Saturday, April 27, 2013

A week in the life...Saturday

3:00 am--Wake up and feed Kinley.  I fall asleep right away this time, luckily.

7:00 am--I am up and take a shower.  Eric has already showered.  It is Saturday...why?  Oh yeah, we are going to meet my mother in law for breakfast and spend time with her and her fiancé.  She has not met Kinley yet, so it should be fun.  It is also her Birthday, so we have presents for her as well as Mother's Day gifts.  I pump after the shower and hear major tantruming from the monitor.  Caleb does not like waking up and getting ready right away.  He is like me, he likes to ease into the morning, preferably in his pajamas.  I go downstairs after pumping to help.  Apparently he wants to wear his tiger pants (his Halloween costume).  That is a no-go for today, so I give him two different options of shorts he can wear.  He does not choose, so I choose for him.  He comes upstairs and has a piece of a banana bread bar.  I am frantically trying to get ready as well as directing the troops as to what needs to happen before we leave the house:  gathering toys, getting snacks together, iPad for backup, diapers, wipes, the usual suspects.  Eric gets it all together while I finish getting ready.  We are out the door by 8:00 am.

We head to breakfast without too much drama.  On the way we realize that our cats were never fed this morning.  Poor kitties.  When we get to breakfast Caleb gets shy and refuses to sit next to anyone but me.  He compromises with sitting between Grandma and I.  This is nice since he does not see her often.  We order breakfast.  I try to stay fairly healthy and order oatmeal and fruit.  Caleb gets bacon, fruit, and french toast.  He eats all of his meal, except the pineapple (which he refuses to try).  He laughs when I try to get him to kiss the pineapple, thinking if he gets the flavor on his lips he will want to eat it. But, no.

After breakfast we head to the military base, where my mother in law is staying.  This is my very first time on a base, EVER, and it is eye opening.  I am not used to military life, so this is all new and very strange to me.  There are many people in uniforms, rules to abide by, speed limits to follow, and generally a lot of structure which is odd for me.  Not that I am some kind of rebel, but I am definitely less of a rigid rule follower than this base likes.  I go the speed limit and do my best to behave.  We get to the room and open presents (early ones for Caleb's Birthday next month).  Kinley is especially fussy and poops.  Then she poops again.  The third poop is a blow out.  We brought disposable diapers with today because I had just washed her regular diapers but they were not stuffed yet.  The cloth really prevent blowouts.  The disposables, not so much.  I luckily have an extra set of clothes for her.  With her being fussy, I try to feed her to help.  Usually, when all else fails, feeding her will calm her.  I think she is just overly tired since she has not slept as well as usual today.  Caleb and his Grandma play a game that she got him, we look at clothes she bought the kids, and order lunch.  As we are eating lunch, Caleb spills pizza sauce on his shirt.  I take it off, he cries, we wrap a towel around him to avoid any other messes and he eats the rest of his lunch shirtless.  As we are eating Kinley is still fussy, I try to feed her, and she throws up on me.  I ask Eric to check to see how many diapers we have left.  He says he things we have a few.  I urge him to check.  He does.  We have one.  One diaper.  We decide that with lack of diapers, a child that keeps pooping, a mommy covered in vomit, and a toddler without a shirt, that we should head home.  Eric changes Kinley's diaper before we leave, and it breaks, the last diaper is no longer viable.  He things we can tape it, so we get some tape from the front desk, tape it closed and pack up.

We are home by 1:00 pm which is great for naptime, except Caleb fell asleep in the car.  If he falls asleep he does not nap.  We decide to try anyway.  He stays in his room for about 45 minutes, but does not sleep.  Finally around 2:00 we tell him he can come out and he, Kinley, and I go outside in the front yard to play while Eric cleans up dog poop in the backyard.  There really is a poop theme to this day I guess.  While outside I talk to some neighbors and play.  Caleb is obsessed with out landscaping rocks and gathers them and moves them to various places in the yard.  Eric gets so frustrated with this for logical reasons.  He often runs over rocks when mowing.  I have a hard time telling Caleb not to play with the rocks, because they make him so happy.  I love his happy little piles of rocks all around.

sidewalk chalk fun

reflection of me and my baby

3:00 pm--We decide we want to eat outside and that we should have burgers for dinner.  We need buns, and we need to return some things as Costco, so...two birds, one stone.  We head out to Costco.  We get a few things while we are there, but in general it is a quick trip.  Eric is pricing fertilizer for the yard, so we quickly stop at Lowe's as well to check prices.  By 4:30 we are on our way home.

