Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Boy

So my baby boy has turned two.  Kind of unbelievable really.  I just can't believe that two years has already passed, yet, I am loving where we are today.  We have come a long way!  Our little boy is really becoming a kid.  It is like he suddenly got older and started acting much more like an independent big kid (most of the time).  He never ceases to amaze me with his intelligence, his exuberance, his loving and gentle personality, and his amazingly calm and laid back demeanor.  His birthday spanned a week and was wonderful.  Last year we had a big party that was fun, crazy and stressful.  This year we were low key and I really loved it.  I was sick for the actual day, so it was kind of a wash, but over the weekend after his birthday we celebrated with cake, presents, and lots of playing outside.  My parents were visiting, so it made it special to spend the day with them.  The kiddo was pretty excited about "happy birthday cake" and "happy birthday hats".  I love seeing the joy in his eyes, and how simple things make him incredibly happy.  I had all the big plans of making a cake and going all out like I did last year, and though I did not, it was still great for him.  Maybe that is the key...don't be so hard on myself because in the end it only matters that we were together as a family and made this little guy feel like the most important person in the world (which he is of course, everyday).  So Happy Birthday!  I am so grateful to be your mom!


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