly a joy, and bring such happiness to our home.  Everyone that sees you smiles...and we all love you so much!

Love, Mom  

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