I cook dinner, grill hamburgers, cut up oranges and Eric cleans the table off (we are eating outside!!).  Caleb plays in the backyard by himself and keeps himself entertained.  I am loving it!  Kinley continues to be fussy and has barely slept today.  We keep trying to lay her down and she wakes up immediately. I know that tomorrow we have to keep her more on schedule.  She apparently is like her brother, and prefers to have her normal routine.  We eat outside, taking turns holding her.  Caleb is very distracted by rocks and keeps saying that he needs to go get something.  He knows that his dad does not want him to bring rocks up, so he tries to come up with other things he needs to get...smarty.  He decides he has to go get his shoes, oh, and some rocks.  Funny boy.

I spy a very happy toddler in a sandbox!

After he is done eating he goes down to play some more in his sandbox and with his other toys.  We clean up after dinner.  When we are done cleaning up, give Caleb a warning about coming inside.  He is not sold that this is a good idea, and tells me that he needs to play some more.  I think he would play outside all night if I let him.  He builds me a sandcastle, and is thoroughly happy to be outside.  I have to admit that I am too.  I do know that he needs to get ready for bed though, especially since he did not really nap long.

6:20 pm--Caleb comes in, after rolling in the grass in protest, and I get his bath ready.  He screams that he wants his dad, and I am not too bummed about that, so I let Eric give him a bath while I feed Kinley and try to get her to rest.  I feel like all we do these days is trade kids.  It is a constant swapping game around here.

6:45 pm--Caleb is done with his bath and gets ready for bed.  He is in bed with the door closed by 7:00 pm.  Kinley is in bed by 8:00 pm.  Eric watches hockey while I work on my blogs.  And then we head to bed by 9:20 pm.  Goodnight.

A week in the life...Friday

I may behind typing this, and my notes for the day may be getting more cryptic, but I am still doing it.

3:20 am--wake up to feed the baby and for some reason, even though she falls asleep, I cannot.  I am awake for about an hour and a half before I think I doze off.

6:50 am--I get up and pump.  Eric is getting ready for work.  Kinley wakes up at about 7:00 am, right as Eric leaves for work.  I feed her before her brother wakes up.  

7:20 am--Caleb wakes up.  Today is a daycare day again, and I know he is not going to be too happy about it.  I quickly get him ready (brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, bathroom...) so we can head out while the baby is happy.  I tell him that when I pick him up we will walk home.  He things for some reason that we will be walking to daycare.  This is not the case and he is none too happy to be put in the car.  Oh, and his outerwear choice today...rain boots and his rain jacket.

8:00 am--I do my usual morning and oatmeal.  I feed Kinley and she falls asleep.  I work on some random things:  blogging, giving Kinley a bath, eating lunch, deciding not to kill my crazy dog (kidding of course about the killing), snuggle with said dog because I feel badly for being mad at him when he just needs exercise and is feeling all cooped up like the rest of us, and folding laundry.  The day is a mish mosh of a lot of little things that all get lost in my mind.  I do remember spending a portion of the day watching some HGTV while Kinley was napping.

