Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Funday

Though the kiddo did nap for only a mere hour today I still was able to get a couple things done that were on my *list*.  I had a successful trip to the grocery store, with laughs brought on by the kiddo singing about a puppy.  I went like this, "PUPPY, PUPPY, PUPPY...." all very loudly.  Then at the checkout he insisted that he, "GIT DOWN".  All in all I was able to get groceries and had a pretty fun time with it.  I generally hate to grocery shop, so this was a fine trip.  I also cleaned that gross mirror from my last post.  We ran out of paper towels, so I used newspaper.  Worked just fine and was good for the environment to boot.  If only I had used vinegar and water, then I would feel much more granola.  I also started laundry which I will finish later, and spent a lot of time playing.  I feel like that is the most important things these days...chores can wait.  If I instead spend time with the kiddo, I don't think that I will look back and say, "boy I wish I had cleaned more...".  Now, I do tidy, so before you all go ahead and think that I am a complete slob, I am not.  I just don't feel like making time for the white glove kind of cleaning these days.  I have little spurts here and there, and that works for me.  Also, the hubby and I came up with a chore list, so that helps to make sure neither of us feels that we are not doing our fair share, in fact now we are doing about exactly our fair share, and that works for us.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My a 24 hour nutshell.

Here is a glimpse of my life.  Warning:  This may cause drowsiness.  Do not read while driving or when is would be dangerous to be in a sleepy state of mind!

6:45 am--Wake up to a kiss from the hubby, whom slept downstairs due to his TERRIBLE cough.  I was happy to see him this morning, I don't like to sleep apart, but I don't like missing sleep more.  Hubby turns on kiddo's lullaby music to aid in the "more sleep" problem mentioned before.  This works for about 10 minutes, then we hear him stirring and talking to himself.  We don't have one of those fancy video monitors (though I really wish we did) so we go in to see him.  He hears us, and jumps up.  He is excited to see his Daddy I think because he did not see him at all the day before.

7:00 am--While I hold and cuddle the little one and put a waffle in the toaster, his Daddy lets the dog outside and feeds the cats.  I feed the hungry monster some blueberries along with his waffle, milk, and some banana.  This kid LOVES to eat!  As he is eating I remember that I totally forgot to change his diaper when he woke up...oops.

7:15 am--Daddy leaves for work and I sit down to eat breakfast (greek yogurt with honey and blueberries) and drink my hot cup of love (coffee).  Thanks to my dear hubby making the coffee every morning, I am able to start my day with the jolt I need (even on the weekends).  *don't judge the christmas mug...I am aware that it is only October, but the mug is just the right size, plus all of our dishes are in storage containers due to our kitchen project.

7:29 am--Kiddo is still eating and I am starting to make my list of things that need to get done today (dishes would be a start).  After a few minutes he is done and I clean up and get to that diaper (thank goodness they are so absorbent)!

7:38 am--Play time.  We dance a bit to Adele (love her) and when I get tired from that we just sit down and play.  I turn on the T.V. to Thomas for a few minutes while I check e-mail and talk to a good friend on the phone for a few minutes.  These are the types of things I am trying to be easier on myself for.  I am a teacher and this makes me have pretty high and often unrealistic standards for myself and my child rearing. I am deciding to believe that 10 minutes of a cartoon will not ruin my child and stunt his development.  

7:58 am--Kiddo climbs on the fireplace and as he is doing so, tells me "get down".  If only he would take his own advice.  The fireplace is a hazard in our house, and we use it a lot in the winter.  I am beginning to think that we are going to have to fence it off with baby proof fencing.  That, or we will freeze.  Since I hate to be cold, I am leaning toward the fence.

8:30 am--2nd cup of coffee in hand (well actually a half a cup, but since my cup is so is probably a true cup).

