Monday, March 26, 2012

Is that what you get from animals?

Or what I like to fondly call "our experience with Hand Foot Mouth Disease."  First of all, anything with the word disease in it already sounds terrible, then add on the actual symptoms and you have a real certifiable mess!

How it began:  I picked Caleb up from daycare on Friday, a beautiful sunny day, to find out that his favorite friend there most likely had Hand Foot Mouth Disease.  Now, being a teacher, one that works with young children, I have likely passed out information on this to families I work with in the past.  However, for some reason I could not for the life of me figure out or remember what this "disease" was.  So, I did what every other respectable parent would do...googled it.  Oh boy, this was either a great idea because I knew what to look for, or a terrible idea because I knew what was to come.

Fast forward to Friday night.  A fever starts.  Maybe it is a fluke?  Please let it be a fluke. Please don't let my baby (er toddler) get this nasty blister like rash!  I decided it must be a fluke.  I called the nurse line to find out how to handle this if (when) it comes.  Basically, I learned there is a not much you can do.  Your child is destined to not want to eat, drink, and will have sores all over the hands, mouth (in and out), and feet...possibly also the arms and legs.  Since there were no sores I hoped we had missed this boat.

Saturday:  We woke up and there was no fever!  Phew!  I decided we could head to music class because all was well.  While at music class my lovely toddler told me, "bye bye music class", so we left early.  Uh oh. Crossing fingers, knocking on wood, saying prayers...anything to avoid this.  Saturday night, the rash develops.  It is small, manageable, not interrupting eating or drinking, or sleeping (that much).  I think it won't be that bad.

Sunday:  The rash has grown...a is gross.  Now I know I will have to miss work, which sucks, but not as much as I am sure having this yucky, blistery, bumpy, large rash.  It started on the hands, moved to the arms, soles of his feet, legs, in his mouth, around his mouth, and even a couple on his ear.  He does not eat well, but is thankfully drinking well.  He also is not sleeping well, so he spends a bit of time Sunday night in mommy and daddy's bed.  It is terrible.

Monday:  We are heading to the doctor today to find out when he can return to daycare...luckily daddy is home tomorrow with him, so we are good until Wednesday.

Beware...below is a picture of this rash..uck.  I just hope he feels better soon, and that people stop asking me if it is the same disease that farm animals get.  No.  It is just a yucky rash that will soon pass.  Ugh.


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