Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free at last...well for one night anyway.

Oh what a night I had.  Yesterday four dear friends and myself drove to a cabin on a lake to spend a night away, all alone, no kids, no husbands, no boyfriends, no fianc√©'s, no pets, basically with no one to take care of except ourselves.  My son will be two this month, and I have not been away for a night since he was born.  At first, I did not know what to do, how to act, how to just be myself.  For so long the biggest part of my identity has been being a mom and a wife, so this was a welcomed break from reality.  I won't give all the dirty details, but we laughed, played cards, had cocktails, listened to music from the 90's, ate good food, visited a bar/diner that smelled bad, stayed up past 10:00 (actually later than 1:00 am) and just had a GREAT time!  I need to be sure that this happens more often than once every two years.  Oh, and the best part...I slept in until 8:30 am.  This may sound early, but for me it was heaven!  After a leisurely morning of coffee, donuts, and some leftovers from the night before we packed up and headed out.  It was a short but needed trip, and absolutely wonderful!  I love being a mom, but it was nice to have 24 hours without responsibility and without being needed by anyone but myself.  Ultimately, I learned I am still pretty fun!


  1. So glad you got to get away and have fun! I did the same thing a few months before my daughter turned two. I love my kid, but until then I didn't realize how much I needed my friend time (and to sleep in!). I'm trying to make this at least a yearly event. Hope you get to do it again in the near future.

  2. Mommy guilt is the worst...making us feel like one night away is the worst thing, when it is actually such a good thing. I think I am my own worst enemy sometimes with the mommy guilt. Oh, and the best part of being away, was the excitement my son had when he saw me the next day (heart grew two sizes that day)!