Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tour of my home. Home sweet home.

I am excited to join the Tour of Homes, our home is a work in progress.  It has been for three years.  I have a lot of projects that I want to do, and a few that are finally done, and even more that are in progress at this time.  Our lives are about to begin a new transition, but more on that later.  For now, here is the house.

Entry--way too small with a door that leads to the garage and the main house door.  Split levels are challenging.  The shoe cabinet helps, but as you can see, the shoes still end up on the floor, which is incredibly annoying.  We painted this space, added the cabinet, put new carpet on the stairs, and put tiles on the floor.  At the bottom of the stairs was a beautifully carpeted half wall.  We removed the carpet and put in dry wall, with wood ledge.  I love it.

The entry from upstairs.  You can see the wood that we had to add to the railing in order to make a baby gate work.  We decided to leave it up for baby number 2, so there is it.  We replaced a very old (original) ceiling fan with the chandelier, which is a vast improvement.

Dining room--the table is actually pretty clean in this shot, and I really did not clean up before photos, so I am impressed with the little amount of clutter on it.  The table is way too big for the space, but we already had it and right now we just don't have the budget to add the dream round table that I want.  So we squeeze.  In this space we painted, added the floors throughout, and removed some weird molding that was on every wall.

Kitchen--the work in progress.  I have told my husband that he has until November to finish it.  That will put the total time to refinish and paint cabinets at 13 months.  I feel that is long enough.  Unfortunately, no amount of paint will make this space bigger.  It seemed like so much space and storage when we moved in, but very quickly it seemed to shrink, and has continued to do so.  I have dreams of knocking out walls and reconfiguring the space.  Too bad we can't do that anytime soon.  I always thought that it would be good for a while, until we move, but since our house is worth about $50,000 less now than when we bought it 3 years ago...well, moving is not an option.

Family room--One of my favorite rooms in the house.  It is downstairs, and is where we spend most of our time.  When we moved in it was an ugly shade of poop brown and white.  We have never changed the shades on the windows since we have moved in because the blinds we want are ridiculously expensive.  This space was meant for a sectional, I am so glad we got it last year.  I love the fireplace, not always sure about the brick, but not sure what to do to change it.  In the toy area I would love to add some chairs and a nice lamp, but then where would we put the toys?

Guest room--messy, storage, catch all room.  This room used to be splattered in the most hideous purply red sponge painting.  I love the colors now, but we are going to be changing them soon.  This room will be transformed to our kiddos room within the next six months.  I do not like the idea of him being downstairs, however, this is part of the transition we are in that I mentioned before.  We are expecting a new baby in March, so in order to make everyone fit, this is the solution we have.  

Kiddos bedroom--this is the current room he has upstairs, that will be moved downstairs.  With a new theme of course, more grown up and fun.  Plus he is going to get to use the queen bed that is already downstairs so that we can use the crib for the new baby.  He is going to look very tiny in that big bed!  When we moved in this space was an office with the most disgusting carpeting.  When we removed it there was tons of dirt under the carpet on the sub floor.  GROSS.  We painted, removed wallpaper, and added a dog.

Upstairs living room--not used too much, but nice.  We put laminate floor in the upstairs when I was pregnant with the kiddo, so that helps.  I would always like to do more with the space, but it is small, so choices are limited.  We just put in a new window that is so much nicer.  

Upstairs bathroom--I would love a new vanity and new tiles on the floors.  These are white and show all the dirt a bathroom has.  Yuck.  We do have a ton of storage behind the door, so that is a huge selling point.  It helps with my addiction to Costco.  I have a place to put 100 rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.

Downstairs bathroom--we were working with grey tile, and it was painted grey when we moved in.  It was a depressing room.  I love the terra cotta color it is now.  We replaced the counter top, the light, and the faucet.  I hate the doors to the cabinets, but love the storage.  1983 was not a good year for cabinets.

Laundry room/junk room--I hate this room.  I hate the mess.  I hate the disorganization.  I would love to add cabinets, new floors, storage.  We originally thought we could make the extra space into an office, but that just turned out to be a great space to put crap.  The other piles are stuff we have purged that we will sell in a garage sale.  We also store all the extra toys in here for when I swap them out monthly.  I wish we could afford to do all the things that I want to do to it.  So until then I close the door.

Master bedroom--We just worked on this room, and it is mostly done.  We have some trim painting to do, and I would like to add real bedside tables (instead of the garage sale and thrift store ones we care currently using).  Otherwise, it is done, and quite cozy.  We also had a closet system installed, which is AMAZING.  I do not have pictures, but it is so great, and has been this organizers dream.

So there you have it.  Our house.  It will all come together someday I hope.