Friday, April 26, 2013

A week in the life...Thursday

Kinley wakes up at 1:40 am, earlier than usual.  I do my usual nursing activity; check Facebook.  I see that I have a friend request from my (now former) hairstylist.  This is so strange, considering that I am going to be seeing someone new today.  Suddenly I feel like a cheater.  I have been going steady with my stylist longer than my husband and I have been together.  We have been together since before babies, husbands, college degrees...but, that means that she has gotten EXPENSIVE.  I just can't justify the cost, plus the "you can't bring your child with to the salon" policy.  Anyway, I feed her and go back to sleep.  She wakes up again at 5:22.  Eric and I fall asleep and don't wake up until 7:04 am when I hear Caleb in the bathtub.  He is not happy.  He is mad.  Usually baths are more fun, but apparently this one is not.  Probably because he would rather be in his jammies watching television.  Today, he has to go to daycare.  Somehow Kinley sleeps through all of this, tantrums, coffee, pumping.  Oh, I also notice how dirty the stove is, now that the sun is actually shining through the window and hitting it.  

pumpin fun



Eric brings Caleb to daycare, screaming.  I eat breakfast, drink my coffee, and brush my hair.  Oh, I am sure I get dressed too.

I leave for my haircut appointment at 8:45, with Kinley in tow.  She does surprisingly well.  It is weird to see someone new, and she is NEW.  It takes her a bit longer to do my cut...and I somehow mentally am comparing her and my usual stylist.  I do not like her better, but I like her enough to come back and get the cheaper haircut.  I still feel like I am cheating.  I do enjoy that I get a neck, scalp and hand massage though.  Oh, I am tense!

I am home at 10:20, just in time to say "bye" to Eric since he has an interview before he goes to work.

new hair cut

almost caught a smile

handsome hubby

Kinley is now awake.  I manage to eat some leftovers for lunch.  Eric calls after his interview and it sounds promising.  I don't want to get my hopes up, but it does sound good.  We will see...

I begin to clean a bit and continue to work on the never ending laundry pile...only a couple more loads. It is so much better when I do a load a day instead of waiting.  I vow to NEVER wait again.  Kinley finally naps.  I start to pick out her outfits for the weekend (mother in law is visiting).  I watch a little Dr. Phil about a catfish.  This is a term I recently learned, and it freaks me out.  I finish addressing Caleb's birthday invites and get those in the mailbox.  It is always hard to decide who to invite.  I decide to stick to people that HE knows, instead of all the people I would want there.  It is his party, not mine. I can invite all the people I know to my own party I suppose.

Kinley wakes up, I quickly feed her and head out to go get Caleb.  When we get there, she is wide awake, so out daycare provider holds her, and so does her son.  This is the first time she has held her, since we are usually in and out quickly, and Kinley is usually sleeping.  When the weather gets nicer we can stop by when we are walking.  It is so hard to believe that she will be starting there in six weeks (tears).

When we get home I start pizza (Caleb's request).  We usually eat a lot healthier than we have been this week, however, tonight quick is key.  Caleb does not like to wait for dinner.  He is very vocal about his protest and I try to just ignore it, and be patient.  We eat dinner (me standing and stuffing food in while holding a fussy infant) then we go downstairs to play for a bit.

cheesy goodness

images can be deceiving...he was not happy but likes to smile for cameras

It is warm enough to be sock free, however, my toes are not ready...need a pedicure!

I begin to get Caleb ready for bed while Kinley is content in the swing.  This is generally short lived, so I am trying to get him ready quickly without frustrating him too much.  He is not happy about getting ready for bed, but luckily follows my directions while complaining about them.  We all read stories together, then Caleb wants to read one to me.

I try to hold off feeding Kinley, since she usually eats a bit later, but she seems hungry so I feed her.  She is still awake when I hear Caleb yelling for water.  I go give him a drink and he is quiet.  I go upstairs to see if we have ice cream, and we are out.  Eric calls about 9:10 and says he is on his way home.  Kinley is now sleeping after eating one more time.  When I know he is almost home I turn everything off downstairs and head upstairs to lay Kinley down.  I was dishes, pump stuff, and clean up the living room.  Just then Eric gets in, tells me about his day, and we head to bed around 9:40.


  1. Hooray for hair cuts! My stylist also got more and more expensive but the fact that I moved this past year magically made for a clean "break-up" :)