Saturday, April 27, 2013

A week in the life...Friday

I may behind typing this, and my notes for the day may be getting more cryptic, but I am still doing it.

3:20 am--wake up to feed the baby and for some reason, even though she falls asleep, I cannot.  I am awake for about an hour and a half before I think I doze off.

6:50 am--I get up and pump.  Eric is getting ready for work.  Kinley wakes up at about 7:00 am, right as Eric leaves for work.  I feed her before her brother wakes up.  

7:20 am--Caleb wakes up.  Today is a daycare day again, and I know he is not going to be too happy about it.  I quickly get him ready (brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, bathroom...) so we can head out while the baby is happy.  I tell him that when I pick him up we will walk home.  He things for some reason that we will be walking to daycare.  This is not the case and he is none too happy to be put in the car.  Oh, and his outerwear choice today...rain boots and his rain jacket.

8:00 am--I do my usual morning and oatmeal.  I feed Kinley and she falls asleep.  I work on some random things:  blogging, giving Kinley a bath, eating lunch, deciding not to kill my crazy dog (kidding of course about the killing), snuggle with said dog because I feel badly for being mad at him when he just needs exercise and is feeling all cooped up like the rest of us, and folding laundry.  The day is a mish mosh of a lot of little things that all get lost in my mind.  I do remember spending a portion of the day watching some HGTV while Kinley was napping.

3:00 pm--I leave to walk to get Caleb with Kinley in the Ergo.  I love the Ergo.  Seriously, it has been such a priceless baby accessory...not sure how we did without it before.  I bring the dog with to give him some exercise.  Our dog was meant to be a runner, and did not end up in a running family.  We are walkers.  I run from danger, and that is about it.  Caleb is excited to walk home.  I brought shoes for him so that the walk home will be easier.  Our daycare provider tells me they went to the park today and that it was "interesting" with his boots.  I feel badly that I let him wear them, though I did not know they would be going to the park, even though I know those boots are the main reason I was able to get him out the door this morning.  I make a mental note to never send him in rain boots unless it is raining. When we get home Caleb wants to play outside.  He plays, I walk and watch while holding Kinley.  Our neighbor stops over to meet the baby.  We have wonderful neighbors.  They have all lived in the neighborhood for a long time, some before our house was ever built.  The only bad thing is that they all have grandchildren that are the same ages as my children.  Oh, how I wish we had young neighbors with kids our age.  It would be so fun to meet up in a yard and have drinks with people our age.  My friend is stopping by tonight to pick up a baby shower present for a shower tomorrow.  I call her to see when she thinks she will come by, and ask if she would like to go to dinner with us since I forgot to take something out.  She mentions that she would like to go to the outlet mall because of some good sales.  I decide that would be fun, so we decide to join her.  Eric is almost home.

We head out to dinner and the mall at about 5:00 pm.  We are meeting my friend there, and about 15 minutes into the trip I realize I forgot the present at home.  Argh.  The drive takes longer than usual, and most of the time is spent trying to console a crabby toddler/almost preschooler and a very upset baby.  We decided to eat at Space Aliens since Caleb will like it, and get there about 5:40.  As we pull up Caleb asks if this is the Toy Story restaurant.  I decide it will be wise to tell him it is.  As we walk in he begins to look for Buzz and Woody.  The food is okay, we all eat enough to fill our bellies and then head to the mall.  We stop at one store.  I was not planning on shopping today, but then decide that the sales are too good to pass up.  I find a lot of cute things and Eric looks too.  I do not try anything on since I am not yet where I would like to be post baby and feel that trying things on will make me feel worse.  I just cross my fingers that the things I got will fit me sometime this summer...hopefully.

We head home around 8:15 pm.  It is way past bedtime and our drive home is with a crabby baby and a very tired toddler.  As soon as we are home Eric gets Caleb ready for bed, I feed Kinley and get her ready for bed and he and I are in bed by 9:50 pm.

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