Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Funday

Though the kiddo did nap for only a mere hour today I still was able to get a couple things done that were on my *list*.  I had a successful trip to the grocery store, with laughs brought on by the kiddo singing about a puppy.  I went like this, "PUPPY, PUPPY, PUPPY...." all very loudly.  Then at the checkout he insisted that he, "GIT DOWN".  All in all I was able to get groceries and had a pretty fun time with it.  I generally hate to grocery shop, so this was a fine trip.  I also cleaned that gross mirror from my last post.  We ran out of paper towels, so I used newspaper.  Worked just fine and was good for the environment to boot.  If only I had used vinegar and water, then I would feel much more granola.  I also started laundry which I will finish later, and spent a lot of time playing.  I feel like that is the most important things these days...chores can wait.  If I instead spend time with the kiddo, I don't think that I will look back and say, "boy I wish I had cleaned more...".  Now, I do tidy, so before you all go ahead and think that I am a complete slob, I am not.  I just don't feel like making time for the white glove kind of cleaning these days.  I have little spurts here and there, and that works for me.  Also, the hubby and I came up with a chore list, so that helps to make sure neither of us feels that we are not doing our fair share, in fact now we are doing about exactly our fair share, and that works for us.

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