9:20 am--We go upstairs to get ready for the day (dressed, brush teeth...basically groomed).  I now am wondering just what we are going to do today.  I decide that we will go to Blooma to celebrate their 4th Birthday.  I am pleased with my decision and figure we can go and get back home before nap time.

really need to clean this lotion crusted mirror...eeew!
I love that I can tell him "let's get dressed" and he will go to his closet!
I wish I had such a wide selection of clothes to choose from!

10:20 am--New plan for the morning is to play at home.  After a shower (in which kiddo climbed in the tub fully clothed with me), unrolling of the toilet paper, and an intense grumbling in my tummy we are going to stay in for the morning and attempt to go to Target after the nap to get some birthday things for Daddy.  I did manage to get a few pictures of the wet clothes, play time, and of the mad toddler when Mommy needed to get ready.

Thought the toys would keep him busy.  Wrong.

the toilet paper bandit
the toilet paper...after it was taken away of course


Ready to go...or stay

Oh how I love these shoes!
Look Mom!

10:30 am--I started to sing to the Kiddo when he was having a toddler tantrum, and in the midst he fell asleep...this NEVER happens anymore, so we cuddled together until he woke up.

10:48 am--Kiddo wakes up and immediately starts playing with a truck.  He is such a good little boy!

11:15 am--Time for lunch!  I had to give the little one a pre-lunch lunch (bunny grahams) to keep him happy while waiting for the grilled cheese to cook.  Seriously, this kid loves to eat!  So for lunch we have hummus with pita, grilled cheese, milk and grapes (cut up seriously small due to paranoia of choking).  I realize I am starving and have half of the sandwich and some grapes, and then another piece of cheese, because I love cheese!  During this time the cat knocks the snack bag off of the table and is trying to eat them.

This is not the first time she has tried to steal his snacks...damn cat.  Since when do cats like to eat people food?

Because the kiddo loves to eat so much I am able to do most of the dishes and sweep the floor and decide that I should also clean out the fridge during his nap.  I am very good at adding things to the list of things to do.

11:52--Playtime and stories.  He has decided that he likes to read books now, so it is pretty fun to cuddle up and read now.

12:28 pm--Dog starts barking like someone is robbing the house.  I go to check the door...probably a solicitor.  I am right.  The woman at the door tells me she is campaigning for ? (name escapes me) and wants to know if my parents have voted.  I am taken aback, and I respond, "I am the parent here".  She starts to fumble over her words, and I let her know that I have a little one upstairs and cannot chat.  She leaves.  Immediately after I close the door I realize what I should have said.  "I can call them to ask, but they live in Alaska.  Will that be helpful?"  I am a bit flattered, but I am quite sure I do not resemble a teenager or someone that still lives at home with her parents.  Funny story though.

12:35 pm--Naptime.  Oh what a wonderful time to get things done.

1:40 pm--Well, no luck with the nap.  Bummer.  I even try to take the kiddo into my bed and cuddle him to sleep, but he must be wide awake because he just keeps saying, "puppy, puppy, daddy, daddy, uh-oh, baaa, baaa, meow."  So now what?

1:50 pm--Let's run to target to get some needed birthday things for Daddy.  Finished at Target and now decide to go look for a cute outfit for a date with my hubby on Thursday night.  I go in several stores, without so much as being greeted by the staff, I get frustrated and leave.  On the way home the trip is redeemed when I see a man in the car next to me brushing his teeth and getting dressed into a shirt and tie.  I am perplexed by this sight and stare, not that he noticed since he was obviously very busy getting ready (in his car while driving).  I am sure this was totally safe.

3:50 pm--Home.  We have a little snack and hang out.

4:16 pm--Diaper change.  I know this is the third diaper of the day, so I am not sure where I forgot to mention the 2nd, but I figure no harm, diapers are not that exciting anyway (usually).

4:23 pm--Kiddo pleads with me to turn his glow worm on (whose batteries have died).  He says, "please, uh-oh, please" many times and gets very upset when I do not help.  Somehow miraculously after he drops said glow worm it suddenly works again....YES!  Happy toddler, happy mommy.

