Thursday, April 19, 2012

Du Du Du...Oopes.

Oh how I love toddlerhood.  I love the newfound ability to express thoughts with words.  I love the creativity that is suddenly so abundant.  I love the hilarity that I experience each day.  I love the games that are made up and played over and over.  Which leads me to the title of this post.  The newest game that our nearly two year old made up may not have a name but goes like this:  Mommy, Daddy, and kiddo line up, we twirl around, and fall down.  After we have fallen and the laughter has died down, our bossy pants son tells us "up Daddy, up Mommy" and we get up and do it all again.  As we twirl we sing, "du du du" and when we fall we say, "oops" and if you are my toddler you say, "oopes", with a great deal of enunciation on the "es".  I also love the honesty of my dear boy.  He will often tell me "dump it" when he is holding a cup of water.  I do appreciate the warning.  I enjoy thinking about the things that make me so happy about motherhood.  This has been a challenging week for me emotionally, a week where I have felt that I am not doing my job well enough, that I am not being the best mom I can be, and generally have just been feeling down.  Work has been harder for some reason this week, in reality it hasn't been harder than any other, it just feels more challenging for me right now.  I am glad to have these funny moments with my family that remind me how good we all are together and how truly blessed I am.  I will dig myself out of this hole, and the first step is realizing today while coloring with my boy that he is so wonderful that I must be doing something a little bit right.  Maybe I am not as bad as I keep telling myself.  Maybe I should let up on myself a bit.  Maybe I should just be me and do the best I can and be okay with that.  Cheers.

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