Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A day in the life. Tuesday.

Laura from Navigating the Mothership challenged other bloggers to do another day in the life post.  I feel like time is flying by, and that I had just done one...but I am always up for a challenge.  I decided to do a work day this time to show more of what my time looks like.  So here goes...

6:05 am--I woke up with an incredible urge to pee.  This is the story of my life these days.  I can't remember if it was as big an issue when I was pregnant with Caleb, but this time it is pretty bad.  I also hate to wake up to pee.  However, today, this is a good time to get up since I should get ready for work.  My husband (Eric) has to be to work by 7:00 am today, so this means I have to get Caleb ready all by myself, and myself of course.  So I get up to pee.  Eric has so kindly made me some Cream of Wheat.  I have been very nauseous during this pregnancy (though it has been almost a week without actual vomit) and food in the morning usually helps.  Eric comes to say goodbye, and I sit in the quiet and eat my breakfast.  I try to hurry so I can shower before Caleb wakes up.

6:30 am--I get in the shower.  I try to make it quick so I can actually get ready, versus a rush. 

6:40 am--I feed the crazy cats that are circling my feet.  When I come upstairs I hear a faint "mommy" coming from Caleb's room.  I turn on his light and he turns off his lullaby music (since he insists on doing everything by himself these days).  He asks, "where's daddy?"  I tell him that daddy went to work.  He tells me, "just mommy and Caleb".  I tell him that he is going to have to go to daycare today, and he is not happy.  He would prefer to stay home with me, and truthfully, so would I.  I love my job, and not sure that I am totally cut out for staying at home, not that we could ever afford it.  I would love to work less and make the same amount of money, is that possible?

7:00 am--I am dressed, and Caleb is dressed.  We move on to brushing teeth.  As Caleb is brushing his teeth I try to get a few things together.  I throw my lunch in my bag, set the book out that I borrowed from a co-worker, and grab the paper plates I need to bring to work.  I suddenly hear, "mommy count to 10" from the bathroom, though it takes me a few seconds to figure out what he was saying since he has a toothbrush in his mouth.  Choices have worked wonders for us these days when it comes to things Caleb does not want to do.  Brushing his teeth is a good example.  He is not yet able to brush them well enough on his own, so we have to help.  He does not like us to help, so giving a choice of counting to 5 or 10 has worked to distract him and then he lets us brush his teeth.  After a week or so of giving this choice, now he just says he wants us to count to 10.  Still works, so why not?

7:15 am--Caleb is all ready to go, and I still have wet hair, no makeup, and hate my outfit.  I change, yet still hate what I am wearing.  Lately, I have been feeling like a whale.  I am getting bigger with this pregnancy, and dressing is becoming challenging.  I quick put on some makeup and mostly dry my hair (I am not too concerned about drying it all the way since it is raining out).  I then hear, "I am taking a nap".  I investigate and find this:

He is pretending to sleep on the stairs.  Silly boy.

7:24 am--I am now ready and we are out the door.  Argh.  Why does it take so long to get everything in the car.  On the way to the car Caleb has to stop and say hi to the pumpkins, look at the leaves on the ground, splash in a puddle, and say hi to the scarecrow.  I am starting to get anxious because my first appointment with a family I work with is at 8:00 am.

We are now on the way to daycare.  Luckily, it is only about 1 minute away.  I bring him in and quickly try to say goodbye.  He gives me hugs and smooches and then I start to head out, then he runs back for one more hug.  Who can say no to one more hug.  As he is hugging me he quietly tells me that he wants to have just mommy and Caleb today.  I tell him he will have fun at daycare and I have to go to work.  This never gets easier.

7:32 am--It is dark, and I am on my way finally.  I only work about 8 minutes from where I live.  Yes, I know how long it takes down to the minute, because I am usually running down to the minute.

When I am almost to work my phone rings.  It is the interpreter that is meeting me at my first appointment.  The parent cancels, so I can breathe...no more rushing this morning.

