Thursday, April 25, 2013

A week in the life...Wednesday

So, when we had our son and he was a good sleeper, people told me to “just wait for the next one”.  Well, the next one is here, and so far she is a pretty good sleeper as well.  I know how fortunate we are.  I know it could be much different.  I am thankful.  Now, we do have our nights where all hell breaks loose and no one sleeps, luckily those are dabbled among nights of long stretches of sleep.  It seems that our kids take turns with bad nights.  Last night Caleb had it rough (or we did) tonight it was Kinley.  This morning, she wakes up around 2:16 am.  She does not want to go back to sleep.  She is in party mode and just wants to hang out.  At 3:00 am, she is still awake.  

Happy.  But eyes wide open.  Since I am not feeling well, coughing and blowing nose I don’t want to hold her too much.  Eric eventually holds her and falls asleep with her for a while.  He wakes up at 6:30 with Caleb and lets me sleep in until 7:22.  I get up and do the usual, pump, pour coffee, make oatmeal.  I lead a very glamorous life indeed.  I start to work on my blog.  Eric gives Kinley a bottle (we are practicing a few a week, since boob to bottle was a hard transition for Caleb when I started working again).

Cleaning the walls.  Cleaning keeps him busy for a long time.

Still Cleaning.

And yet more cleaning.

I quick rush to throw together some food.   We will be going to the zoo today and I refuse to buy food there.  We don’t really have much “lunch” type food, so I grab raisins, banana bread brownies, mozzarella cheese sticks, blueberries, raspberries, and granola bars.  Also, water for us grownups and milk and water for Caleb.  We head out to the Chiropractor at 9:40, for our appointment at 9:45.  It usually takes about 15 minutes to get there, so I am guessing we are going to be late, as usual.  I never really know what makes us late exactly, but we always are these days.  We make it to the chiropractor around 9:55.  Eric and I both get adjusted and then Caleb jumps up on the table for a turn.  Our chiropractor pretends to adjust him, then Caleb asks him to join us at the zoo. 

Waiting to leave for the zoo.

Getting "adjusted".

By about 10:30 we are on our way.  I wanted to be sure to see the farm babies, and it seems that today might be the only viable day to go.  It is a bit chilly, but the sun is shining at least.  We have been so cooped up!  We head straight for the farm and stop to eat our strange lunch first so I can nurse Kinley.  We sit next to some lovely ladies with their children in the little café there and spark up some conversation.  Kinley poops and Eric is about to go change her in the bathroom when one of the women says, “If you want to change her here, we won’t mind.  It’s just us”.  That was music to my ears, otherwise he was going to have to schlep her outside in the cold to go downstairs to change her.  So instead I change her right there.  I love understanding mothers.  Seriously.  It takes one to know one.  I wanted to be friends with them right then and there.  The zoo trip was also an opportunity to use our new stroller.  My parents helped us buy a new one that can be a double, and I know it is going to be a lifesaver.  It was fun to try it out! 

He cared more about the water than the giant Grizzly!

Funny baby goats that kept standing on their mom.

Another baby goat on his mom.

We look at the babies, and the other farm animals.  I am always surprised by my child’s lack of fear.  He goes up to every animal without hesitation to pet them.  This pleases me and makes me equally nervous.  A quick reminder to keep his hands away from their mouths seems to work, and he continues to only pet their necks and backs.   Oh, and while he is petting them he is also talking to each of them in their native languages.  Moos for cows, baas for sheep, etc.  It is hilarious!

While we are at the zoo we talk about getting ice cream, then don’t mention it again.  As we are leaving he asks for ice cream so I tell him that we can stop on our way home, if he stays awake.  He is looking sleepy, so not sure that is going to happen.  We drive for a few minutes, are in the drive thru of McDonald’s.  I look back and see a sleeping babe.  So we pull out of the drive thru and head home.

Asleep in the drive thru.

We get home, and Caleb immediately wakes up and asks about ice cream.  We tell him he can have some after he finishes his nap.  Eric puts him in his bed with the dog (his request) and he is quiet for about 45 minutes.  I am not sure if he slept, but he was quiet.  When he wakes up Eric gives him ice cream.  I decide to head to Costco to get a few things.  By myself.  This is Eric’s first time with both kids.  I know it will only be an hour or so.  While I am there I pick up a shirt for Eric, underwear (in hopes to encourage potty training) for Caleb, and a t-shirt and comfy capris for me.  I am not yet in my regular pants, quite sick of maternity pants, and unable to wear pajamas to leave the house.  So, I am looking for alternatives. 

I am home by 3:30.  I clip Kinley’s nails.  I am the official nail clipper in our house, I do the kids and the pets, and myself of course.  What a fun duty.  I also work on more laundry.  It is a never ending pain in the arse.  I also start dinner (meaning I am heating up dinner I got at Costco), coloring with Caleb, addressing birthday invitations, reading books, and putting together Mother’s Day presents.

Making up names in his song.

5:15 is dinnertime.  Caleb eats 2 carrots with ranch for dinner.  Seriously.  He is not a fan of noodles, and since dinner is alfredo noodles he does not eat.  He is never upset about it though.  He knows he will eat again, and we have never given him any other options.  If he does not want to eat what is for dinner than he doesn’t have to.  He just won’t get anything else or any treats.   We also face time with my mom while eating.  After dinner I clean up downstairs, fold laundry, and wash diapers. 

6:00 pm—Eric and Caleb leave for ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education).  This has been a struggle lately.  Not going, but being successful while there.  Separation has been difficult for him lately (since Kinley was born) and he cries while he is there.  I have stayed home the last few times to see if that helps, and I am hoping it will help tonight.  Funny story about our ECFE class…there is a mom there that I was great friends with in College about a billion years ago.  We have kept in touch via facebook, but have not seen each other in years.  Small world.  While they are gone I am not sure what I do.  Cuddle?  Clean?  Sit on my butt?

8:10 pm—They are home and Caleb comes in the door yelling for me in a very happy voice.  He brings me the art he made.  “I made rectangles.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven sides!”.  Eric begins to look for his wedding ring which has been misplaced for a few days now, with no luck.  He gets Caleb ready for bed right away and we sit down and watch something on TV.  I can’t remember what it was.  Oh, Law and Order SVU.  We go to bed at 9:40 pm.


  1. Love the massive water drinking mug on your table! Oh do I remember those days of early baby-hood, constant thirst, constant hunger and constantly feeling dirty and sleep deprived! Sounds like you have a good sleeper on your hands, so congrats!

  2. The thirst is crazy...I HAVE to have water with me wherever I go. I probably drink 8 of those jugs a day. Making milk is hard work I guess! Oh, and the hunger. I can always eat. ALWAYS. Not helping with losing the baby weight. Somehow I justify it because I am nursing.