Monday, May 27, 2013

The Party!

I thought his party deserved its own post.  I love birthdays!  I think a birthday is a day that one gets to feel like the most special person in the world.  My parents always made me feel important and loved on my birthdays.  The things that stick out to me are not the presents...only the boom box I got with a New Kids on the Block tape sticks out to me, from my 10th birthday.  Instead, it was the little things, homemade cakes, friends, camping out in the yard, and generally feeling VERY important and special. I always want my children to feel this way, and so birthdays are kind of a big deal here.  Last year we did not do much for his big day, so I thought this year we throw a proper party.  When Kinley was born, she gifted Caleb with some construction toys that were a big hit, and there the theme was born.  I looked up ideas on pinterest, shopped at Home Depot, and planned, planned, planned.  We got invites out pretty early...forgetting that his party would fall on Memorial Day weekend.  Oops.  His party was not on his actual birthday, so on that day we went to a fun bookstore with animals running around and I let him pick out a book and a stuffed animal.  Many people were not able to make it, however, many did show up and it was a wonderful day!  Thankfully the rain held out so we were even able to be outside for a while as well.  We are so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends that all made one little boy feel very loved and very special!

I was/am very proud of this cake...completely home made, and delicious!

Three generations (Great Grandparents, Daddy, Caleb)

Family photo, the best we could do


Actual Birthday at the bookstore

Almost 3...big boy!

Birthday boy

Picking out his loot...and the choice he made

Reading at the store

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