7:45 am--I pull into work, gather all my stuff and go inside.  My next appointment is at 10:00 am, so I have some time to get things ready, do paperwork, and breathe.  I love my job because I get to research things like "fun activities to do with toddlers".  This not only benefits the families I work with, but I sometimes get some kick a** ideas to do with my own kiddo.  Here are some I found from today:

9:45 am--Bathroom break, actually I think this is my second since I have been at work.  Small bladder? Big baby? 

9:50 am--On my way to my appointment.

11:10 am--I am done with the appointment, making one stop at Taco Bell for a co-worker, then back to work.  My stomach is grumbling...I am so hungry by this point.

11:25 am--Back to work, heating up my leftover fried rice, and eating lunch with the ladies.  One of my favorite things about my work is we all usually eat together, it is a nice de-stressing time since teaching can be somewhat stressful.  (somewhat=very)

12:00 pm--I am done eating and start to get more things done at work.  I won't bore you with all the exciting details.  I have another appointment at 2:15 pm, so I start to get ready for that too.  I am also sure that there are more bathroom breaks during this time period as well.  I also call Eric to see if he will be able to pick up Caleb from daycare since I have a chiropractor appointment after work.  He says he will and that will make it a lot easier for me.  

2:00 pm--I head to the car to get to my last appointment. 

3:25 pm--I am done and headed to the chiropractor for an adjustment.  I have had a pretty constant headache for three days now, so hopefully this will help.

almost to the appointment

4:15 pm--I am on my way home...yay!  I get cut off by a Jeep that seems to be headed my same way, great.  I call a friend on my way home.  I know I should not always talk on the phone when driving, however, time to keep in touch with people is so limited these days, so I take it when I can get it.

4:25 pm--I get a phone call from Eric to tell me that the last 20 minutes have been hard.  Apparently, Caleb was not happy to be picked up by him.  Caleb is in a mommy phase, permanently it seems.  He wants me to do everything, and his dad to do nothing.  I feel mostly bad for Eric, I think it makes him feel rejected sometimes.  Caleb loves him dearly, and I am sure that this will not last forever.

4:30 pm--I am home.  I walk in to hear, "Mommy you came back!".  This is his favorite line these days.  I tell him that I will always come back.  I love him!  

On the way out I snap a picture of our cool pumpkins.  We have never carved out cool designs, so this was a first for us and I think we did a good job, if I do say so myself.

Eric and I decide to head out to dinner since we forgot to take something out for dinner tonight.  A restaurant near us has a deal on Tuesdays, buy one burger get one free, can't beat that.  At the restaurant  Caleb says, "this is a cool restaurant!"  Where does he get these things.  He is such a ham!

6:15 pm--We are done eating and we head out to go home.  Caleb walks along and points out a flower garden.  He says, "what's this cool garden?".  "What's this" is a new question this week.  He asks this all the time, and he asks it when he knows the answer.  On the way out he also walks under a tree.  After a second I realize he is not admiring the tree.  He is pooping.  Under a tree.  In front of a restaurant.

He wants to be changed, so when we get to the car, Eric changes him.  

6:30 pm--We are home.  Caleb pretends to be a horse, then a dog.  He loves to pretend to be a dog.  Our real dog gets very jealous of this.  Apparently, we are a one dog household.  Caleb also does some coloring with his dad.  He finds a picture of the count that has numbers.  He asks his dad to color the 6. I ask him to point to the other numbers, and he points to numbers 1-8.  I was shocked!  I had no idea that he knew numbers.  Wow.  

7:05 pm--I read Caleb a bedtime story and give him smooches and hugs.  I give him some water, because if I don't he will cry for it in about 5 minutes.  I head downstairs to relax, work on this blog post, update my phone, download pictures, dry laundry, and watch The Voice, and Parenthood.  Eric brings me one of his birthday cupcakes, which was delicious!

8:00 pm--Caleb cries for water. 

10:02 pm--Going to bed.  Goodnight. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Times are a changin'!

