Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Scnebuary

Wow.  Here it is, February.  There is no snow on the ground.  The weather is warmer than usual, and we have not used our new sled once this winter.  Today I am sitting here (when I should be cleaning) during nap time trying to mentally prioritize all the home projects I want to get done.  So maybe I should get this thing in writing.

1)  Organize and clean out the closets and rooms.
2)  Get a quote on a closet system for master bedroom and hall closet.
3)  New roof
4)  Slip covers for couches upstairs
5) Television for upstairs (never thought this day would come)
6)  New bedroom furniture and bedding (and decorations).  Basically a "let's make this mish mosh room into a real retreat" kind of plan.  New fan/light, lampshades, art, and bedside shelves.  I also would love a comfy chair to sit in to read and to have some "me" time, but I am secretly afraid it will just become a clothing collector.
7)  Finish the kitchen (painting cabinets, backsplash, and new counter)
8)  Hang up kiddo's 1 year photos before he turns 2 (since he his now on his way to being 21 months)
9)  Do something with the fireplace
10)  New rugs upstairs under table and in living room
11)  Bookshelf for downstairs
12)  New window treatments downstairs
13)  Remodel bathrooms
14)  Remodel laundry room (adding some cabinetry for more STORAGE)
15)  Stain deck

Okay...I think I am done making this list now, since there are a lot more things that NEED to get done that are not listed (aka new windows, driveway, and insulated garage).  Oh boy, this is a lot.  Where to start?  I know, with a nap.  I am tired.

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  1. For the nap. Instead a very sick kiddo that just wants to be held by momma. Maybe another day!