Saturday, April 27, 2013

A week in the life...Saturday

3:00 am--Wake up and feed Kinley.  I fall asleep right away this time, luckily.

7:00 am--I am up and take a shower.  Eric has already showered.  It is Saturday...why?  Oh yeah, we are going to meet my mother in law for breakfast and spend time with her and her fiancé.  She has not met Kinley yet, so it should be fun.  It is also her Birthday, so we have presents for her as well as Mother's Day gifts.  I pump after the shower and hear major tantruming from the monitor.  Caleb does not like waking up and getting ready right away.  He is like me, he likes to ease into the morning, preferably in his pajamas.  I go downstairs after pumping to help.  Apparently he wants to wear his tiger pants (his Halloween costume).  That is a no-go for today, so I give him two different options of shorts he can wear.  He does not choose, so I choose for him.  He comes upstairs and has a piece of a banana bread bar.  I am frantically trying to get ready as well as directing the troops as to what needs to happen before we leave the house:  gathering toys, getting snacks together, iPad for backup, diapers, wipes, the usual suspects.  Eric gets it all together while I finish getting ready.  We are out the door by 8:00 am.

We head to breakfast without too much drama.  On the way we realize that our cats were never fed this morning.  Poor kitties.  When we get to breakfast Caleb gets shy and refuses to sit next to anyone but me.  He compromises with sitting between Grandma and I.  This is nice since he does not see her often.  We order breakfast.  I try to stay fairly healthy and order oatmeal and fruit.  Caleb gets bacon, fruit, and french toast.  He eats all of his meal, except the pineapple (which he refuses to try).  He laughs when I try to get him to kiss the pineapple, thinking if he gets the flavor on his lips he will want to eat it. But, no.

After breakfast we head to the military base, where my mother in law is staying.  This is my very first time on a base, EVER, and it is eye opening.  I am not used to military life, so this is all new and very strange to me.  There are many people in uniforms, rules to abide by, speed limits to follow, and generally a lot of structure which is odd for me.  Not that I am some kind of rebel, but I am definitely less of a rigid rule follower than this base likes.  I go the speed limit and do my best to behave.  We get to the room and open presents (early ones for Caleb's Birthday next month).  Kinley is especially fussy and poops.  Then she poops again.  The third poop is a blow out.  We brought disposable diapers with today because I had just washed her regular diapers but they were not stuffed yet.  The cloth really prevent blowouts.  The disposables, not so much.  I luckily have an extra set of clothes for her.  With her being fussy, I try to feed her to help.  Usually, when all else fails, feeding her will calm her.  I think she is just overly tired since she has not slept as well as usual today.  Caleb and his Grandma play a game that she got him, we look at clothes she bought the kids, and order lunch.  As we are eating lunch, Caleb spills pizza sauce on his shirt.  I take it off, he cries, we wrap a towel around him to avoid any other messes and he eats the rest of his lunch shirtless.  As we are eating Kinley is still fussy, I try to feed her, and she throws up on me.  I ask Eric to check to see how many diapers we have left.  He says he things we have a few.  I urge him to check.  He does.  We have one.  One diaper.  We decide that with lack of diapers, a child that keeps pooping, a mommy covered in vomit, and a toddler without a shirt, that we should head home.  Eric changes Kinley's diaper before we leave, and it breaks, the last diaper is no longer viable.  He things we can tape it, so we get some tape from the front desk, tape it closed and pack up.

We are home by 1:00 pm which is great for naptime, except Caleb fell asleep in the car.  If he falls asleep he does not nap.  We decide to try anyway.  He stays in his room for about 45 minutes, but does not sleep.  Finally around 2:00 we tell him he can come out and he, Kinley, and I go outside in the front yard to play while Eric cleans up dog poop in the backyard.  There really is a poop theme to this day I guess.  While outside I talk to some neighbors and play.  Caleb is obsessed with out landscaping rocks and gathers them and moves them to various places in the yard.  Eric gets so frustrated with this for logical reasons.  He often runs over rocks when mowing.  I have a hard time telling Caleb not to play with the rocks, because they make him so happy.  I love his happy little piles of rocks all around.

sidewalk chalk fun

reflection of me and my baby

3:00 pm--We decide we want to eat outside and that we should have burgers for dinner.  We need buns, and we need to return some things as Costco, so...two birds, one stone.  We head out to Costco.  We get a few things while we are there, but in general it is a quick trip.  Eric is pricing fertilizer for the yard, so we quickly stop at Lowe's as well to check prices.  By 4:30 we are on our way home.

I cook dinner, grill hamburgers, cut up oranges and Eric cleans the table off (we are eating outside!!).  Caleb plays in the backyard by himself and keeps himself entertained.  I am loving it!  Kinley continues to be fussy and has barely slept today.  We keep trying to lay her down and she wakes up immediately. I know that tomorrow we have to keep her more on schedule.  She apparently is like her brother, and prefers to have her normal routine.  We eat outside, taking turns holding her.  Caleb is very distracted by rocks and keeps saying that he needs to go get something.  He knows that his dad does not want him to bring rocks up, so he tries to come up with other things he needs to get...smarty.  He decides he has to go get his shoes, oh, and some rocks.  Funny boy.

I spy a very happy toddler in a sandbox!

After he is done eating he goes down to play some more in his sandbox and with his other toys.  We clean up after dinner.  When we are done cleaning up, give Caleb a warning about coming inside.  He is not sold that this is a good idea, and tells me that he needs to play some more.  I think he would play outside all night if I let him.  He builds me a sandcastle, and is thoroughly happy to be outside.  I have to admit that I am too.  I do know that he needs to get ready for bed though, especially since he did not really nap long.

6:20 pm--Caleb comes in, after rolling in the grass in protest, and I get his bath ready.  He screams that he wants his dad, and I am not too bummed about that, so I let Eric give him a bath while I feed Kinley and try to get her to rest.  I feel like all we do these days is trade kids.  It is a constant swapping game around here.

6:45 pm--Caleb is done with his bath and gets ready for bed.  He is in bed with the door closed by 7:00 pm.  Kinley is in bed by 8:00 pm.  Eric watches hockey while I work on my blogs.  And then we head to bed by 9:20 pm.  Goodnight.


  1. What are these banana bread brownies/bars that you keep referring to? They sound awesome, can you give the recipe??

    1. They are delicious. And easy. Kind of like banana bread but in a bar. You could probably tweak the recipe too. I used a jelly roll pan to make them, and sprayed it with canola oil.

      1 1/2 C Sugar
      1 C Sour Cream
      1/2 C Butter (softened)
      2 Eggs
      3 or 4 Ripe Bananas
      2 Tsp Vanilla
      2 C Flour
      1 Tsp Baking Soda
      3/4 Tsp Salt
      1/2 C Walnuts Chopped ( I probably used closer to a cup)

      1/2 C Butter
      4 Cups Powdered Sugar
      1 1/2 Tsp Vanilla
      3 Tbsp Milk

      Set the oven to 375. Beat the sugar, sour cream, butter, and eggs until creamy. Blend in the bananas and vanilla. Then add the flour baking soda and salt. Finally stir in the walnuts. Bake 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

      For the frosting:
      Put the butter in a saucepan on medium heat stirring frequently and until the butter is just brown. Add in the powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk and stir well. Spread over the warm bars.

    2. Thanks, going to try them this weekend!

  2. One little trick I used for Oliver when he was a baby and we were traveling or had other reasons for not using cloth diapers was to put him in a disposible and then still put on a cloth diaper cover. Helped very much to contain blowouts!