Sunday, May 26, 2013

Three Years...

Dear Caleb,

You are now three years old.  The past few years have been a blur, going so quickly I can hardly believe it.  You are now, you.  You have your own thoughts, your own ideas, and you are now definitely your own person.  It has been so fun to see how much you have grown up lately.  It also makes me a bit sad because my little baby is no longer so little.  I just want you to know that no longer how big you get you will always be my first baby.  The moment your sister was born I realized you were a big boy.  You felt heavier, you looked older, because our life changed, my views of you changed too.  I know you are more capable, more independent, and more amazing each day.

You are so smart, and have such a passion for learning.  You ask me questions about things and have a general curiosity about the world around you.  You know all of your letters (upper and lowercase), and are very interested in the sounds letters make, and how the letters together are words.  You can identify some familiar words like your name and the names of all of our family members.  I predict that you will be an early reader because you are so interested and love books so much.  You can read familiar stories to yourself, and love to be read to.  Speaking of familiar, you also make up words to tunes you are familiar with, like "row, row, row, your boat" will become something totally different.  You also like to be silly when singing, like mixing up the letters when singing your abc's.  You can identify the numbers 1-10, and can count as many items correctly.

I have loved seeing your imagination grow, especially lately.  You have begun to create scenarios in your play.  The other day you made me pretend to be your daycare provider and all of your instruments were the kids at daycare. Your memory amazes me these days as well, you remember places we have been, things that have happened even weeks ago, names of people you have met even just once or twice, favorite books almost word for word, and you can remember and answer questions about favorite shows or movies.  You have always been a very verbal child, one who had more words at 18 months than I could count, but now you and I have conversations...true verbal exchanges.  You understand more, you make me laugh, and you are a lot of fun to talk to!

Your sense of humor is becoming more and more apparent, and you are quite the silly boy.  You are also very sensitive.  You do not like it if I am upset at you, and due to this, I am rarely mad at you since you usually do what you can to avoid it.  If I am upset at you, you will often cry out, "I need my mommy".  I would expect that you would not want me if I was the one upset, however, it seems that you need to know that I still love you even when I am mad.  Luckily, I am rarely mad.  You also are very concerned about how I am feeling, asking me, "Mom are you happy?".  You usually ask me when I am clearly not happy.  I always want to be honest, so I let you know how I am feeling.  The other day I went upstairs to find a mess you had made.  I yelled downstairs to tell you that you needed to come clean up your mess.  As you were playing, you said to yourself with a sigh, "uh, mom is mad at me."  When you came upstairs to clean up your mess you looked at me and said, "mom, I'm mad at you too." I asked why, and you replied, "cause you made a mess on the counter."  Funny boy.  I'll be sure to clean up after myself next time.

Here are some other Caleb-isms from this past week:

While running around naked, with just one sock on, "I'm just missing my pants and shirt and other sock!"

While checking on the muffins in the oven, "They're talking to me!"

As I was preparing dinner, his sister was sleeping and he was making sure we were all quiet.  After a minute of silence I hear a loud, "Mom!"  I say, "what?"  He responds quickly, "Shhh, be quiet, Kinley's sleeping".  Tricky boy.

While talking about potty training I said, "I wish you would wear underwear."  He responded, "I wish I would wear a starfish."

"I hear Buzz Lightyear and Woody!"  I respond, "where are they?"  He replies, "In the refrigerator, cooking!"

"Open your hand, look at your nails (I polished them), they are beautiful...I want to eat your thumb!"

I could go on and on about all the things that I love about you sweet boy.  You made me a mom, and I am so grateful to get to hold that title for you every day of my life.  It has been the best job I have ever had and could ever hope to have.  I love every minute, and look forward to all the minutes I get with you as your mom, your biggest fan, and your greatest admirer.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!


Then:  4 days new

Now:  3 years old

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