Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

I remember years ago being told by my sister in law that I should read blogs.  I will admit that I thought she was crazy.  I mean why would I want to read about the lives of complete strangers, what would they think of ME reading about their private lives, and more likely why would anyone put their lives out there for EVERYONE to see?  Well, it turns out I have now, many years later, turned into a blog reader.  Yes, it is true.  In fact, that is one of the reasons that I started this blog of my own.  I am now that person that is putting MY personal life out there (not everything!).

It is interesting now how I look forward to a new entry on my favorite blogs.  I am not sure what has changed.  Maybe it is just this new place I am in life.  Maybe motherhood makes me feel lonely sometimes.  Maybe I like the escape from MY reality and would like to live for a moment in someone else's.  Maybe it is because I have become inspired by others, and enjoy the ability to virtually brainstorm with other people without them knowing it.  Need a new idea for how to decorate a room...there is a blog for that.  Having trouble with how to preserve these precious moments with young children...there is a blog entry for that.  Need to get a new recipe that everyone in the family will like...well you get the picture.

Maybe one day, this little blog will become that "go to" place for someone else.  What would they be looking for?  Maybe random crazy thoughts of a working mom.  Maybe a tip on how to dress your child adorably on a very tight teacher's budget.  Maybe a new recipe.  Maybe "listening" and relating so the trials an tribulations of life.  The options are endless.  I do know this though, I like writing, I love reading, and now I can safely say, I like blogging as well.

 And since no blog is complete without a is one of the kiddo enjoying his white Christmas in Alaska this year, since Minnesota looks pretty spring like these days.  Happy Blogging!

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