3:00 pm--I leave to walk to get Caleb with Kinley in the Ergo.  I love the Ergo.  Seriously, it has been such a priceless baby accessory...not sure how we did without it before.  I bring the dog with to give him some exercise.  Our dog was meant to be a runner, and did not end up in a running family.  We are walkers.  I run from danger, and that is about it.  Caleb is excited to walk home.  I brought shoes for him so that the walk home will be easier.  Our daycare provider tells me they went to the park today and that it was "interesting" with his boots.  I feel badly that I let him wear them, though I did not know they would be going to the park, even though I know those boots are the main reason I was able to get him out the door this morning.  I make a mental note to never send him in rain boots unless it is raining. When we get home Caleb wants to play outside.  He plays, I walk and watch while holding Kinley.  Our neighbor stops over to meet the baby.  We have wonderful neighbors.  They have all lived in the neighborhood for a long time, some before our house was ever built.  The only bad thing is that they all have grandchildren that are the same ages as my children.  Oh, how I wish we had young neighbors with kids our age.  It would be so fun to meet up in a yard and have drinks with people our age.  My friend is stopping by tonight to pick up a baby shower present for a shower tomorrow.  I call her to see when she thinks she will come by, and ask if she would like to go to dinner with us since I forgot to take something out.  She mentions that she would like to go to the outlet mall because of some good sales.  I decide that would be fun, so we decide to join her.  Eric is almost home.

We head out to dinner and the mall at about 5:00 pm.  We are meeting my friend there, and about 15 minutes into the trip I realize I forgot the present at home.  Argh.  The drive takes longer than usual, and most of the time is spent trying to console a crabby toddler/almost preschooler and a very upset baby.  We decided to eat at Space Aliens since Caleb will like it, and get there about 5:40.  As we pull up Caleb asks if this is the Toy Story restaurant.  I decide it will be wise to tell him it is.  As we walk in he begins to look for Buzz and Woody.  The food is okay, we all eat enough to fill our bellies and then head to the mall.  We stop at one store.  I was not planning on shopping today, but then decide that the sales are too good to pass up.  I find a lot of cute things and Eric looks too.  I do not try anything on since I am not yet where I would like to be post baby and feel that trying things on will make me feel worse.  I just cross my fingers that the things I got will fit me sometime this summer...hopefully.

We head home around 8:15 pm.  It is way past bedtime and our drive home is with a crabby baby and a very tired toddler.  As soon as we are home Eric gets Caleb ready for bed, I feed Kinley and get her ready for bed and he and I are in bed by 9:50 pm.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A week in the life...Thursday

Kinley wakes up at 1:40 am, earlier than usual.  I do my usual nursing activity; check Facebook.  I see that I have a friend request from my (now former) hairstylist.  This is so strange, considering that I am going to be seeing someone new today.  Suddenly I feel like a cheater.  I have been going steady with my stylist longer than my husband and I have been together.  We have been together since before babies, husbands, college degrees...but, that means that she has gotten EXPENSIVE.  I just can't justify the cost, plus the "you can't bring your child with to the salon" policy.  Anyway, I feed her and go back to sleep.  She wakes up again at 5:22.  Eric and I fall asleep and don't wake up until 7:04 am when I hear Caleb in the bathtub.  He is not happy.  He is mad.  Usually baths are more fun, but apparently this one is not.  Probably because he would rather be in his jammies watching television.  Today, he has to go to daycare.  Somehow Kinley sleeps through all of this, tantrums, coffee, pumping.  Oh, I also notice how dirty the stove is, now that the sun is actually shining through the window and hitting it.  

pumpin fun



Eric brings Caleb to daycare, screaming.  I eat breakfast, drink my coffee, and brush my hair.  Oh, I am sure I get dressed too.

I leave for my haircut appointment at 8:45, with Kinley in tow.  She does surprisingly well.  It is weird to see someone new, and she is NEW.  It takes her a bit longer to do my cut...and I somehow mentally am comparing her and my usual stylist.  I do not like her better, but I like her enough to come back and get the cheaper haircut.  I still feel like I am cheating.  I do enjoy that I get a neck, scalp and hand massage though.  Oh, I am tense!

I am home at 10:20, just in time to say "bye" to Eric since he has an interview before he goes to work.

new hair cut

almost caught a smile

handsome hubby

Kinley is now awake.  I manage to eat some leftovers for lunch.  Eric calls after his interview and it sounds promising.  I don't want to get my hopes up, but it does sound good.  We will see...

I begin to clean a bit and continue to work on the never ending laundry pile...only a couple more loads. It is so much better when I do a load a day instead of waiting.  I vow to NEVER wait again.  Kinley finally naps.  I start to pick out her outfits for the weekend (mother in law is visiting).  I watch a little Dr. Phil about a catfish.  This is a term I recently learned, and it freaks me out.  I finish addressing Caleb's birthday invites and get those in the mailbox.  It is always hard to decide who to invite.  I decide to stick to people that HE knows, instead of all the people I would want there.  It is his party, not mine. I can invite all the people I know to my own party I suppose.

