Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A week in the life...Monday

Wowza...I am going to try this week in the life thing...we will see how far I make it.  I am already behind, writing Monday's post on Tuesday morning.  Laura from Navigating the Mothership is the reason I ever do these things.  They are great fun to look back on, so here goes!


4:30 am--Kinley wakes up, Eric changes her and I go the bathroom and then feed her.  It is a well oiled machine in the middle of the night.  She falls back asleep and so do her dad and I.

7:00 am--I wake up, sterilize the washed pump accessories, pump, put the milk in the freezer, Eric brings Caleb's clothes upstairs and he makes me coffee.  Oh, Caleb is awake at this point too.

Trying desperately to capture her smile...not successful yet!

7:30 am--Eric Leaves for work, Caleb watches PBS while I shower.

8:00 am--Kinley wakes up and I get her dressed for the day (usually we stay in jammies, but we are leaving the house today, YAY!).

8:15 am--Kinley has a blowout, so I need to find her another outfit.  We are shortchanged on outfits for her since we expected much nicer weather by this point and thought she would be able to wear her cuter summery outfits.  However, it is still winter apparently, so we keep recycling the same few long sleeved outfits and warmer pajamas.  Ugh, Minnesota, get it together.  I then get Caleb dressed.  This is usually quite the endeavor, however, today he gets to go play with a friend so he is willing to get dressed.

8:30 am--I drink some coffee and eat some breakfast while Kinley is in the bouncer for a few minutes, since that is all she will tolerate.  My sweet girl wants to be held all of the time.  Caleb wants to leave and is by the door trying to put his shoes on.  He does not believe me when I tell him we are not leaving for a while.

8:45 am--I finally coax him to come upstairs and brush his teeth and hair.

9:00 am--We are out the door.  Caleb does not want to make the stops we have to before our play date, and uses my favorite (definitely not) phrase he puts before things he does not want to do, for example, "I said, no waffles" or "I said, no getting dressed".  In this instance, it is "I said, no store first!".  Oh boy.

I stop to get gas, and quickly realize that without super strength there is no way my gas cap is coming off.  I just got my car fixed and they tightened the gas cap a little too much.  I have to ask a random stranger to help me get it off since I am driving on fumes.  Luckily, he, with two hands is able to remove it.  We then head to Target to return couch slip covers.  I am happily successful in getting two kids into the cart and into the store and back to the car within a few minutes.  Now, how will I ever grocery shop with the two of them...where would the groceries go?  I realize at this point that we have left the bars that I am bringing to my friends house in our entry way, so back home we go to get them.  After that we head to the diaper store to get detergent, since we are out and I am on my last two diapers for Kinley.  I have disposables as backup, but try to use them very sparingly.  I am again successful in getting both kids in and back out unscathed.  Kinley actually sleeps the whole time, thankfully.

10:15 am--We arrive at my friends house for playing (she has an almost five year old and a newborn so we are pretty well matched in the kiddo department).  The kids play and we chat.  Sometime during the visit Caleb has to go to the bathroom and as I am helping him he pees on me, then cries that I am dirty and that he wants me to be clean.  I console him about the peeing, reminding him that it is no big deal and that it was an accident, while my friend gets me a shirt to borrow.  Somewhere in this visit, Kinley pooped four times as well.  We eat lunch, clean up, and head home so Caleb can nap.  In the car I remind him that he is not allowed to suck on his thumb, mostly in hopes that he will not fall asleep....a nap is needed!

1:06 pm--We are home!  I get Caleb ready for his nap.  Kinley sleeps in her carseat for a while.  After she wakes I change more poopy diapers.  Poor baby!  I search for a bike for Caleb on Craigslist for his Birthday next month, have a cup of coffee, work on washing Kinley's diapers, and attempt to find a salon to get my hair cut that will allow me to bring a baby in (I did not realize how difficult this would be).  I am beginning to believe that I will never be able to get my hair cut!

3:20 pm--Caleb wakes up.  I let him watch Wild Kratts, we read books on the couch, Facetime with my parents, and basically try to pass the time while we are cooped up inside.

5:04 pm--Eric calls and he is on his way home...extra hands are on their way!

5:40 pm--Eric is home, I heat up dinner (leftovers) and we eat as soon as they are hot, Eric and I taking turns eating while the other holds Kinley.  After dinner we come downstairs to play.

7:00 pm--Eric gets Caleb ready for bed.

7:10 pm--Caleb in bed, Kinley sleeping, Eric brushes off our Dish outside so that we can watch The Voice.

7:30 pm--Eating ice cream, salted Caramel...yummm!

8:20 pm--Kinley wakes up to eat, then sleeps again.

9:00 pm--Bedtime for grownups!

9:30 pm--Caleb wakes up screaming.

11:50 pm--Eric is back to bed.


  1. Ugh, we have been the same way this year with the clothes. I am not going to buy new clothes for the kids when they will outgrow them by next year, but I'm getting SO sick of the same few outfits that are barely fitting! Luckily, as I'm writing this, Spring has made an appearance so hopefully we are in the clear :)

    1. It is so hard to judge sizes...yesterday my hubby put my son in an outfit he wore last summer, and it fit perfectly. I am guessing all the sale items I got him to fit him this summer will be a bit big, but oh well.

    2. I was going to same thing about not having enough clothes! I kept thinking Oliver would be fine with his too small coat and boots, but then of course it really did start to become a problem.

      Thank goodness for the consignment sale I shopped at last week -really helped fill in the gaps!

  2. Oh goodness, my 3 year uses the same "I said NO!" phrase for everything as well! "I said no mommy going to work." "I said no I don't want to eat dinner." "I said no share my toys with Louie!" "I said no brush my hair!"


    1. So frustrating! Bossy little beings.

  3. My 3 year old likes to preface his convos with "what did I just tell you?" I guess he must hear it a lot? And I'm with you on the clothes. This lack of spring and consistently cold temps is driving me batty. I just want to put short sleeves on the kids & go outside!!

    1. They sure do let us know what we say...little mimics.