Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter and St. Patrick's Day 2013

Holidays are getting more fun in our house, this Easter and St. Patrick's day were no exception.  They are different than in the past, since Caleb is now almost three and has a better understanding of holidays and now embraces them joyfully.  Seeing the holidays through his eyes is what parenting is all about.  The wonder and amazement is so much fun for me, and it makes me more motivated to make each one special and exciting.  With that said, I also have a newborn at home and am tired, so easy is the way to go.

Some of the highlights of our easy Easter were:

  • Cupcakes and mini brownies with easter liners...easy when we used box mixes, yet still fun and festive
  • Dying Easter eggs
  • Making an Easter banner
  • Waking up and finding Easter bunny footprints in the house
  • Finding Easter eggs
  • Going to brunch (no cooking for the mama)
  • Spending the day with family

Checking to see if the dye dissolved--check out the Moby Wrap fashion statement!

checking the eggs

the Easter Bunny was here...

bunny prints

Kinley Enjoying the action
checking out his loot

spoiled boy

Highlights of St. Patrick's Day:

  • Wearing green, duh!
  • Going to swimming
  • Going out to lunch
  • Eating Lucky Charm cupcakes from Nadia Cakes in Maple Grove
pretty cupcake...right before it fell off of the plate onto the floor,
and yes we still gave it to him since they are about $3 each


adorable babes in their green gear

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