Kinley wakes up, I quickly feed her and head out to go get Caleb.  When we get there, she is wide awake, so out daycare provider holds her, and so does her son.  This is the first time she has held her, since we are usually in and out quickly, and Kinley is usually sleeping.  When the weather gets nicer we can stop by when we are walking.  It is so hard to believe that she will be starting there in six weeks (tears).

When we get home I start pizza (Caleb's request).  We usually eat a lot healthier than we have been this week, however, tonight quick is key.  Caleb does not like to wait for dinner.  He is very vocal about his protest and I try to just ignore it, and be patient.  We eat dinner (me standing and stuffing food in while holding a fussy infant) then we go downstairs to play for a bit.

cheesy goodness

images can be deceiving...he was not happy but likes to smile for cameras

It is warm enough to be sock free, however, my toes are not ready...need a pedicure!

I begin to get Caleb ready for bed while Kinley is content in the swing.  This is generally short lived, so I am trying to get him ready quickly without frustrating him too much.  He is not happy about getting ready for bed, but luckily follows my directions while complaining about them.  We all read stories together, then Caleb wants to read one to me.

I try to hold off feeding Kinley, since she usually eats a bit later, but she seems hungry so I feed her.  She is still awake when I hear Caleb yelling for water.  I go give him a drink and he is quiet.  I go upstairs to see if we have ice cream, and we are out.  Eric calls about 9:10 and says he is on his way home.  Kinley is now sleeping after eating one more time.  When I know he is almost home I turn everything off downstairs and head upstairs to lay Kinley down.  I was dishes, pump stuff, and clean up the living room.  Just then Eric gets in, tells me about his day, and we head to bed around 9:40.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A week in the life...Wednesday

So, when we had our son and he was a good sleeper, people told me to “just wait for the next one”.  Well, the next one is here, and so far she is a pretty good sleeper as well.  I know how fortunate we are.  I know it could be much different.  I am thankful.  Now, we do have our nights where all hell breaks loose and no one sleeps, luckily those are dabbled among nights of long stretches of sleep.  It seems that our kids take turns with bad nights.  Last night Caleb had it rough (or we did) tonight it was Kinley.  This morning, she wakes up around 2:16 am.  She does not want to go back to sleep.  She is in party mode and just wants to hang out.  At 3:00 am, she is still awake.  

Happy.  But eyes wide open.  Since I am not feeling well, coughing and blowing nose I don’t want to hold her too much.  Eric eventually holds her and falls asleep with her for a while.  He wakes up at 6:30 with Caleb and lets me sleep in until 7:22.  I get up and do the usual, pump, pour coffee, make oatmeal.  I lead a very glamorous life indeed.  I start to work on my blog.  Eric gives Kinley a bottle (we are practicing a few a week, since boob to bottle was a hard transition for Caleb when I started working again).

Cleaning the walls.  Cleaning keeps him busy for a long time.

Still Cleaning.

And yet more cleaning.

I quick rush to throw together some food.   We will be going to the zoo today and I refuse to buy food there.  We don’t really have much “lunch” type food, so I grab raisins, banana bread brownies, mozzarella cheese sticks, blueberries, raspberries, and granola bars.  Also, water for us grownups and milk and water for Caleb.  We head out to the Chiropractor at 9:40, for our appointment at 9:45.  It usually takes about 15 minutes to get there, so I am guessing we are going to be late, as usual.  I never really know what makes us late exactly, but we always are these days.  We make it to the chiropractor around 9:55.  Eric and I both get adjusted and then Caleb jumps up on the table for a turn.  Our chiropractor pretends to adjust him, then Caleb asks him to join us at the zoo. 

Waiting to leave for the zoo.

Getting "adjusted".