I have not written in a while for a few reasons:

1.  Our camera broke, and there were not any good pictures to use.
2.  Work has been crazy and home time just seemed to be best spent as present as I could be with the Caleb and my hubby.
3.  I was tired.  Very tired.  Why?  Well...

We are expecting a....baby.  A real life baby.

Since I started this blog when I was already a mama, I should give you some background.  When we were trying for the first time, and were blessed with our beautiful and smart Caleb, I had a feeling I was pregnant before I ever missed a period.  I guess I know my body well, and things were a bit "off".  I had a friend over, and she said I should take a test, so I did.  It was digital, the kind that spells it out for you.  So, my husband, my friend, and I waited.  I left it in the bathroom so I would not peek.  I remember walking in, looking down, and reading "pregnant".  I looked again.  "Pregnant".  I walked out with the test, and showed them the results.  My husband proceeded to say, "oh, shit" and took a shot of whatever alcohol we had in the house.  He then proceeded to call just about every person he knew to share the good news.  Luckily, everything worked out well, and we were blessed with a wonderful child.  However, I decided that this time around we should wait a bit before shedding the news.

Fast forward to July 2012.  We had started to try for the second kiddo a little earlier since it had taken a few months the first time around.  We were hoping for an April Birthday (like we can really plan it).  I am a teacher, so it is a lot easier to try to align births with summer break (though I usually work over the summer).  However, things worked a bit faster this time around.  I again started to feel some signs, mostly, I was getting really tired.  More than usual.  I decided to take a test when my husband was still at work, and Caleb was still at daycare.  I thought it was possible, but when I saw those lines (again before I missed a period) I was a bit surprised, elated, scared, shocked, I guess I was feeling a rush of emotions.  I decided to go get a shirt for Caleb to break the news to his dad.

So this time we decided to wait to tell people, at least longer than last time.  However, I felt like this became increasingly hard as time went on.  I was VERY exhausted and started to have horrible morning, day, and night sickness, paired with terrible food aversions, working full time, and caring for a toddler.  I was very thankful when the first trimester was over and I had energy again.  I also had to quickly get over "mom guilt" since this time around I had a toddler to care for.  I had to forgive myself for a little too much t.v. time and for not being very present during those first few weeks.  I have recently started to feel somewhat better, however, nausea still kicks in weekly (worse on days I have to wake up early for work).  I definitely actually got sick much more this time around.  And I am hoping this continues to get better.  I am now 19 weeks along!

Because things happened way sooner than we thought we now have some financial issues to think of too, so hopefully we can get it all figured out.  It is a bit stressful to think about unpaid time from work. However, I am not willing to go back to work after 6 weeks for many reasons.  So, I think I will be off until the end of the school year, and then work a bit in the summer.  If we can figure it out financially for me to be off of work until next fall, that would be my first choice, but we will have to see.

We will find out what we are having on the 29th (hopefully), so that is exciting.  One of the major changes around here are moving Caleb to another bedroom.  I am excited to give him a big boy room, and have been having fun getting it ready for him over this long weekend.  So...that is our news. 

In other news, we had our first run in with the ER yesterday for Caleb.  That was not a highlight of the weekend.  It started innocently enough at the Home Depot, doing their Kids Workshop, which was to be followed with trick or treating around the store.  However, things took a turn for the worse.

Caleb and his daddy were pounding away with a hammer when Caleb stuck his hand between the hammer and the head of the nail.  Argh.  It was a mess, thankfully, the Home Depot staff were quick in getting him paper towels and gauze.  There was blood.  The first time my lil guy bled.  We quickly drove to Children's Hospital to get x-rays done and to see if he needed stitches.  Luckily, no stitches needed and no broken bones.  Despite all the drama, my lil guy still was such a sweetie.  As were were walking into the room, he exclaimed, "this is a nice room".  Oh how he melts my heart.  

So that sums up what has been happening lately.  I will now do a much better job 
of updating this, I hope.