Saturday, November 5, 2011

Boo! Halloween Fun!

Halloween was much more fun this year than last.  Last year we were all sick, and our doorbell was broken.  So I guess it was bad for everyone, trick-or-treaters included.  Yes, we did go out and trick-or-treat with a 17 month old, no worries he only had one bite of candy.  It was mostly fun to meet neighbors I had never met before.  Weirdly, I was nervous at the first house...I may be more of an introvert than I previously thought.  However, it turns out that a cute kid in a dragon costume is a great ice breaker.  Though I tried, the kiddo would not, despite how much I encouraged him, say "trick-or-treat".  Also, I thought I forgot mittens at home so he had some cold fingers, oops (turns out they were in the pocket of the stroller...bad mommy). All in all it was fun!

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