Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A week in the life...Tuesday

So it is Wednesday, and I sit here typing Tuesday.  Good news is I have not given up yet.  However, this is time consuming.  I do like that it forces me to take photos, which on a day to day basis becomes more and more difficult to remember.  So here goes.

2:30 am--I wake up suddenly because it is too quiet, and maybe because I sense that something is off.  The monitor is off and I can faintly hear Caleb crying.  I wake Eric up and ask him to check on him.  I do not feel good, and have been sick for a few days now with some gross head cold.

3:00 am--I am still awake and Eric is still downstairs.

3:12 am--Kinley wakes up and I change her and feed her and lay her down about a half hour later.  She fusses a bit but falls asleep and so do I.

6:07 am--Kinley makes noises, but does not wake up.  I get up to pump.  Caleb is awake in the living room watching Dumbo.  Apparently he has been up since 5:20 am.  Oh boy.  He did not sleep well, and still has a gross cough so I decide to keep him home from Daycare.  I am on maternity leave, but he still goes to daycare a couple days a week for a couple reasons:  to keep his spot for the summer/fall and to give me a rest.  It is nice to have those quiet laid back days during a week.  I eat a bagel and drink some coffee.  Oh, how I missed coffee.  Eric leaves for work around 6:25 am.

7:12 am--Kinley starts waking up.  I feed her, change her diaper, she poops, and I change her again (this will happen about 15 more times).  I bring her downstairs and she falls asleep in the swing for a little bit.  I color with Caleb, work on laundry, go through mail, and again attempt to make a haircut appointment.

10:00 am--Snack.  Caleb is not happy about my choice.  He also begins telling the dog that he is not allowed to eat the rug (though he is not eating the rug).  This boy has an active imagination!  I call and make an appointment to get Caleb's hair cut.  We need to break this day up somehow!  Plus then I can cheat and stop and get lunch on the way home.  It is a lazy, cheeseburger eating kind of day!

10:20 am--I try to feed Kinley a little so she will sleep through the haircut.  On the way home we stop at Culver's.  I remind Caleb again to not suck his thumb so he can stay awake.  We talk about all the things we see on the way home to keep him up.  If he falls asleep for a second he thinks he does not need a nap.  After the night we had, he DEFINITELY needs a nap.

11:50 am--We are home and eating.  Caleb spills his milk which really upsets him.  When he is done eating I send him downstairs.  I faintly hear "I have to poop" while I am in the middle of changing Kinley, and quickly scoop her up and run downstairs to try to catch it.  I am partially successful.  This potty training has been a roller coaster, and right now we are not doing so well.  It is really a combined effort, and with a newborn, we are all slacking a bit.

Random owie that has stopped him from being able to do most things
on his own today, like climbing into the car or taking coats off.

12:30 pm--NAPTIME!!!  I feed Kinley and eat Caleb's scoopie ice cream.  I try to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it did not record well due to all of the snow on our Dish....ugh.  I love my guilty pleasure.  I look ahead and see it on later today, so I record that to watch later.  Heaven forbid I miss an episode.  I settle on Sex and the City, an oldie (sadly) but a goodie.  I also fall asleep sitting up, it has been that kind of day.

2:46 pm--Kinley wakes up, Caleb is still sleeping.  I change her, feed her, and she falls back asleep.  The doorbell rings, and it is my Shutterfly order.  I love online everything these days.  It sure makes life a lot easier.  '

3:30 pm--Eric calls and he is on his way home.  Caleb is still sleeping.  I thank the sleeping gods quietly.  He needed this, and so did I.

3:55 pm--Caleb wakes up and comes and snuggles with me.

4:05 pm--Eric home.  As soon as those two extra hands are there I kick it into high gear!  I start more laundry, put pictures in the picture frame, and start dinner.

5:42 pm--We are having a very healthy meal of hotdogs, french fries, and broccoli.  You win some, you lose some.  Eric and I take turns holding Kinley while eating since this is her fussy time of the day when she absolutely must be held.  After dinner we go downstairs and play.

7:00 pm--Caleb's bedtime, Eric gets him ready while I hold Kinley.  We sit down to watch The Voice.

8:00 pm--I feed Kinley and she falls asleep.  I am exhausted, so I am in bed by 8:30 pm.  Eric stays up to watch hockey.  Nighty night.


  1. I also love me some Real Housewives. I am often annoyed by the cattiness of the women, but feel so much better about myself and my friendships.... And sometimes I just wan to watch mind numbing tv - I'll admit it.

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  3. The self-portraits with you and your son are great :)

    1. Thanks! I am glad you overlooked the unshowered hairstyle I was sporting!