Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So, after the doctor appointment yesterday I learned two things:

1)  It is never good to hear the words, "this is the worst case I have ever seen in my career" in regards to anything.  EVER.

2)  When colleagues are brought in, and the word specimen is used to describe your toddler, it is not good. Not good at all.

So, apparently my son's case of Hand Foot Mouth Disease is the worst that two doctors and one physician's assistant had ever witnessed.  So much so in fact that he was stripped down so they could all see how bad it really was.  I knew it was bad.  I knew he felt like poo.  I knew we weren't sleeping well.  I knew he did not really want to eat.  I knew I had to keep him hydrated.  Again, I knew it was bad, or at least it seemed bad since I had never experienced this before.  However, to find out that it is REALLY bad, just made me feel bad.  I was right.  I did not want to be right.  I just want him to feel better.

So, now we are getting some unexpected time at home together since you cannot send a child to daycare looking like he has third degree burns and is covered in this horrid rash.  So we stay home.  We read.  We watch too much television.  We hug.  We cuddle.  We enjoy this time as much as we can.  We continue to hope that each morning when he wakes up we will notice less bumps, and he will feel better.  This has not happened yet, but there is always tomorrow.


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