4:37 pm--Daddy Calls...on his way?  No.  He is running late from work.  Well, I will start dinner and hopefully we will be able to eat together, depending if the beast (a.k.a. kiddo) can wait until after 5:00 pm.

5:00 pm--Dinner is well on it's way.  Chicken parmesan.  Not as fancy pants as it sounds, since I am using chicken breast patties.  However, the sauce is homemade.  That counts, right?

5:15 pm--Kiddo undressed and in the high chair because it is spaghetti night and he is going to get messy.  Just as I am getting him his plate of food, Daddy walks in the door!  Yay!  He announces that he would like to go outside and work in the yard after dinner.  I had a much different idea of how we would spend our evening.  It is his turn to give a bath, and I want to relax a bit.  For some reason this has felt like an exhausting day.  I wonder if it is partly because I am documenting most of it.  Daddy decides that it would be okay for him to work on the yard in the morning, and now I am looking forward to an evening with my favorite guys.

5:35 pm--Dinner is done and I start the bath for the kiddo.  He loves baths, and I am thinking that he will be very excited about it since he crawled in the shower with me today.  Daddy gets him undressed (diaper off) and gives him a bath.  I do dinner dishes (some of them) and start to work on this blog a bit more.  I want to be sure to keep it up so I can finish strong today.  I am learning this is a lot of work!

5:54 pm--Bath time is done.  Daddy gets the kiddo in his jammies so that we can play a bit before bedtime. It will be nice to chill out a bit.  Kiddo is so funny when he sees himself in the mirror.  He even went in for a kiss...priceless, hence the filthy mirror (which I obviously did not get to yet).  Oh well.  After about 7 minutes of pure hilarity, the kiddo is dressed in his p.j.'s and is ready to play.  His new favorite game is chase...he gives you these "come get me" eyes, and then we slowly chase him around.  His Daddy is still figuring this out, because sometimes he goes too fast and then there is a collision with something.  Tonight it was the metal handle to his trampoline, the wall, and a door.  Luckily toddlers are very resilient.  In fact he kept coming back for more.  I tried to work on the blog a bit more, but he just would not let me engage in something else but him.  I was happy to oblige.  Outside we hear a noise.  Hubby must be able to tell that I am trying to figure it out.  He looks at me and very sadly says, "it's a leaf blower".  Why is he sad that he hears that?  Does he love yard work, or what?  I point out that it is a bit strange to be sad over yard work.  I secretly hope that if he stays inside tonight he will start to feel better (we have all been sick for about a week now).

7:00 pm--Bedtime.  We read 4 books, cuddle a bit, and lay down.  Yup, we are those lucky parents that have a super easy kiddo to lay down.  However, as you saw earlier, nap times are hit or miss.  Some days he will nap for a good three hours, and others it will be for much, much, less (today...*tear*).

7:05 pm--Have a Skinny Cow, and take a look at the DVR...not sure what is there to watch.  Hubby feeds the cats, the dog, and cleans litter (pregnancy made this his chore, and I could not be happier).  I clean up the toys downstairs, hubby cleans the upstairs (including dishes!).  Why does it seem that our house is not insulated at all, noises carry so badly.  It sounds like he is dropping the dishes on the floor.  Tonight I am mostly looking forward to putting my feet up and relaxing a bit.

I decide to watch "Up All Night".  The show is about the struggles of being a working mom.  This makes me think about how I have dealt with these issues since I have gone back to work.  I often feel like I am not being as good of a Mom as I should be, or as good of an employee, or as good of a wife.  My dream would be to work part time, but that is not my reality, and I have to be okay with that.  I know my son loves me and that I am doing a good job...I guess I should just remind myself of this more.  Next is Modern Family.

9:00 pm--Head to bed.  I am tired, and am really looking forward to some sleep.  Goodnight!