Friday, March 16, 2012


Dear Caleb,

You are a wonderful 21 months old...nearly a two year old, and quite hilarious.  Your new favorite saying is "happened?".  You typically say this when you are quite sure of what happened.  Today during your nap you pulled your paintings off of the wall and had them neatly stacked in your crib.  I knew you had done this since it was the SECOND time, and I now know the sound of canvas being rubbed together.  I know you do not know that I painted those for your bedroom, or that you could damage them, in fact I am sure that the only thing you are thinking about is the fact that you do not want to nap.  You will sometimes also say "happened?" when you color on your hands with a marker, or when you spill something.   Often you do things on purpose just so you can ask what "happened?".  Oh how I love you and love the fact that you are such a smart and funny little guy.



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