Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Day in the Life

**YAY!! Updated with photos!!!**

Laura, from Navigating the Mothership has put out her quarterly "Day in the Life" here goes.  In the past when I have done "A Day in the Life" I have chosen a day when I am home from work.  This time I decided that I would do a working day, since I am a full time working here is the picture light version of a working day (kind of, since I am working less over the summer than during the regular school year...teacher perks):

6:07--Wake up to the kiddo crying for me.  He never cries for anyone else....WHY?  It is SO EARLY!  Hubby brings him into bed with me and we cuddle and play a bit.

6:39--Breakfast in bed.  Kiddo and I share some cereal.

7:14--hubby brings the kiddo to daycare...he cries as they leave.  Lately he has been very attached to me.  Most likely because we have been able to spend so much time together since I am working less this summer.  It breaks my heart when he is upset, but I know he loves it there.

7:30--I sit, relax, and watch a bit of the Today show.  A rare treat.

8:00--I start to get ready for work and realize that our lovely dog's anal glands are full.  This is a monthly occurrence for us, so would not normally be a big issue, however, we are leaving for vacation in the morning and need to get him in ASAP.  I call and there are no appointments.  Hubby decides he will bring him to the vet before he brings him to the boarding place, all after work.  Oh, did I mention that we haven't packed yet?

9:00-- I stop at Caribou.  I decide I deserve a smoothie and some banana bread since I have to work and due to all the stress of the morning.

9:15--I head to work, and stop at Babies r Us before the meeting to pick up a car seat roller thingy for going through the airport.  It will make traveling with a two year old MUCH easier!

10:30--I arrive at the meeting, and they Are running behind.  I wait until 11:00 before I can get seated.

12:00--lunch at Panera.  A rare treat.  I love the avocado, chicken cobb salad!

3:45--meeting is over...I head home to pick up the kiddo.

4:15--get kiddo and head to Papa Murphy's to get dinner!

5:00 pizza in the oven.  Hubby called and he has already been to the vet and is headed to the kennel.

5:15--hubby is on his way home, and tells me he thinks another dog came after ours when he left.    Great.  Now I will worry about that.  Our poor dog is anxious enough...that won't help.

5:35--hubby home...we all eat our pizza.

6:00--dinner done.  We head downstairs to fold laundry and start to set clothes out for the trip.

6:35--time for a bath for the kiddo!

7:00--bedtime for the kiddo!!!!

7:10--mad dash to get things together....holy crap do we need a lot of stuff for five days!




9:30--bedtime for mommy and daddy.


  1. I have debated one of those car seat roller things for travel for way too long. Let us know how it goes!

    1. So the car seat roller thing was kind of expensive for my cheap budget ($58 with a coupon) but TOTALLY worth it. I hate checking baggage and getting a toddler through the airport in a reasonable amount of time without carrying him was a primary goal this time around (last trip was a bit of a nightmare). This time, with our carry on luggage and a toddler strapped in and rolling through the airport was great! Plus, we were able to keep him strapped in and contained when needed (thank you 5 point harness!). So, yes, worth every penny.