By about 10:30 we are on our way.  I wanted to be sure to see the farm babies, and it seems that today might be the only viable day to go.  It is a bit chilly, but the sun is shining at least.  We have been so cooped up!  We head straight for the farm and stop to eat our strange lunch first so I can nurse Kinley.  We sit next to some lovely ladies with their children in the little café there and spark up some conversation.  Kinley poops and Eric is about to go change her in the bathroom when one of the women says, “If you want to change her here, we won’t mind.  It’s just us”.  That was music to my ears, otherwise he was going to have to schlep her outside in the cold to go downstairs to change her.  So instead I change her right there.  I love understanding mothers.  Seriously.  It takes one to know one.  I wanted to be friends with them right then and there.  The zoo trip was also an opportunity to use our new stroller.  My parents helped us buy a new one that can be a double, and I know it is going to be a lifesaver.  It was fun to try it out! 

He cared more about the water than the giant Grizzly!

Funny baby goats that kept standing on their mom.

Another baby goat on his mom.

We look at the babies, and the other farm animals.  I am always surprised by my child’s lack of fear.  He goes up to every animal without hesitation to pet them.  This pleases me and makes me equally nervous.  A quick reminder to keep his hands away from their mouths seems to work, and he continues to only pet their necks and backs.   Oh, and while he is petting them he is also talking to each of them in their native languages.  Moos for cows, baas for sheep, etc.  It is hilarious!

While we are at the zoo we talk about getting ice cream, then don’t mention it again.  As we are leaving he asks for ice cream so I tell him that we can stop on our way home, if he stays awake.  He is looking sleepy, so not sure that is going to happen.  We drive for a few minutes, are in the drive thru of McDonald’s.  I look back and see a sleeping babe.  So we pull out of the drive thru and head home.

Asleep in the drive thru.

We get home, and Caleb immediately wakes up and asks about ice cream.  We tell him he can have some after he finishes his nap.  Eric puts him in his bed with the dog (his request) and he is quiet for about 45 minutes.  I am not sure if he slept, but he was quiet.  When he wakes up Eric gives him ice cream.  I decide to head to Costco to get a few things.  By myself.  This is Eric’s first time with both kids.  I know it will only be an hour or so.  While I am there I pick up a shirt for Eric, underwear (in hopes to encourage potty training) for Caleb, and a t-shirt and comfy capris for me.  I am not yet in my regular pants, quite sick of maternity pants, and unable to wear pajamas to leave the house.  So, I am looking for alternatives. 

I am home by 3:30.  I clip Kinley’s nails.  I am the official nail clipper in our house, I do the kids and the pets, and myself of course.  What a fun duty.  I also work on more laundry.  It is a never ending pain in the arse.  I also start dinner (meaning I am heating up dinner I got at Costco), coloring with Caleb, addressing birthday invitations, reading books, and putting together Mother’s Day presents.

Making up names in his song.

5:15 is dinnertime.  Caleb eats 2 carrots with ranch for dinner.  Seriously.  He is not a fan of noodles, and since dinner is alfredo noodles he does not eat.  He is never upset about it though.  He knows he will eat again, and we have never given him any other options.  If he does not want to eat what is for dinner than he doesn’t have to.  He just won’t get anything else or any treats.   We also face time with my mom while eating.  After dinner I clean up downstairs, fold laundry, and wash diapers. 

6:00 pm—Eric and Caleb leave for ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education).  This has been a struggle lately.  Not going, but being successful while there.  Separation has been difficult for him lately (since Kinley was born) and he cries while he is there.  I have stayed home the last few times to see if that helps, and I am hoping it will help tonight.  Funny story about our ECFE class…there is a mom there that I was great friends with in College about a billion years ago.  We have kept in touch via facebook, but have not seen each other in years.  Small world.  While they are gone I am not sure what I do.  Cuddle?  Clean?  Sit on my butt?

8:10 pm—They are home and Caleb comes in the door yelling for me in a very happy voice.  He brings me the art he made.  “I made rectangles.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven sides!”.  Eric begins to look for his wedding ring which has been misplaced for a few days now, with no luck.  He gets Caleb ready for bed right away and we sit down and watch something on TV.  I can’t remember what it was.  Oh, Law and Order SVU.  We go to bed at 9:40 pm.